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it was the day crutchy got to take Andrea to tibbys, he sold less papes then usual today but that wasn't going to stop crutchy from having a good day crutchy met Andrea close to where tibbys was so they didn't have to walk far. Andrea was going to open the door when crutchy gently pushed her hand back and did it himself "ladies foirst" crutchy smiled. "How do you not have a girlfriend yet?" Andrea laughed. Crutchy shrugged and hobbled over to a table and sat Andrea down first and then took his seat. "Kay seriously crutchy I'm quite shocked you don't have a girlfriend you're the perfect gentlemen. "Heh well ya know I can't treat da ladies wrong Ise just not dat kinda person" crutchy said in his accent.
Andrea "I like your accent I have surprisingly never noticed you had one,
Crutchy chuckled "really?" He raised an eyebrow. "You mean you haven't noticed my obnoxiously loud New York draw in me voice?" Crutchy looked at her and then she just shook her head and then her stomach growled which made crutchy chuckle a little bit more. "Wes should probs eats eh?" And Andrea nodded. So they ordered their food and eat until it was time to go. By that time crutchy and Andrea where taking a walk around New York cause it was still early and talking about their life's. "So how did you get the crutch?". "Me fadda pushed me down da stairs when ise was in the thoid grade and it bent in the wrong place and I've been having to use a crutch Eva since den.
Andrea frowned "your father sounds horrible. Crutchy rolled his eyes and sighed "dats an understatement he made me clean da whole house when ise was way little although we didn't live in a very big house I still managed to have trouble cleaning da house because my dad would leave beer cans and rum bottles all ova da place I would spend half me childhood cryin meself to sleep.. I hated me dad so ise ran away once ise got older, my mom died when I was 2 from cancer...."
Andrea stopped and whipped her eyes. "O-oh gosh y-you poor thing you had it worse then I did atleast I had a mom and dad" she hung her head and kissed crutchys cheek once she lifted it back up "ise fine dre" crutchy smiled and kissed her cheek back.
Andrea giggled "that's good"
another chapter soon I just need sleep!
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