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This Is Gospel

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"Hey, I gotta ask forgiveness for shit like this, ya know?"

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"Our Father which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done in earth,
as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread..."

A man sighed heavily at the door of the church.

"Yo, hurry up, Dahvie" a young man said, his greasy brown hair shining in the moonlight.

"Hey, I gotta ask forgiveness for shit like this, ya know? I'm being accused of some really nasty shit, Jack." The man who was praying,Dahvie, said.

"Yeah, and God fuckin' knows you didn't do it." Jack mumbled, sarcastically. The man's friend who was also standing by the entrance of the church giggled, gripping onto his gun tighter.

"Hey, shut the fuck up, Ollie." Another man who was bent down beside Dahvie said, starting a prayer of his own. "Forgive me Lord, for I have sinned..."

"Looks like Jayy is already fucking confessing." a light brown man whispered, clutching his piece.

"Nice one, Vic" Ollie whispered, bursting into fits of giggles.

"Yo, did I fucking stutter?" Jayy said, stopping his prayer and getting up. "I said Shut the fuck up!" Jayy shouted, taking out his own gun and holding it underneath Vic's chin. Before they knew it, Dahvie flew into his own rage and was holding his guns underneath the chins of Jack and Ollie.

"I didn't do SHIT," Dahvie shouted, holding the gun underneath their chins, "And I should blow your fucking heads off right now for even thinking I did it!"

Jayy nodded at Dahvie's idea.

"Yeah, fucking scum. We're more fucking innocent then you'll EVER be in your entire lives. When we say we didn't touch no fuckin' girls, we didn't touch no fuckin' girls!" Jayy shouted at Vic.

"As a matter of fact," Dahvie started, "I'm gonna blow your heads-"

All of a sudden, they heard the ice cream truck. That lovely tune that usually played in the summer on days when kids were out and needed to cool off with some ice cream. That was the tune they heard playing ominously.

"What the fuck?" Jayy said, lowering his gun.

"It's midnight. The fuck is the ice cream truck doing out?" Dahvie wondered, lowering his guns.

Jack, Ollie and Vic peered outside of the doors. Nothing. Nothing was in sight. The only thing they could see was the darkness of the woods. They could hear the tune playing, not too far off of the church that they were in.

"Yo, I told you this wasn't our fuckin' territory!" Jack exclaimed in fright and panic, the comment being directed at Jayy and Dahvie. Jack was looking around in panic, scared of what was to come.

"And I told you to shut your fucking mouth, keep watch, and do what I say. Nothin's gonna happen, pussy." Dahvie said, shutting Jack up. Ollie and Vic patted his back.

The ice cream truck tune was getting louder and louder, the huff of a broken down truck approaching. Dahvie and Jayy raised their guns up, prepared for whatever was to come. Jack, Ollie and Vic backed up, leaving them in the front, more exposed than they were. As the tune got louder and louder, the sound of a huffing truck approached and lights were soon in sight. Jayy and Dahvie stood in front boldly, not realizing that, in fright, Jack, Ollie and Vic were backing up into the church. The ice cream truck got closer and, as it did, any person with vision could see that it was a sorry wreck of an ice cream truck, labels of ice cream worn out and the paint of the truck having faded. The huge truck came to a halt in front of the church.

Silence filled the woods now, the music had stopped and so had the truck. Jack, Ollie, and Vic weren't in view. They were nowhere to be seen.

"Hey, this is closed at these hours. Come back later." Jayy screamed at the truck, the driver out of sight with small, rolled up, grimy window. The truck didn't move at the screaming of Jayy.

"Hey, are you fuckin' deaf?" Jayy screamed again. Once again, the truck didn't move. Dahvie nodded at Jayy and they approached the ice cream truck. They went to back of the truck and started knocking on the back door of the ice cream truck.

"Hey, this is the last time I'm-" Jayy started, before the back door flew open and three men in suits appeared. They took out baseball bats and started slamming them on the heads of Jayy and Dahvie. As soon as Jayy opened his mouth to scream in pain, the loud, deafening tune of the ice cream truck started again, drowning out the screams of Jayy and Dahvie, Jack, Ollie, and Vic still not in sight.

The three men beat Jayy and Dahvie to a pulp with the bats, their blood splashing on the grass and on the, once, clean suits of Jayy and Dahvie. The three men didn't stop beating them until their faces were damaged beyond recognition, their suits bloodied, and their teeth on the floor. Soon, their screams had stopped entirely, as well as their breathing, for the most part. A brown haired man signaled for the music to stop, and silence filled the woods once again. The brown haired man adjusted his collar and his sleeve, flicking off the one drop of blood that got on his suit coat.

"I'm gonna have to get this coat cleaned again, fuck." he mumbled.

"Yo, Brendon! We got one breathing here." A black haired man shouted.

"Nice, Ronnie" Brendon said, patting his back as he approached a bloodied, breathing Jayy. He could barely open his eyes. Brendon took a white handkerchief out of his front coat pocket, folded neatly. He place it under Jayy's chin and turned Jayy's head towards him.

"Hey, wake up, Princess. Look at me," Brendon said, snapping at Jayy to get his attention. The following words were ones he said loudly and clearly, his New York accent evident in his voice, but not making his words any less clear. "You stay the fuck out of my territory! Spread the word. I won't tolerate your greasy, filthy, scum gang in my territory. You tell Gerard that, if he doesn't stay out and keep you fuckers in check," Brendon stopped, chuckled and continued "We'll be more than glad to make a bigger mess next time."

He dropped Jayy's head onto the ground and looked around, making sure no one else was in sight.

"Spencer! Let's roll." Brendon shouted, walking towards the truck. "Good work, Ryan" Brendon said, giving him a deep kiss "Proud of you, babe". Brendon waited for Ryan to get into the truck. Then, he stroked Ronnie's chin. "Good work, Ronnie" Brendon said, kissing Ronnie on the cheek as Ryan pretended not to see. "You look so fuckin' sexy with blood on you." Brendon whispered in Ronnie's ear, leaving him to blush. They both got in the truck, and the music started once again as they drove off.

Jack, Ollie, and Vic, came out of the bushes, looking terrified. They approached the corpses of Jayy and Dahvie.

"What'll Gerard think?" Vic asked. They looked at one another and shrugged.

"They deserved it." Ollie replied.

They stood over their corpses. Ollie and Vic shrugged while Jack stood, terrified.

"Holy shit...that could've been us." Jack mumbled. Ollie and Vic giggled.

"But it wasn't." Ollie said, in between giggles.

"Welcome to the war, newbie." Vic said, starting to walk away with Ollie as Jack, the new guy, started at the bodies. His emotions halted and so did his fears. He walked away, shrugging at what had just happened.

As the sun came up, they left a nun to discover and shriek at the sight of the two corpses.

The two gangs were at war.
And as long as they were at war, so was the town.
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