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Chapter Two

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Chapter Two:

The next morning, after having dealt with his parents, and record company, Pete sat in the same chair he'd occupied just hours before. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, he though to himself, but he made no move for the door. He'd been trying to talk himself out of talking to her all morning. As of yet, he'd had little success.

Elizabeth's fluttered open only to be blinded by the sunlight from her room's window. She suddenly missed her crummy apartment view of the brick building next door. She mumbled an obscenity to herself and tried to roll over.

"That might not be the wisest choice there doll face." April smiled from the doorway, "You're friend is back this morning. Had to kick him out last night. I thought it best if he went home to rest versus sleeping on that god awful plastic bench."

"My friend?" Elizabeth asked now propping herself up, " I don't know of anyone who'd know I was here, much less come to visit."

"I think this one's got a special interest in you dear, and maybe some guilt tying up his gut." April said crossing the room to set down the breakfast tray she held. "I think he might be the one that put you up in that bed."

Elizabeth's eyes widened, what is this guy thinking? Honestly, who wants to see the person that nearly ran you over less than twenty-four before?

"I'll send him in, you sit tight." April smiled exiting before Elizabeth had the chance to object. She closed her eyes and sighed. This should prove awkward.

He cleared his throat when he entered the room causing her attention to fall on him. He was attractive it that pathetic sort of way, she guessed that had something to do with the injuries he'd suffered. His hair was dark brown, flat, and in his eyes He was thin, and his clothes were tighter than what she was used to on boys. "I'm Pete." He was nervous she could tell. His voice was low and his movements were excruciatingly slow as he moved closer to her extending a hand.

"Elizabeth." She said accepting his offer.

"Nice to meet you, I only wish it were under different circumstances. Here," He said thrusting forward a bouquet of daisies. "I didn't know what to get when I went to the gift shop. I couldn't find a card I mean, this isn't exactly something they make cards for. And I didn't know if balloons were appropriate, or if I should buy you a stuffed bear. I don't even know if you like stuffed bears, or maybe you're allergic to flowers. You're not allergic to flowers, are you? Cause I'd feel even worse if you got hives or something. I'm sorry. I babble when I get nervous. Its just that I don't know what I'm supposed to say, or how I should go about apologizing."

Elizabeth smirked, "Thank you for the flowers, and no I'm not allergic. Not to them anyway. However is it wise that you didn't bring me chocolate."

"Allergic to chocolate? What a harsh existence." He said shaking his head sadly. "Mind if I have a seat?"

Elizabeth shook her head causing her now frizzy red curls to bounce. Pete smiled and sat down in the chair beside her bed. This close he could see that her eyes weren't solid green, rather light green with dark green rims. "Thanks."

"So, now what?"

Pete shrugged, "I didn't think that far ahead."
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