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Take My Hand And Never Be Afraid Again

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"Darlin', I'm a bad, bad, bad, bad, man."

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"Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!"

"Gerard, calm down. It wasn't a HUGE loss."

"Calm down? Ray, this could've been WAY worse!" Gerard huffed. "We could've easily lost Jack, Ollie, and Vic, too! That would've been 5 members out of the gang! This business isn't exactly booming at a time of war!" Gerard faced Vic, Jack, and Ollie, who were lined up in front of them, looking at the floor. "I can't believe you guys agreed to let them go! You know those morons aren't bright at all. This scandal is on my plate and that's enough without those two idiots wandering in Brendon's territory. You three better get out of my sight before I blow your fucking heads off!"

"Guys, leave." Ray said, calmly to the frightened three. "He's mad at himself. Go, before he does something he'll regret."

Ollie, Vic, and Jack didn't hesitate to wander out of Gerard's office. Ray made Gerard sit down, Gerard's face red with anger. Ray, who had been his right-hand man for quite sometime, was the only one that understood that Gerard wasn't just angry. He was angry, stressed, tired, and, above all, worried.

"Hey, Gerard," Ray cooed, "What's up?". Gerard huffed once again. He was angry, yet glad that Ray could read him like a book at any given moment.

"Nothin', Ray. Brendon is a nail in my ass, Jayy and Dahvie's scandal cost me tons, we need more people, and this war is fuckin' annoying." Gerard said, sighing loudly.

Ray huffed out in response, looked out into space for a second, and then finally, smiled widely.

"Wipe that shit eating grin off of your face. I'm kinda in distress here, ya know?" Gerard said, his Jersey accent becoming more evident. Most of the gang had Jersey/New York accents. Gerard's was more noticeable, as he was born in New Jersey and raised there, too. Most of the gang was born in Jersey, while some were born in New York.

"Gerard, I figured it out!" Ray exclaimed, "You need to get laid!".

Gerard stared at Ray. "Haha, very funny. This isn't some office sitcom where I get laid and then I come in happy the next day. This is as real as it gets."

Ray shook his head. "No, you see, you need to have sex, forget your worries for a bit and just decompress and shit."

Gerard sighed. "Fine. Just, put your big words away. I ain't go to college, you know that. We'll try this "deconnect" shit just for tonight. I ain't got shit goin' on anyways, besides the 'Head of the gang' shit."

Ray smiled widely. "You're not gonna regret this."

"Yeah, yeah. I hear that all the fuckin' time." Gerard said, a smile growing on his face.

Ray always did know what to say.


"This feels weird..." Gerard mumbled, entering the Gentlemen's club. It was an underground club after hours, where men would chill out. Only the classiest of the classy got in. Wealth definitely helped, too. As soon as they entered the underground club, smoke hit their face. In the distance, Gerard could see people in the back room doing lines of cocaine in their suits. New clients... Gerard thought. Ray read him.

"Focus. You're going to get laid tonight." Ray said, patting Gerard's back. Yes, Ray knew Gerard loved male sex. If you got to know Gerard, you could easily see that he's gay as shit and he loved it. Ray, on the other hand, was straight. He had no problem with Gerard and saw him as a leader nonetheless. Hell, tonight, his priority was getting his best friend/boss some gay sex. He couldn't get more accepting than that.

"Ray..." Gerard started, before Ray shushed him.

"Nope. Tonight, you're gonna stick your dick in some man's ass. And you're both going to love it." Ray said, scouting the room. It was hard to tell who was and wasn't gay, but there was no harm in trying. After a while of conversing, Gerard could easily tell, but he'd have to talk with everyone in order to find out who wants his dick. Ray tapped his shoulder.

"Yo, Gerard, I think I see a lot of potential customers in the back. You focus on getting laid, I do the business thing tonight. I'll see you later tonight, or even tomorrow, if you find a guy. Good luck, Gerard." Ray said, winking, before leaving for the very back of the club. Gerard was on his own.

2 hours later

Strike one.
Strike two.
Strike seven.
Strike ten.
Strike fifteen.

Gerard couldn't find anyone who was gay. He thought he was close when it came to this one guy, but the guy casually mentioned "my wife whom I love a lot". Yeah, that guy was so deep in the closet that it became just one big, dark house. Gerard sighed. He didn't know if Ray left or was still charming up new potential clients, but it didn't matter. Gerard could not get out fast enough.

