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crutchys secret

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Crutchy has a secret and jack is dying to find out

Category: Newsies - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Crutchy - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2014-10-19 - 393 words

"heya mr wisel" crutchy says in his cheery voice.
"how much papes will it be today crutchy?" Wisel asks.
"I'll have 60 papes please"
Wisel rolls his Beaty eyes and yells "60 papes for the gimp!"
Crutchy gets his papes "tanks" he says a little firmly, crutchy hates being called a gimp. He then walks out of line kinda pissed but still puts on a happy face and walks to centeral park where he always sales his papes. A young girl about his age bumps into him making him lose his balance. "Oh dear I am so sorry!" Crutchy struggles to get up but fails and falls to the ground again he then sighs and reaches out his hand to the girls who grabs it and helps him up while handing over his crutch. "Tanks" crutchy said simply but still had a smile on his face. The girl blushed. "Oh it's no problem I'm just having a little trouble" she giggled nervously and right then crutchy knew he was in love. "D-do you wanna go to lunch with me at tibbys? I'll pay" crutchy smiled. "Hehe I'd like that my name is Andrea by the way" she smiled back. "I'm crutchy I have to get back to sellin my papes" he chuckled and handed a paper. "Dere a penny a pape babe " crutchy said with a half smile on his face. Andrea blushed and gave him a penny and then walked off still blushing, but a few minutes later she came back and gave him a kiss on the cheek and then quickly went back home. crutchy was left standing there with his eyes wide and blushing madly no girl has ever done that to him they all that he was to awkward and wierd to ever try and kiss him, he touched his cheek and grinned and then finally went back to the lodging house, "heya crutchy". Crutchy smiled "heya jack" "how much papes did you sell today?". "Well I sold all of dem jack" jack nodded and walked passed crutchy. Crutchy sighed and walked up to the boys bedroom and got into his bed. "Ise love her" crutchy whispered as he started to fall asleep.
sorry I have to make it so short but I promise there will be other chapters and the next chapters is when crutchy and Andrea go to tibbys!
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