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When you don't think much of yourself you are willing to compromise everything you know to feel accepted and loved. Never really believing one day you will actually find someone to love and accept ...

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She kissed him hard as she cornered him against the door after they walked in, her hands on either side of him holding herself . Things between them had been heavy all night. He kissed her back until he pulled his head away, it was easier since he was slightly taller.

"What?" she breathed "Changed your mind..?" licking her lips looking up at the man she had wanted for a while. Her eyes were seductive she had those bedroom eyes, deep blue that sparkled and drew you in. How could you not want her? She was gorgeous. She exuberated sex appeal. The dark eyeliner, her hair flowing, simple pale highlights, the curves of her body, the roundness of her breasts and the smile that made you melt. Her nose ring and eyebrow ring just brought enough attention to her face that she made you fall in love with her even if you didn't know it.

"No..." he shook his head as he brushed a strand of her hair behind her ear. They had met three or four times before. Through friends of course. Her best friend dating this guy, and he being friends with him. Conversations had always been light and friendly. That was naturally her personality. If you didn't fall for her looks her friendly flirtatious way definitely captured you. He smirked looking down at her, licking his lips "its just..your beautiful" he breathed as he kissed her again pushing out any conscious thought in his head that would tell him to stop again. How could he? An unbelievably perfect woman wanted him.

She smiled and started to lead him towards the bed their lips never parting. Her hands moved between them as they found the button and zipper to his pants, undoing them she let them fall. She stopped kissing him as she sucked on his bottom lip then to his jaw. He allowed her to do whatever she wanted, it wasn't like she was doing anything wrong. Stepping out of his pants, he kicked them to the side, as his hands made the way to the bottom of her shirt ripping it off over her head. Her hair then fell perfectly against her body. Raising an eyebrow she herself made way with his shirt. The two hadn't moved from standing next to the bed. Her hands then ran down his body, stopping at his chest as she pushed him down onto the bed. He chuckled making his way up as she smiled crawling on top of him. She hadn't been wearing a bra, which made things a lot better for him. Less problems.He envied her confidence. As she reached him, she got on top , licking her lips as her hair fell covering both of their faces. He raised his head capturing her lips holding her chin, deepening it as he entered his tongue into her mouth. Parting her lips their tongues teased each other as she had become weakened until she moved her knee between his legs gently brushing his slightly hardening dick. He moaned pulling away and taking a deep breath and she kissed down his jaw, to his collarbone. She worked his neck for a while, kissing and sucking it tracing the tattoo with her tongue until she continued giving him little kisses down his body. Moving next to him on her side..she ran her hands up and down his body then with two fingers she slid them inside the elastic of the boxer briefs.. starting to slide them down as she moved between his legs pulling them off completely. Leaning on his elbows he watched her intently. Surprised and definitely enjoying how forward she was. When she looked at his package she raised an eyebrow a small smile as she held his attention with her eyes. She began to stroke him then opened her mouth slightly placing her soft lips on his head, she started to move her tongue to lick around the head their eyes never parting. She then started to take more of him in. Her lips circled over the corona as she twisted her head back and forth her tongue teasing it. Sucking as she stroked the rest of his now hard cock. Moving back up.. she allowed her tongue to lick up and down his length as she moved back up taking him into her mouth once again. She continued what she had been doing taking long strong sucks, interchanging between circling him with her tongue and stroking him. Soon she developed a rhythm and then decided to take all of him in, deep throating him. She made sure to stay relaxed as she continued to suck moving faster. Moaning, she opened her eyes to look up at him making sure he was enjoying himself. As she did that his hands instantly became tangled in her hair. He was breathing faster as you heard him let out a satisfying sigh. "Oh yess " He cried gently pulling at her hair. He had wanted to pull back, which just told her he was really enjoying himself.

She moved back up and motioned her tongue around his cock head again, deep throating him one last time. She felt his penis and balls draw up together letting her know he was ready, she grabbed his balls firmly and gently tugged them down and in one shot you felt his body release. She swallowed hard, gave him a moment.He was moaning loudly as he continued to pour out. Holding his base gently she tried to drink as much of him as she could cleaning him up. Her hands applied pressure to where your legs meet your torso as she pushed herself back up onto him."I loved that" she breathed twisting her head and throwing her hair to one side revealing the several earrings in her ear. 'MmM" she moaned

He opened his eyes and grinned at her and in one quick swift move turned them over. She became quite surprised but giggled at his energy. He quickly moved down her body, massaging her breasts as his mouth worked on one, nibbling and kissing it as his other hand massaged the other, pinching the nipple softly. A moan escaped her mouth and she squirmed below him.. allowing a hand to gently run down his back. Her other hand playing with his hair, gently running her hairs through it. He continued down her body.. stopping at her belly button she giggled and squirmed more as she felt his warm breath on her skin. His long eyelashes tickling her. Within a moment he had managed to take off her skirt swiftly without difficulty which definitely surprised her. He had seemed so shy, until now. His teeth grabbed the thong as he began to pull it down. Helping him she kicked it off as he brought it down to her ankles. He kissed her legs.. moving her legs apart as he slid back up. He worked on her inner thighs massaging them, nibbling on the sensitive skin which definitely sent chills up her body making her shiver at the touch. He definitely was not letting this beauty not get as much torture as she had just given him. Spreading her legs farther he opened her labia as he blew cool air from the top of the vagina to right above the anus. You could see the goose bumps, her eyes were closed as felt the sensations. "ohH" she screamed, her leg bending up hoping to spread as wide as possible.

