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Baby photos

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Ash doesn't want Misty to see his baby pictures, but his parents show her anyway. He figured out their mission in life was to embarrass him.

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Nineteen years old Ash couldn't believe this was happening to him, from all people. He nervously tapped the ground with his foot as he sat on the armchair in the sitting room of the Ketchum's household. His cheeks were noticeably pink and he had the most annoyed face expression on. He tried to get a bit busy with his phone but it wasn't working. He just could not ignore the fact that his mother was showing his girlfriend Misty his baby pictures. It was so embarrassing he could not stop himself from hissing and mumbling every time they cooed over a picture.

"Mom, stop it already. You're embarrassing me."

"We haven't finished yet-oh Misty look at this one! He was five months old! Wasn't he a cute handsome little one? Look at the tummy!" Delia's laugh was tiny. She drew the photo album closer to Misty's lap. The redhead looked up and grinned at her boyfriend, "You were cute."

Ash placed his hand over his forehead. He closed his eyes for a moment, feeling his stomach flip. "You had the cutest cheeks ever."

"Look at little Ash smiling in his bassinet! His dad never missed the chance to take a picture of him when he was smiling!"

Period. His parents took a picture of him every time he breathed. They had a bunch of photo albums all about him. It was the reason why it sucked to be an only child for Ash; they had no other children to take embarrassing pictures of and all the attention was drawn to him.

"You were such an adorable little baby, Ash," Misty commented, smiling broadly. She looked up every time Delia showed her a new picture, and Ash glared every time she did.

Misty wasn't being sarcastic. Ash was really the cutest baby she's ever seen. She wished she was there when he was ababy and she could pinch his sweet cheeks. His eyes were big round and chocolate colored. He had the most adorable black messy hair.

"And oh! This is a picture we took in his fifth birthday! He had chocolate all over the face and his little hands!-Ash loved chocolate! He wanted a chocolate cake for the birthday!"

"No wonder he was a little tubby one."Misty's smile was genuine. Delia giggled at the comment. Ash closed his eyes and made a mental note to himself to get his revenge on Misty later.

"He was! But it's what made him cute, Misty-oh you have to see his pictures when he was eight! He loved too much my cookies and he turned into a little chubster! Let me show you his pictures in the pool!"

Ash's eyes snapped open. He quickly got up and snatched the photo album from his mother's hands. Delia asked in a very calm way, grinning from ear to ear, "Is something wrong, sweetie?"

"N-no, I just thought that maybe we should have coffee or something-dad will be home soon."

Delia got up. Ash was giving her a pleading look. She said with a smirk over her face "Of course, sweetie! Let me get the coffee done then!" she then turned to Misty, "I'll be right back, dear."

Misty nodded with a light giggle.

"Well, excuse me," Delia grabbed the photo album from Ash's hands and disappeared into the kitchen. He sighed heavily as soon as she was out of sight.

He slumped onto the armchair. Misty sat on the side of it. "Embarrassing me is the only thing she's good that."

"I thought she was good at making chocolate cakes and cookies too?"

Ash rolled his eyes. Misty sat onto his lap, "Don't get mad. You weren't supposed to be muscular and hot when you were a kid."

"That's not the point."

"You're so cute and tempting when you get mad, it's unbelievable," Misty told him and kissed his cheek. She nuzzled the side of his neck.

"Oh yeah?"


Ash and Misty chuckled. They started kissing each other roughly. Misty was squeezing Ash's thighs gently. They were sweetly giggling and enjoying their little snuggle session until they heard the slam of the main door. They pulled apart, shock all written over their red faces. Ash's dad, Charles, showed up in the room with the proudest smile he could afford, holding a box. He seemed not to care about what was happening between his son and his girlfriend.

"Guess what I found at Grandma's! Your photo albums! Mom was keeping them in her basement!"

Ash gasped at his dad placed the box on the coffee table. He groaned. "Pumpkin, you have to see this! Come on!"

"Sweet Jesus..." Ash mumbled under his breath. His dad was not better off.

Misty giggled at that. She cupped her boyfriend’s cheek and did not hesitate one minute to go forward and check out the box.

“See this one, Pumpkin? He’s hiding cookies inside his pockets! Look! That little punk!”

Misty turned around to look at Ash, snickering. He shrugged his shoulders and joined the two to stare at his photos, hugging his girl from behind. His parents just loved making him look like a fool in front of the girl he admired and loved so much.

“We should definitely go see your grandmother this evening! I could not bring all the photo albums she had—you really have to see them, Pumpkin! Mom wants to see you anyway—trust me she’s a very lovely woman! You’ll love her pudding!”

Ash placed his head on Misty’s shoulder and said discreetly, “No asking for pictures and no e-mailing them to everyone. Deal?”



“Not!” Misty pulled away and leaned forward the box, opening all the photo albums. She said with a mischievous smile, “Hey Mr. Ketchum! Can I have a photo? Please?”

“A photo? You can have the whole album, Pumpkin! Don’t worry about it; we have plenty!”

“Oh—thank you so much!”

Ash’s face expression was hilarious.
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