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Patrick finds out.

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Back in my room I paced nervously across the wood floor. Did that mean we had to fight together? Or was he my understudy?

As I riddled this out I got more acquainted with the room I had been trapped in for the past four days and counting. I walked up to the dresser and pulled it open to find many t-shirts, tanks, and hoodies.

I nodded in approval and looked in the drawer above to find an assortment of underwear and matching bras. I grimaced and slid it closed. The last drawer had many pairs of girl jeans.

"At least they got my style," I sighed seeing a rack of studded belts

Then I realized my lack of hygiene, for fear that someone might get in and do awful thing to me...I just didn't want to think about it. Stepping out of the shower I again looked at my selection of clothes.

I settled on a dark green shirt with a skull and pirate ship on it say 'Pirates for Life', a pair of dark blue jeans, and a studded belt.

Looking in the new mirror on the wall I barely recognized the girl looking back at me. I had dark circles under my eyes, bruises on my cheeks, and my once pale, freckled face turned a sickly yellow color.

Shaking my head in disbelief I heard my lock click and my door open. I walked out into my bedroom to see Patrick glaring angrily. Oh shit, he knew I broke out.

I kept my eyes down as he shook his head disappointedly.

"So where did you go?" he asked

"I-I um," I stuttered thinking of what to say " I went to get myself more acquainted with my prison,"

"I see you met the others," he said nonchalantly

"I did," I said quietly "Are you angry?"

"Kind of," he murmured

I looked at him, seeing his lightly hurt eyes and a large gash on his forehead. Then I saw the matching locket under the collar of his denim jacket.

He noticed me staring at it and hid it under his shirt.

"You know don't you?" Ha asked

I nodded "but how can we help?'

"I've been trying to figure it out myself,"
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