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Just Not Good Enough for More (the End )

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When you don't think much of yourself you are willing to compromise everything you know to feel accepted and loved. Never really believing one day you will actually find someone to love and accept ...

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Kaylyn sighed as she looked at the clothes she had sprawled all over her bed. She couldn't even believe she was going. It was completely unlike her to allow herself to be sucked in and knew this would eventually lead to self betrayal. It was just so hard when he was so tempting and his argument actually made sense. Plus she couldn't help that she did enjoy being around him. He made her smile and feel good about herself, which she thought could never be possible. Deciding on the outfit she quickly put it on and then finished her makeup. Just as the clock clicked, the doorbell rang. She couldn't help but smile, not only great in bed, and gorgeous but he was punctual. This was getting better.

"I am glad you actually agreed to come out tonight" he laughed awkwardly as they made their way into the restaurant.

"and why is that?" she asked suspiciously, a smirk on her face. To be honest she wished she could skip the 2-4 hours of actual real communication and just make her way back to her bed with him unclothed.

"well, I would like to get to know you. I'm not one for just a little rendezvous" Pete explained as he told the hostess his name for the reservation. After finding it, they were escorted to their table.

she looked at him oddly and chuckled "You, my friend might be the only man in the world to ever say that."

"Oh, so your admitting I'm at least your friend?"

Opening their menus she peeked up at him "depends, we'll see how it goes tonight" Yeah, she was playing hard, but he was wearing these tight dark jeans, tight shirt, and a blazer that just made her want him right there. She had to wonder if he was an exhibitionist.

Much to Kaylyn's delight, her and Peter had an explosive night, and great morning. Kaylyn couldn't help but love the pressure enforced by his hips, and the gentle strokes from his wonderful fingers. His tongue, definitely had a nice work out, and not the verbal one either. She hated the anticipation of wanting to see him again, and so she decided that they wouldn't see each other for a few days. The words ate at her, and Kaylyn hated every time Pete called and left her a voicemail because she knew they could only be lies and this time, she wouldn't fall for them. Only once would she be called a fool, no other man would ever use her the way Billy had. But the last thing she was expecting was for Pete to be so persistent.

"what are you doing here?" Kaylyn opened the door surprised. She was in pajama bottoms and a tank top.. She looked down, realizing it would at least be easy to get her out of the clothes.

He smiled and handed her the assortment of yellow daffodils, and white daisies. "I was hoping to hang out,or talk.. maybe take you out to dinner" Pete explained as she allowed him into the house.

Smirking, she wrapped her arms around his neck kissing his lips "MmM.. well we can definitely talk" Kaylyn giggled one of her hands moving down his back and immediately under his shirt.

He laughed and kissed her back, his hands holding her hips as he stepped back "umm" he sucked in his bottom lip, licking it "id love to talk like that, but.. I really just want to talk. hang out.

"why?" She was completely confused. No man, had ever not wanted to just have sex. "it would be much more fun" Kaylyn went towards him again to kiss him but he moved back once more putting his hand up to stop her.

"Kay.. I really like you and although we have had fun.. I would like to get to know you."Pete stated "More than just what drives you nuts in bed, or the exact angle of every curve of your body. I want to know more about you"

"Umm, what if we don't, and say we did?" Kaylyn continued to ignore his comments "what we had was great, we were having so much fun lets not ruin it"

Pete was confused as he shook his head "I don't want to ruin it, I want to make it better. Kaylyn, I want to be in a relationship with you."

"Okay, so we'll define it as a no-strings attached, completely unexclusvie friends with tons and tons of fuck buddy benefits" Kaylyn's sassiness continued.

"No" Pete shook his head "I don't want that, I want you as my girlfriend. I want a committed, completely exclusive relationship with you. I want to get to know you better. I like you Kaylyn and I want your heart, not just your body and I want to give you mine! " Kaylyn shook her head as she walked away from him, going into her living room. Pete turned and followed her "why did you walk away from me?"

"why do you want more?" She countered "No, why did you come here and say all that?"

"because that's how I feel"

"No it isn't,okay? You're going to say that now because you think I'm sexy, you think I'm funny.. you love how I look lying naked underneath or on top of you. Not how ill look all dressed up on your arm .I'm not the girl you can actually want Pete okay? Just believe me."

"are you kidding me?" Pete shook his head "yeah, you are beautiful and sexy, and yes you are funny but I know there is more to you than that and I am soo captivated I want to see it. Why wont you let me in? Why wont you give us a try?"

"BECAUSE IM NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR MORE!" Kaylyn exclaimed, raising her hands, her eyes rimming with tears. "You wouldn't like me, you wouldn't like who I am. I'm not the girl for you. You deserve a wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, sweet, amazing girl, Pete and it isn't me. So please. Please stop saying all this. I cant deal with it. I don't want anymore heartbreak and pain" she shook her head looking down as she sat on the arm rest of the couch.

Raising an eyebrow he watched her moving in front of her. "Kaylyn.." he said softly raising her head "I think you are that wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, sweet amazing girl. And if anything you deserve more than me, but I want you. I want to know everything about you, I want you to want me, to need me. I promise you are everything and more that I can ever ask for. Just give me a try, I promise to be everything you want and more." Holding her chin he bent forward and kissed her lips lightly.

Looking up at him, almost childlike and innocent she couldn't help but trust him. She had never met a man so sweet and genuine, he actually seemed honest and true so she nodded. "okay" Kaylyn agreed. If she never tried, she would never know. Maybe for once in her life, she would be enough to make him happy. She would not only be enough, but she would be his everything, his all. Taking a deep breath she kissed him again. This time, she was good enough for more.
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