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Lost In You

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"That couldn't be real, I was dreaming." she whispered to herself as the memories got a little stronger. There was no way she had been on 'date' with Bryce Klemer. She was positive she had gone hom...

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The sound of instruments coming together in harmony created a vibration so rough it caused her veins to pulse. The yells of the crowd had almost taken her voice, the familiar rawness itching its way up her throat. But she took it all in stride, the craziness was euphoria in her eyes.

Leia looked up at the stage in awe, the men playing their hearts out had captivated her many times before, but to see it in person meant much more to her. Her eyes wandered from the tall blonde singer to the particular shaggy haired man thrashing on the lead guitar. Her heart skipped a beat each time he looked her way, smiling ever so often at the crazy crowd before him. She shamelessly eyed him like candy, he was just too magnificent not to she thought.

The Cali Roots Festival was coming to an end very shortly with Pacific Dub being the main event, which was incidentally their home coming show. The tall blonde haired man smiled as he waved his hand around.

"Huntington! We are absolutely excited to be back home! We want to thank all of you for coming out tonight, you guys fucking rock!" he yelled enthusiastically. Leia and Skye cheered back, pumping their fists in the air with excitement.

"We have one last song to play, which is dedicated to all the beautiful California girls, Cali girls put your hands up!" he yelled once more as the instruments had collided once more.

"They are so hot!" Skye yelled over the crowd as Leia shook her head.

"You only like them cause them cause they're hot!" she replied equally.

"So? Is that a crime? I do too like the music by the way, it's just a bonus when they're all hot!" Skye exclaimed seriously while Leia smiled amused, yet she couldn't help but agree with Skye as her eyes lingered at the shaggy haired guitarist.

So too good for me she whispered in her head. Who was she kidding? Guys like that would never go for girls like her. Perfect people didn't mesh with un-perfect people...


"That was an amazing show! Ugh, why haven't we gone sooner?!" Skye questioned wildly as the two girls walked behind the slowly dissapating crowd of the now finished concert.

"Because you normally hate reggae music?" Leia replied sarcastically.

"But that was before I realized how hot everyone is, I mean Jesus, they are fucking hot." Skye sighed shaking her head. "And I have to admit the music was pretty good." Skye shrugged. Leia shook her head in response as they continued walking, a little bummed that they weren't able to stay for the merch meet and greet. Mostly because a) it was way too crowded. B) Skye would most likely bitch if they didn't get home soon enough for her to talk to her lover boy. Leia had been looking forward to meeting all the bands she admired greatly.

"Ooh hey look over there!" Skye yelled suddenly making Leia stop dead in her tracks, her wide brown eyes confused.


"Over there! Isn't that your mega crush?" Skye replied pointing across the way to a man helping pick up equipment. Her eyes widened further when she realized it was exactly who she thought it was.

"Go talk to him!"

"And say what?"

"I'll give you 20 bucks if you ask if he's single."

"What? Are you crazy?" Leia gasped.

"What? It couldn't hurt, now go say something before he leaves!"

"But I don't want-"

"Get your ass over there!"

"Fineeeeee." Leia whined lowly, she didn't like when people yelled at her. She inhaled a deep breath and mustered up the courage to start walking. Her feet dragged across the pavement until she was inches from him. She studied him quietly, his shaggy hair had once again bounced slightly as he moved about.

"H-hi." she spoke softly. The male looked up surprised at the sudden voice, a soft smile spreading on his face.

"Hello." he replied revealing a set of white teeth.

"I just wanted to say you guys were amazing tonight."

"Thank you, we appreciate that. You a fan?" he asked curiously.

"Yeah." she responded casually not wanting to let her inner fan girl expose itself so soon and scare the male off.

"That's cool, thank you for coming out to support us then." he smiled warmly once more, Leia melted inside. She wanted to say more but she couldn't find the words. She knew she was losing her nerve and before she could run away, the worst happened.

"Are you single?" she blurted out. Word vomit, the worst of its kind. Mortified, the male couldn't help but laugh at her reaction, sensing her embarrassment.

"I'm sorry, my friend dared me to ask you that and I just...sorry." she sighed.

"You're fine, don't worry." he smiled again, his eyes scanning the petite girl in front of him, she was cute he thought. Not wanting to make more of an ass out of herself than she already had, she decided to change the subject.

"Umm actually, would you mind signing this for me?" she requested pulling out a folded Cali Roots Festival from her small purse. It was supposed to have been filled with many autographs, but his alone would do just fine she thought.

