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Starting the Acadamy

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6 years has past since the attack. Naruto was introduced to his tenants. see what happens when sonic influences Naruto.

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Jutsu: shadow clone Jutsu
Inner thoughts: 'that is just arrogant'
Kyuubi/Sonic speaking: your too slow.
disclaimer I don't own Naruto or Sonic the Hedgehog. i own only my occs.
Chapter 1
Start of the Fastest Man Alive
Naruto woke up after a good night sleep. It has been eight years since the attack. Today was an exciting day for Naruto. Today was the start of the Ninja Academy and Naruto was excited. After having Ramen for breakfast he went to the Academy where he saw his classmates sitting at room 273. He sat down next to a Hyuga girl which he remembered that he saved from a bunch of bullies.

It was a Monday afternoon. Naruto was just enjoying playing on the swings where he saw a bunch of bullies attacking a girl. Naruto being the Hero he was he jumped off of the swing and tossed a rock at the leader getting his attention. Naruto yelled "why don't you pick somebody your own size."
The bullies looked up and saw Naruto up on a hill and holding a bunch of rocks. The leader said " why it is the demon boy, come on guys lets leave this girl and attack the Demon. Naruto saw that he just provoked them and he raised his fists and said " come on and try to catch me!" He ran away with the bullies chasing him. After a few minutes Naruto loses them and went back to help the girl up. Naruto asks " what is your name?" The girl replied " My name is Hinata Hyuga, what is yours?" Naruto replied " My Name is Naruto."
After that scene they promised to meet up at the academy.
end Flashback
Naruto was broken out of his thoughts when the teacher walked in. After a long speech about how the school year is going to be, the class ended.
After Naruto left the academy he went to the park where he promised to meet Hinata after school. Just when he reached there he greeted Hinata and they hanged out until they went home. during the way back home Naruto was attacked by a bunch of civilians who are trying to stop him from becoming a ninja. He was dragged into a alleyway and was repeatedly stabed and beaten. After a few minutes of the torture he fell unconscious. When Naruto woke up he found himself inside of a sewer. he thought ' where the hell am I?' He continue following the sewer until he met a cage. Naruto heard a voice saying who goes there. Naruto replied " My name is Naruto and who are you?" Then He saw a huge face looking at him. Naruto screamed and said " you are the Kyuubi!" Kyuubi replied Yes yes i am and you must be my jailor Naruto was stunned, here was the reason why most of the villagers hate him. Then he saw a blue blur ran at Kyuubi and attack him. After knocking Kyuubi away, he turned and saw Naruto. Naruto to his amazement saw a blue Hedgehog attacking the Kyuubi. After a long introduction, Naruto woke up and thought 'wow I believe i have two tenants and one of them is going to teach me to be a hero.' When he looked around he saw that he was in the hospital.
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