Gerard walked in the dark, empty streets. He wasn't getting laid, he couldn't get his mind off of Brendon and his dirty gang, he needed new clients, and everything was a blur. Gerard sighed as he kept walking down the streets, soon hearing a whimpering nearby. It was coming from a dark alley. Gerard tapped his gun, hidden on the inside of his coat pocket, making sure he knew where it was. As he approached the alley, the voices became louder, and so did the whimpering. To Gerard, the whimpering sounded like a young male, and the voices were gruff and some deep. Gerard got his gun out, ready to attack whoever was causing the young man whimper. He was close to the alley, and he could hear the words being said by guys in the alley.

"Litte fucking faggot."
"You're just a small piece of meat. You're gonna die."
"I don't CARE if you have no money, and I don't give a fuck of where you're from. Just give us whatever the fuck you have, you little fucking liar, or I'll snap you in half."

Gerard walked quietly but swiftly, managing to make his way to the dimly lit alley and investing in the second he had to lift his gun and aim. He saw a short, black haired man, couldn't be older than 24/25. He was whimpering, clutching his small, poor excuse for a suitcase near his chest, as two guys in suits surrounded him. Gerard aimed at the first guy, who held a baseball bat.

"Leave the guy alone and no one gets hurt." Gerard said, startling them. They stared at Gerard and laughed.

"Or what? You'll kill us? Gerard, you wouldn't come near us." the first guy said, smiling. The shorter, defenseless man was still whimpering, shaking with fright. Gerard got closer.

"Did I fuckin' stutter? Put the bat down!" Gerard shouted, causing a slight flinch in the second guy, but not scaring the first guy.

"Gerard, I can see right through you. Everyone else is scared of you, but I'm not. Brendon is stronger, fearless, and just a better leader. And you? You're just a little faggot." the first guy said, smirking.

"Tony, maybe we should-" the second guy started, before Gerard suddenly shot Tony in the arm. Tony shrieked, dropping the bat. The short guy flinched, and the second guy jumped, close to running away before noticing Gerard had pointed the gun at him. Gerard approached the second guy and grabbed him by his suit collar.

"Hey, what's your name?" Gerard asked.

"Uhhh...uh...Francisco." the second guy said. Gerard chuckled.

"Well, Francisco, you tell Brendon that the next time I catch his guys on my fuckin' streets harrassing my people, well, he's going to find that I sent four of his guys to the morgue, as opposed to the fuckin' favor he did by sending Jayy and Dahvie to the morgue. He won't be so happy when he sees the guys I kill. Now, run, Francisco, before I change my mind and decide to blow your fuckin' brains out." Gerard whispered to him, Francisco running away as fast as he could. Gerard turned away to face the short, frightened man. He smiled at the man, putting his gun away.

"What's your name, suga'?" Gerard asked, smiling. The man shivered and stood up straight, still shaking with fear.

"Fr-Frank." the man responded. Gerard smiled wider.

"Well, Frank, I'm Gerard. Pleasure to meet you." Gerard said, holding his hand out towards Frank. Frank hesitantly took Gerard's hand and shook it slowly, still clenching his small suitcase to his chest as Tony stayed on the ground, passed out from the shock and pain of his arm being shot.

"You new in town?" Gerard asked. Frank slowly nodded, sweat dripping down his temple. "Oh, suga'. I can tell. Let me show you my town." Gerard said, the charm dripping from his voice, as he held his hand toward Frank.

"Uhhhh.....Gerard? Can I ask you something?" Frank shyly wondered, simply glancing at Gerard's open hand. Gerard nodded, motioning for him to ask the question.

" you..." Frank took a gulp of air and then boldly completed his question, "Do you...kill?"

Gerard straightened up and smoothed his coat out. His grin faded for a second, but then he regained the smile once plastered on his face.

"Well... there are things that I have done you never should ever know." Gerard said.

" saved me. seem...good. How could you...kill?" Frank mumbled, still scared of Gerard. Gerard stared at Frank, his smile turning into a smirk.

"Darlin', I'm a bad, bad, bad, bad, man." Gerard whispered, holding his hand out to Frank. Frank gulped and wondered if he should take Gerard's hand. He could be getting himself into a million bad things. Frank glanced at Gerard's hand and back at his charming smirk. In that moment, Frank could do anything but resist. Frank didn't know what he would get himself into, but he also knew that he could not possibly resist. Frank took Gerard's hand and, in that instant, Frank stopped shaking.

At that moment, Frank had no hesitation in leaving the dimly lit alley with Gerard.
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