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Chapter Three

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Hospital food is the devil. REVEIW!!

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Chapter Three

Pete looked up from the magazine he'd been reading, Elizabeth was still fast asleep. April had come in some time ago and given her another shot of Demerol. And while Cosmo wasn't his first choice preferred reading material, it was what the gift shop had. He'd opted for it over Country Living and Modern Moms. He spent all morning in her room even though they'd run out of things to say in the first fifteen minutes. He couldn't seem to tear himself away from her side.

He still knew nothing about her, and didn't ask for fear of offending her. The last thing he wanted was for her to stop speaking to him. They'd started off so well considering their current situation.

The door opened revealing April, she was here now with the lunch trays. "Here ya go son, supposed to go to the catatonic in the next room. I don't think he'll mind to much. You eat, ya hear?" She smiled placing a tray in front of him. "This is for sleeping beauty there whenever she comes to again. Those painkillers sure are a doozy." She set down another tray and excused herself to make the rest of her deliveries.

Pete glanced curiously at the pale yellow plastic container before him, he felt kind of guilty eating the lunch of a man in a coma. However, he was quite hungry. Elizabeth's eyes fluttered open at the sound of Pete's clanking dishes. He smiled up at her, "Lunch?"

She watched him carefully take the first bite of what appeared to be tuna salad, "How can you eat that stuff? I despise hospital food."

"Touring gives you a pretty much cast iron stomach." He said shoveling in another forkful, "besides, its not so bad."

She shuddered in response and pushed her plate toward him, "Here, have mine too. I have no interest in consuming that."

"Thanks, but you really should eat. Is there something I can get you, or maybe have my mom or Patrick cook for you?" Pete said sipping at the cranberry juice that had come with his tray. Hospital food wasn't half bad. As far as he was concerned it'd had just gotten at bad rep.

"Nice of you to volunteer them, but I would hate to impose. Thanks anyway." She said leaning over to grab the magazine Pete had cast aside in favor of lunch.

"Are you Sure?" He asked through another mouthful of tuna salad, "I don't mind. I'll go anywhere in greater Chicago if you want me to."

"Anywhere?" She echoed, contemplating where she might send him if the offer was sound.

"Anywhere." He said, his voice full of affirmation as he peeled the foil lid off of his fruit cup.

"Okay then Mr. Wentz. I'd like a cheese burger from the diner where I work. Its on Mullvern Street next to the old drug store downtown. And you can bring my boss the good news of my unfortunate accident." She said with a smug smile as he nearly choked on the last of his fruit cup.
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