She had thought about every other time, this was not a wham bam thank you ma'am thing.. usually after she went down on the guy.. he entered her and then collapsed next to her.. or they got dressed and left. She moaned as she then felt his tongue glide between her he went in deeper flicking her clit with his tongue a few times before rolling it. This was seriously sending her to heaven. He started to go faster as she moaned louder, deciding to make it more intense he entered a finger in her.. moving it in and out as he tried to push his tongue in deeper. She couldn't tell what was driving her even more insane. His long slender guitar fingers ramming into her or his tongue sucking and teasing her clit. He moved his other hand back up her body to play with her tits, pulling them as she helped and brought the other tit to her mouth hoping it would lessen the moans. Within a few more minutes her body tensed up.. as her legs wrapped around his head. She tried to bite her lips as a loud moan tried to escape.She had pushed his head in deeper, moving her hips against his rhythm. Screaming out and jerking up in bed she felt him try to suck all of her juices in. He became pleased when he knew he had given her the same amount of pleasure. Before even giving her time to relax he decided to enter her, which made her body shoot up as she met his body wrapping her arms around him her legs over his hips pulling him into her. He kissed her seductively as she relaxed. Her tits began to bounce as he started to pump into her slowly at first when he thought she was about ready he thrust faster. She moved with him as he started to get a rhythm. Her hands moved from holding his arms to his back. Her nails gently grazing up and down. She started to suck on his neck, gently biting him before she just laid back her hands playing with her tits once again, closing her eyes and moaning appropriately. He watched her as he concentrated on what he was doing,becoming even more excited when he saw how erect her nipples had become. Lowering his head he started to kiss and suck her tits as he continued to thrust into her deeper and faster. She could no longer take this.. she wrapped her legs around him this feeling was making her go crazy it had never been this intense. She threw her had back against the bed as her body writhed against the bed she tried to hold on as he did.. when she became tight around him he bit his lip and moved faster she let out one loud scream as she plummeted against the bed. A moment later he went inside of her.

Turning over she sighed, pushing her hair back and taking a deep breath. She lie there for a moment the memories of last night running back to her. Smiling, pleasantly happy at his response. She never thought she would get him and he definitely fulfilled the fantasy she had of him. She was glad he was gone though. She hated the morning after. When you had to act all sweet and mushy like it was more than just great sex.
"good morning' " she heard him say as her eyes widened and she held the sheet to her tighter sitting up.

"Pete." she was surprised as he leaned over the bed and kissed her a towel wrapped around his waist. "Umm.. Hi. Morning"

He sat on her bed, surprised at how tightly she was clinging to the sheet "All of a sudden you're shy?" he laughed as she did as well. "I took a shower, I hope that was okay. You looked so relaxed sleeping and I didn't want to wake you to ask"

"its fine" she nodded, licking her lips. "I have to do the same"

Pete smiled "well, I was thinking that we go out for lunch or something. It's already 10:30"

She shook her head "its okay. I am sure you're busy and I have a few errands to run anyway"

"Kaylyn, come on." Pete looked at her and pouted "please? I'm asking for lunch. Then you can do your errands. After last night, I would really like to know you better."

She sighed looking at his face. How could she resist that face? And he had been the first guy to actually want to get to know her. Kaylyn knew she couldn't bluntly tell him no, I just wanted to fuck you. Plus, she thought maybe they could arrange some kind of fuck buddy system. She definitely loved his fingers and his tongue, he knew what he was doing. "Umm.. sure" she smiled as her answer instantly lit up his face "just let me take that shower and get dressed" Kaylyn explained.

He kissed her quickly as she gathered the sheet and wrapped herself in it getting off the bed "yeah, I have to do the same. I cant exactly go out in your towel"

Stopping she leaned against the bathroom door frame "why not? It's definitely a feast for the eyes" winking before dropping the sheet and closing the door. Sighing she leaned against the door taking a deep breath "what am I doing?" kaylyn breathed. She seemed to be making decisions and answering him before contemplating the effect. Turning the water on kaylyn shook her head, this was nothing. They would go out to lunch then she would never hear back from him. She was sure of it, he was a rock star they never wanted commitment.
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