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naruto the fastest man alive

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After the events of Sonic Generation, Sonic was sucked into another time hole right into the Kyubbi attack and was sealed into Naruto. See what happens when Sonic influences the Naruto Universe. S...

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Author's note Hey everyone, This is my first Fanfic and i thought how about an Sonic and Naruto crossover. I know there are sonic crossovers but i never saw a fanfic where sonic was sealed into Naruto at the Kyuubi battle. So enjoy.
jutsu/moves: Shadow Clone Jutsu
inner thoughts/Demon speaking: I am Kyuubi
After defeating Eggman with the help of classic Sonic, Sonic and friends continued to have Sonic's birthday party. When suddenly another time hole appeared and sucked up sonic only. When sonic landed on solid ground he saw a huge nine tail fox fighting a human. Sonic decided to help and started to homing attack the fox's body.
Minato was surprised when he saw someone attacking the Kyuubi. When the Kyubbi knocked the blue ball away from it he went to see who or what attacked the Kyubbi he saw a hedgehog in a ditch without a scratch. The hedgehog jumped up and said "Ow that hurt." Minato asked the Hedgehog who he was and why is he helping him. Sonic replied " the names Sonic the Hedgehog, and i helped you because you looked like you needed help. By the way who are you?" Minato replied " I'm Minato Nimakaze the fourth hokage at Konoha." But then the Kyubbi roared and said "How dare you ignore me! I'll shall enjoy killing you both."and tried to use a tail bomb. But Sonic quickly used his speed and knocked his head away using his spin dash. Kyuubi tried to stomp Sonic but he was too fast for him. Sonic taunts him by saying,"Your too slow." every time Kyuubi misses. This quickly infuriates Kyuubi and Minato quickly took the chance and attacked him. Rasengan Minato yelled as he shoves a blue aura of destruction and knocked Kyuubi back a few feet. Sonic asked "Is there anyway we can defeat him? And by the way nice move" Minato replied "Yes but i'll need to sacrifice myself in order to seal it into my son. I hope that my village will treat him as a hero." When Sonic heard that he replied curiously " What do you mean?" Minato replied "jinchūrikis were not treated well because of what is sealed inside of them. Most people will probably treat him as the Kyuubi itself or as a weapon." When sonic heard that he replied " Then seal me inside of him too. I'll will train him to become and will be there for him if he is treated badly. Does he have anyone else besides you?" Minato replied that he has godparents that should take care of him. If not then Sarutobi should help him."
Minato quickly activated the Dead Demon Consuming Seal and sealed Kyuubi's Yang Chakra into Naruto and sealed Sonic as well. When Sarutobi arrived he saw a baby that had blue hair and whisker marks on his face and Minato laying on the floor dead. Kakashi saw the battle and said that Minato died by sealing Kyuubi into his son.
He quickly came to back to the councils and tells the council that Minato died sealing the Kyuubi into a baby. The civilian Council started yelling "kill the demon before he kills us." Sarutobi explored leaking Killing Intent at the council and said "If you lay one finger on Naruto or tell of your kids about him being the Kyuubi You will die. To make sure you don't tell anyone i am making it a S rank secret. Danzo quickly tried to get Naruto into his Root program but he was denied and told Danzo to shut down the Root program because of physiological effects.
Sarutobi left the building after making a law that states that the next generation shouldn't know that Naruto holds the Kyuubi and whoever calls him a demon or the Kyuubi reborn will die. The next day Sarutobi stood with the Shinobi council and asks if the Clan heads if they want to adopt Naruto. No one wanted to adopted Naruto so he was put into an orphanage and stayed there for 5 years.
Author's note: tell me if i need to improve, or need to work on this chapter any more. thanks
ja ne
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