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Ash's Retarded Adventure Vol. 2

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Part 2

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This is part two of Ash's Retarded Adventure! If you haven't read the first one, read it!

The vomit and blood went down, and he felt better.
Still, he would never get the taste of Gary's slightly tainted underwear out of his mouth.
"My balls still hurt from the surgery, and my stomach hurts like crap, but this MIGHT still be a good day." He thought to himself.
As he walked away from the lab he could hear Professor Oak yelling, "Gary you slut i told you to stop streaking your ass across my marble floors!"
Hearing this he walked a little faster.
He headed for Brock's house.
Brock was a half Asian half Mexican immigrant from Poland
and could hardly speak english.
Ash walked up to his door and knocked.
"Do not be coming yet!"
Ash waited.
Minutes went by now...

"Brock you slut taco I wanna go eat at FagDonalds with you!"

"Hokay I am being right there!"
There was footsteps at the door.

Brock finally opened the door wearing his tribal makeup and jumpsuit that made him look like a nerfball.
"Brock you slut I told you not to wear those in public that's not how you get ladies "
He looked confused.
"Then why you are getting the ladies with your silly clothing?"

"Because I'm not a slutty nerfball that watches Barney you slut."

"Isn't Barney the educational?"
Ash gets frustrated at his sluttiness.
"Brock you slut I told you not to call Barney educational like a slut weener!"
But Brock was already down the road looking like a slut in his clothes.
Ash follows.....
They arrive at FagDonalds, one of the gayest places in town. In that restaurant, everyone wears sweater vests and has really slutty short hair, and everything is rainbow colored.
"Is this place not gay? I had thinking you hated gays."

"Brock you slut........ Shut up!"
They walk up to the register to order their food.
Gary appeared at the desk like a slut.
"Well well well. If it isn't the one nut wonder!"

"Shut up you skank ass slut muffin!

"Just order."

"Why you are working here?" Asked Brock like a slut.

"Ugh.. My mom made me because I grabbed a little schoolboy's buttcheek."
Ash and Brock broke out laughing with sluttines.
"Ok ok don't get your slut underwear in a bunch you slut."

They glance at the menu.
"I'll have a skank burger, gay fries, and a whore-ass milkshake."
Said Ash.
"And I want to be having your gay-ass tuna fish sandwich with stripper sauce and slut salad."
Said Brock.
"Might I suggest the gay chili dog?"
"Fine fine. That'll be 3 pieces of your clothing."

"Whatever floats your slutty scrote you slut!" Said Ash.

They went and sat down to eat their food as half naked men did ballet around them.
"Can you guys not?"

"Sorry fresh meat-I mean, little boy, it's all part of the job."

"You stupid chicken sluts I told you not to so go away or I'll cut your nads off- if you have any you slutty slut son of a slut!"

"Cool your jets bruh I'm leaving!" They ran away, clutching their balls like sluts.
After hey finished their food, ash called Gary a slut a few more times, then they went out to the forest to catch some Pokemon....
"Okay, Brock get your poke ballsack out!"
Brock started to undo his pants.
"NO NO NO! The one you use to carry your pokeballs!"

"Oh, hokay."

A wild Arceus was hiding behind a bush.
Ash saw it.
Brock saw it too, but he had pneumonia and started hacking up blood and snot and tuna fish.
"Brock you slut I you not to cough around wild legendary Pokemon you will scare them you whore
burger!" Ash shouted.
The Arceus heard this and ran away, farting a gay rainbow into space.
"DAMMIT!" He turned around to talk to Brock but he looked down and saw Psycho Pikachu peeing on his shoe. It was green.
"I'm sick of you you slut nugget!"
And with that, he kicked Pikachu in the head But Pikachu used the leverage and used his kick to scamper up his jeans.
He bit ash all over. "AGGGHHHH! Brock what the hell do somethin you slutty fag donkey!"

"HOKAY!" He grabbed a stick and started hitting Ash with it, hard.
That triggered his weak stomach again, and he started puking blood vomit everywhere.
Ash grabbed Pikachu and vomited into his mouth until he drowned in it. Pikachu was dead.

"Let's camp here for the night." Said Ash.
For dinner they had roasted barf-stuffed Pikachu.
It gave Ash electric farts. He had ready went through 4 pairs of jeans.

In the morning they returnedg to Pallet Town.
Ash shot a lightning bolt out of his butt hole and it blew up Gary's rainbow house.
"Excuse me-not really."

Then they decided to play leapfrog.
But when Brock was on top of Ash he shot a lightning bolt out of his butthole and it shot a hole through Brock's stomach.
"You are the stupid slut hole!" He said
Brock died.
"NOOO-don't care."
Ash marked his territory on Brock's dead body and continued walking down the road.

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