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The Great Escape

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Alex breaks out and almost loses more than her mortality.

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After that I was given more freedom. I could leave my room and wander the many corridors of the bunker.

But it still wasn't what I wanted, I wanted to go outside. To be free to run through fields and to feel the wind through my hair.

That's why I broke out. Tying the bed sheets together to make a rope, I tied it to the bed frame and slid out the window into the night.

I walked briskly along the street of inner city Chicago; it was more of a ghetto.

I walked past gangs of punks and thugs. They stared at me and nodded to each other.

I soon noticed I was being followed by a group of tall, lanky punks. I felt myself being grabbed and forced against the cold brick wall.

"'Ello, lovely," one said bearing long canines

I again used my only defense, a swift kick. He fell back and clutched his package.

"Dirty fuck!" another yelled pinning me back against the wall.

"Oi!" someone yelled in the distance "Leave her alone!"

He ran up and shoved him away; he then fended off the others.

He walked back over to me. He had warm golden eyes that glinted as he looked me up and down.

"Are you alright?"

"Um yeah," I sighed pulling my jacket sleeve down to hide several cresset marks from where the guy grabbed my arm.

"Do you know what they could have done to you being what you are?"

"You know who I am?"

"You're the Innocent,"

I blinked a few times then looked back at him.

"How do you know about me?"

"Everyone knows who you are," He sneered bearing his canines "And they want you dead,"

I gasped and backed up.

"Don't worry, I want to help,"

"How?" I questioned

"How about I take you back to your nanny goat, Patrick?"

I laughed and nodded. He offered me his arm and I took it and held on tight. We walked up to a motorcycle. He smiled and got on.

"Is it safe?"

"Let's just say it's the safest thing you'll ever have between your legs," He laughed as I got on.

He revved the motor and said "Hold on tight,"

I wrapped my arms around is waist as we peeled down the road. My skirt billowed out behind me as I tossed my head back smiling.

But soon he pulled in front of the bunker and turned off the motorcycle. We climbed off and stood in the moonlight looking at each other.

"I'm Travis, by the way," He coughed

"Alex," I smiled

The door to the bunker opened and Patrick barged across the parking lot.

"Where the hell have you been?!" He yelled grabbing my shoulders

"As if you care!" I said bitterly

"You don't know how much I care," He said hurt

"You're lucky I even came back," I said walking past him

"Thanks for bringing her back, Travis," He said quietly before turning and following me into the bunker.
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