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Chapter Four

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Here we go.

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Chapter Four

Pete cursed to himself pulling his hoodie tighter around his body. Why did he open his big mouth? Why did he agree to go anywhere in Chicago? Why couldn't she have wanted Taco Bell?

And what exactly was he supposed to tell her boss?

He rounded the corner on to Mullvern St. Dot's Diner sat in the middle of a quiet row of buildings nestled between Nelson's Family Pharmacy and the old Art Gallery. He pulled open the ancient glass door, nearly jumping out of his skin at the sound of the service bell attached to the hinge. Glancing around nervously he made his was to the counter. A larger gentleman, towering over Pete by at least a foot, appeared in the window to the kitchen. The man narrowed his eyes as if he knew why Pete was there, "Natalie!" he barked not tearing his eyes from where Peter stood.

"Yeah Jack?" The voice came from a girl that reminded him of Elizabeth in a way, only she looked younger.

"Customer." Jack barked again before vanishing into the cramped kitchen.

"What can I do you for?" Natalie asked, flipping open her order book and cocking her head to the side impatiently.

"I...uhh...Cheese burger plate?" He replied wringing his hands and shifting his weight back and forth between his feet.

"Sure thing. Be about fifteen minutes." Natalie said flipping closed the book and turning to the window in which Jack had first appeared. Pete nodded in response, but continued to stare at the back of her head.

"Is there something else I can help you with?" she asked sounding slightly annoyed.

"Uhh...Maybe. Do you know an Elizabeth Finn that works here?"

"Yeah. Why? You know what happened to her? Why she didn't call or come in today?"

"Uhh...about that..." he trailed off and began to pace. How the hell was he supposed to word this? He couldn't exactly come out and say, Yeah I'm the guy who put her in the hospital. With my car. He let out a deep breath and looked up at Natalie, who only stared back impatiently. "She was in an accident last night. Don't worry. She's fine, just a few minor scrapes, a concussion and a...umm...broken leg."

Natalie's eyes went wide, "You call a broken leg fine?!? And who the hell are you anyway? Eliza never mentioned any boyfriend and I've known her since she moved to the city."

"I...uhh..I'm..." He stuttered and continued to pace. Okay Wentz let's see you wiggle out of this. "I'm her...her...fiancé." Good job Wentz. Now look what you did.

Natalie looked at him skeptically, "Her what?"

"Her fiance..." He mumble looking at his feet suddenly feeling way more interested in them than the rest of his conversation with her.

"Oh, is that so?" Her hand was now on her hip, and her eyes felt like they were burning holes in the top of his head.


"Then how come I never heard of you?"

"Well, only happened a little while ago." Yeah, like five minutes.

"Oh, well then why did she never mention that she was even seeing someone?"

"Uhh...Because I'm in a band. And we're kind of something big I guess. I just didn't want little teenage girls stalking Eliza."

What the hell had he just gotten himself into? And how exactly was he going to pull this off?
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