"Absolutely." he smiled kindly taking the poster from her hands and reaching for the black sharpie in his back pocket. He signed the paper within seconds before handing it back to her.

"Oh, and to answer your question...yes, I'm single." he added with the smallest hint of a smirk as Leia's cheeks flushed red once again, she could only reply with what was a laugh of embarrassment mixed with amusement.

"What's your name sweetheart?" he inquired curiously.

"Leia." she answered softly.

"Nice to meet you Leia, I'm Bry-"

"I-I know who you are." she interjected kindly. Bryce gave a small laugh as he looked her straight on.

"So you are a fan." he noticed amused.

"Guilty." she shrugged honestly clutching her poster.

"Well Miss from around here?" Bryce looked at her carefully, admitting to herself his eyes has wandered her way when he saw her dancing in the crowd.

"Born and raised." she nodded.

"Most excellent. In that you um have plans tonight?" Bryce inquired slightly moving his hair away from his eyes. Leia just shook her head.

"I don't believe so."

"Well if you're not doing anything, then would you maybe want to grab a bite to eat after the concert?" For a split second, Leia thought she had imagined what he just said. There was no way he would want to-what? The look on his face told her he was serious...and waiting for an answer.

"Um yes, of course." she nodded eagerly running a hand through long dark brown locks. Bryce gave a pleased smile and extended his hand out.

"Good. Think you could stick around for about 10 minutes? I just have to help with this one last thing."

"Yeah." she nodded.

"Stick around." Bryce smiled pointing a finger at her while he quickly finished retrieving the last of the instruments and disappearing. Leia's heart skipped several beats as she tried to figure if what happened really just happened.

"What's the matter with you? You look like you just had a lobotomy." Skye shook her thoughts away as she jumped back slightly, not realizing Skye has disappeared as well. Leia could only shake her head as she was still processing what took place moments before, explaining to Skye what went down.

"No fucking way! You lucky bitch." Skye sneered as she stared the smaller girl down.

"Skye, I can't go." Leia suddenly stated.

"What do you mean you can't go?"

"Hello? He's in a band, and look at me...I'm average."

"Meaning...?" Skye replied failing to see the point.

"Meaning I wouldn't know how to act, I mean he's so godly, I'll just make a fool of myself."

"You really need to lift your esteem you know that?"

"Skye you know where I'm getting at, there's no way I could be his type." Leia sighed.

"If you weren't, then why would he ask you? Besides, Leia you're an awesome person, I don't know why you have to put yourself down so much."

"I don't."

"Yes you do, every time something good might happen, you think the worst before it even happens."

"But what if he thinks I'm just a groupie?"

"Then at that point you have my full permission to kick him in the balls. But until then, I don't know...go for it. He might not be so bad." Skye shrugged, Leia hating when she used her optimism on her. It was hard for Leia to go with the flow.

"I-I don't know...what if he didn't even mean it."

"I'm pretty sure he meant it." Skye mused.

"How do you know?"

"Cause he's walking over here."

"What?" Leia gasped as she turned her head, spotting Bryce walking in her direction.

"What do I do? What do I say?" she began to panic.

"Just relax and act natural. It's dinner not marriage, Jesus Lei. You'll be okay. I'm just gonna be at Eric's tonight, call me if you need me. Have fun okay?" Skye shook her head patting Leia on the shoulder before walking off, not wanting to intrude.

"Act natural." Leia whispered herself just as Bryce had approached her.

"Hey." he smiled.

"Hey, that was a pretty fast ten minutes."

"Ehh, I got the guys to let me go early." he shrugged with a twinkle in his brown eyes. "Anyways, you ready to go?" he asked sliding on a Rasta zip up.

"Yeah." she nodded nervously.

"Cool. I know this burger joint just up the corner, is that okay?"

"Yeah, sounds great." Leia nodded.

"Then let's go, ladies first." Bryce smiled again, extending his hands out to allow her to walk ahead of him she smiled, her heart beginning to beat faster as the two began to walk off.

There was no way this was happening.

She let out a small giggle as her feet wedged themselves into the freshly wet sand. There was a small wind running through Huntington Beach, making her shiver slightly as her misty eyes watched the waves crash onto the rocks. The mixture of the burger she ate previously and the drinks made her stomach queasy, but she ignored it. Hands hand encircled her waist as she instinctively shivered when a body pressed against her back. Her head had tilted over her shoulder to look up at him as he gave her a lazy smile, leaning into nuzzle the side of her neck, causing her to giggle again.

