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The Best Grilled Cheese Ever

by Mary-Lane 9 reviews

"Her heart may belong to Jay, but her soul belongs to Neil." Neil/Theresa/bit of Echo

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A/N: Here we have the first fanfiction of mine. (Be gentle with me, please) Hopefully no one get's cancer from reading this. o.o If you do, my Dad's a doctor, so I'm sure he can pull some strings and get you into kemo early. =D So this was made in a bit of insomnia/fever from sitting in rain for two hours/massive nausea from Amusment park rides. Have fun, and safe reading!

Warning: Massive spoiler alert if you haven't seen 'The Last Word'. Random drivel about 'Peanuts' character, Snoopy. Promotes partying dogs and crashing doghouses. Theresa deadpans breasts of Dolly Parton.

Disclaimer: I do not own 'Class Of The Titans', 'Peanuts', or Dolly Parton's breasts. And now for something completely different...

The Best Grilled Cheese Ever
By Mary-Lane

"Neil, I'm sorry, this just isn't going to work out," Echo eased, "You're just too in love with yourself to love me." Echo turned away, not wanting to meet his gaze. In what seemed like a second, she vanished into the night.

Neil stood there dumbfounded, staring into nothing. He shook his head, and from the corner of his eye he caught Jay's all-knowing smirk. "Did..did she just dump me?"

"Uh...yeah," Jay smiled and huffed out; trying to contain his laughter and jokes. But being a good friend, he wasn't going to tell the others about Neil's 'rejection'.

"B-but I was going to dump /her/!" Neil shouted at the retreating form of Jay.


Neil shook his head and stared into his drink. The same scene kept replaying in his mind, like some broken music box. But he didn't mind; at least that's what he told himself. Sure, she was talkative, but he wasn't he sometimes? Sure, she's crazy and kidnapped him, but what girl wouldn't? He is gorgeous. Neil held his drink to his mouth, still contemplating. Ever since he met her, he's acted more aware of everything. Sure, he'd still be the same person on the outside, but not on the inside.

Sipping on his drink, which had now turn warm, he placed it down on the table. Deciding that drinking warm milk was too beneath him, he walked over to the counter and emptied it. He had to drink milk - never coffee or sugary drinks, his agent had lectured him on drinking them before. He made his way around the kitchen, pushing in chairs and cleaning dirty dishes. He knew Herry was a real 'germaphobe', so Neil bought the task of cleaning upon him.

So he stood over the sink, cleaning the dishes, and hoping to Zeus his hands wouldn't prune.


"/Atlanta/!" The scream snapped Neil out of the thoughts of a blonde nymph. The daily shout of the young warrior in distress, with a flame-haired huntress absorbed in laughter coming down the stairs, had made Neil chuckle. Knowing all too well that Archie, being a heavy sleeper, wouldn't walk up till noon, making him a great target for Atlanta. Two hazel eyes greeted Neil's as the owner made her way into the kitchen. Neil stared back at her quizzically, her eyes were holding in her laughter.

"I just drew something on him, that's all," the girl answered his stare. Behind her came a loud stomp, curving her head to the side, she noticed a mad purple-haired boy standing with crossed arms.

"Arch, you should really rethink the curls of your moustache," Neil smiled at the boy. He loved seeing them fight, which they did often, much to the contentment of Neil.

Archie huffed, and stared at the girl, "Atlanta, this better be washable." She shifted to her other foot, and smiled half annoyed.

"Lighten up, Archibald."

"You two bicker like an old married couple," Neil coughed out with a sly smile. By now the rest of the house members were watching the two in amusement. Archie crossed his arms against his chest and held in a blush. Atlanta had started to move uneasily around the kitchen until a muscular boy spoke up.

"Hey, you guys want to go to the park?" he asked, waiting for the replies. All but two teens had agreed on going. Most of the teens piled into Herry's truck, and waited for Archie to get changed. As soon as the warrior came down, the car's engine started off.


As the car drove off from the brownstone only the strawberry-blonde and the very blonde were left. "Neil, why aren't you going?" Theresa asked, making her way over to the table.

"Oh, I'm just not feeling up to it," Neil lied. It wasn't that he didn't feel up to it, it was that he wanted to think more about Echo, about the one that turned him down. Sure, he didn't like her at first, but after a while he missed the helpful nymph.

"Well, what do you want to do? We are alone together," Theresa asked, a smile evident on her face. Neil was always up for anything, and would easily clear his schedule if persuaded. She always cherished the days when Jay was too busy, and Neil would be the person she'd see a movie with. Her heart may belong to Jay, but her soul belongs to Neil.

He sat across from Theresa, the table between them. He smiled softly at her, '/There's one thing Echo hasn't got on Theresa; her personality/.' "I don't know, what would you like to do?" he asked, playing with his paneled-mirror. '/Always have to look good in the presence of a lady/,' Neil often thought to himself.

"Well, horror movies are too cliché. Naked skydiving would be rather awkward at the moment. Talk?" Theresa inquired hopefully. She'd never really talked with Neil, just went to see the latest movies with him. Odie had warned her numerous times to never talk to Neil; that he's too 'neilissistic' or that he talks more about make-up remover than world affairs.

"Talk? Doesn't that mean 'you've done something wrong, now listen' in girl language?" Neil asked as he raised a finely shaped eyebrow. He first heard this speech from Echo; and decided he didn't need to hear it again.

"Oh, no! I'm on the level! Just a talk," Theresa stood up, and walked to the fridge. "Pop?"

"Not allowed to," Neil pretended to view himself in the mirror as he casually looked Theresa over. He had to admit, she was very well-endowed.

She felt Neil's eyes on her, but she'd never deny him the pleasure of looking. Besides, she often found herself looking at the model, '/Gorgeous rump/,' she'd think. She'd never say it out loud though, never! '/What would the other's think? I'll tell you, "Little Mary Sunshine's lost her mind!" they'd all chant in. Then they'd call a priest about an exorcist/.' She sighed, grabbing some pop out of the fridge and sitting at the table.

"Something wrong?" Neil caught her eyes, she looked as if she was having mixed emotions on something. Normally, he wouldn't care, but if his- Jay's Theresa was feeling down, he'd rush to her side like a knight in designer armor.

"No- I just," she smiled as best she could, "How do you do it?"

Neil was put off-place by this question. '/How do I do it? I don't even know what I did/.' "What do you mean?" he asked, still confused by the vague question.

"I swear, It's not sweat that comes out of you, it's self-confidence and pride. How do you do it?" she asked again, staring into his eyes for an answer. '/Of course he has blue eyes, blonde hair and a great body. That alone would make any man confident/," she thought trying to hold back an eye-roll.

"No clue. It comes naturally when you're this gorgeous," he flashed a winning smile at her, as he pocketed his mirror.

Theresa had to laugh. Sure, he was narcissistic, but that was one of the great elements. She remembered back when Echo had kidnapped Neil, how she was the only one to chase after him. She hated that night. The night which she almost lost Neil to another woman. Sure, Jay would always be there, but what fun is he? She grew up with perfect boys like him. '/All work and no play/,' she'd say to them, as they stiffly walked off the private school bus.

"So who's your favourite Peanut character?" Neil's voice broke her train of thought. Theresa stared back at him, slightly amused.

"Peanut character?" she asked jokingly. "Aren't you the abstract thinker."

"I'm cute, too. I like Snoopy," he said as he answer his own question, "That dog throws great parties."

Theresa laughed, "I wouldn't know. I've never been." This was the reason why she liked Neil. Jay was straight-laced and by the books. He would hate to waste his time on endless drivel like this. Whereas Neil is the poster boy for endless drivel like this.

"Say you're with me and he'll let you in. The doghouse may look small, but when you go in it's bigger than Dolly Parton's knockers." Neil smiled gently at the laughing girl in front of him. '/Even her laughs are cute/,' he thought to himself with a dreamy placed sigh. He smiled at the thought of their relationship, she having himself and Jay, and him having Echo and Theresa. They'd never fight over their loves, since they had another to spare.

"You stare at a 60-something woman's fake breasts, Neil? Well, it seems we do have something in common," she deadpanned, holding in her last bits of laughter. She stared at Neil, a huge smirk arose on his face- then it suddenly sulked away. "What's wrong?" a tiny bit of worry seeped into her speech.

Neil looked at her, a bit put off by the tone of voice she used, "Oh, my stomach just growled." Her eyes narrowed as a blank expression crept onto her face. There was an awkward silence until the tension was finally broken by the rumbling of Neil's stomach. He watched the curvy strawberry-blonde get up. "What are you doing?"

She cast him a glance and walked to the refrigerator. Opening it all the way, she reached in and took out some cheese and butter. She closed the door and walked to the counter and grabbed two slices of bread, a frying pan and a knife.

Neil stared some more before getting up and walking over to her. "Uh, let me rephrase that. What are you /making/?" he asked, still mentally oblivious to the ingredients.

"I'm making you lunch," she smiled as she turned the griddle on, "The best grilled cheese /ever/!" She sang with enthusiasm as she got everything ready. She looked at Neil with a Cheshire-Cat-grin, and down at the sandwich she was cooking.

The smell filled his head, as he thanked the Gods for giving him the best friends he's ever had. Yet he still couldn't keep something in, as Neil let out a soft chuckle, "The best grilled cheese ever."


A/N: I might make small changes to it, seeing as how I'm a perfectionist for the most part. But seriously folks, her breasts are /huge/!
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