In that moment, Leia didn't feel real. She had never felt even a piece of happiness she had felt right now. The night had been just a blur that Leia was still trying to put it all together. All knew she for sure at that moment, was that there was absolutely no where else in the world she would rather be right now. Perhaps it was the liquid that settled into her bloodstream that made her feel content, but mostly it was the hands that held her, and the face that stared at her.

Bryce turned her around to face him head on, her breath was caught up in her throat.

"I-I've never felt good so before." she whispered.

"Neither have I." Bryce admitted, his shaggy hair was now fully in his face and eyes were also hazy. Leia could only stare at him in awe, even if her mind was slowly going blank she could still see him perfectly. She wanted nothing more than to grab him right then and there.

"Let's make each other feel even better." he whispered as his face coming closer to hers, hands pulling her back to him. Leia melted inside and before she knew was what she was doing, her hands pressed firmly against his muscled shoulders and boldly kissed him. Bryce pushed his lips against hers with no hesitation while his hands squeezed her hips. All her sense had gone out the window as her mind became fuzzy, her body not her own. All she was able to feel was his lips and the sand hitting her back. She was lost, lost in him.

This was not her, this was not Leia, and for that moment Leia did not care.

The sound of a very loud lawn mower jolted Leia from her sleep as she sat upright and gasped. Her eyes squinted when they were met by the blinding sun peeking through her curtains. She immediately regretted it when her head began aching from her equilibrium being thrown off. Her other hand traveled down to nurse the intense ache of her stomach, feeling the urge to vomit.

"What the hell..." she whispered as she looked around. She was in her room, in her own bed, but she could not remember how she got there. Nothing seemed to make sense as she tried to piece together what happened the night before. All she could recall was being at the concert with Skye. It was only after a few minutes of her fully waking up, did Leia have a flashback of last night. She remembered loud and obnoxious 50's music, a burger, and...him. Her eyes widened as the thought of him came back to her, a sensation of hands touching came up and Leia shook her head.

"That couldn't be real, I was dreaming." she whispered to herself as the memories got a little stronger. There was no way she had been on 'date' with Bryce Klemer. She was positive she had gone home with Skye after the concert, not dinner. There was also no way Bryce Klemer had ask her, Leia Carter, of all the girls in the world. But yet, she was unable to find the explanation of why she felt so hungover.


"Noooo." she whispered again in denial. Had she gotten drunk...with him? Leia's eyes scanned the bed and noticed the side of her bed was messy and crumpled. As she got off the bed, there was distinct ache in her lower region, to which she scoffed.

"You have got to be kidding me." she was more vocal now. None of this made any sense, it was like Insidious she thought. Nothing this weird had happened in her life before. The idea of having drunken sex with a rock star was totally not a logical explanation. Then reality seemed to become even darker. If that was true, then where did he go?

She ran a hand through her messy hair, thoughts taking over her mind. Had he in fact pulled a classic groupie move? Did he really get what he wanted, then off he went, writing her name on his list of hits? Her eyes watered as she just wanted to forget it all, this was a nightmare.

Just as she was about to make her way out the room, a sudden noise from the bathroom stopped her in her tracks. She scanned the closed door with cautious eyes, heart racing.

"Who's there?" she called out gently. She had a strong feeling in her gut that someone other than Skye was in her bathroom. Leia carefully walked to her bedroom door, reaching for the metal baseball bat that was kept there for reasons like this. She gripped it firmly in her hands, walking to the bathroom door where small noises was still being heard. She stopped at the door to catch her breath, hands held tightly on the bat, she let one go to reach for the door knob. Forcing herself to be brave, she gave what almost sounded like a warrior cry out, and swiftly opened the door, prepared to attack. She reacted with another scream.

"What in the ever loving hell?" the male gasped confused as his eyes set on the petite girl with messy hair holding a rather large bat.

"" Leia stuttered unable to speak as she stared back him, her grip slowly eased up off the bat. Her face was filled with shock, horror, and embarrassment.

"Are you okay?" Bryce he asked with seriousness. Leia gave a slow nod, unsure if she actually was okay.

"Jeez, is this how you treat all your guests?" he mused with a raised eyebrow. Leia flushed further before she set the bat down.

"I'm really s-sorry, it's just I thought you were an intruder or something, I didn't it expect it to be you..." she replied honestly, trying her hardest not to him when she realized he was shirtless wearing only plaid boxers that hugged the toned 'V' at his hips. The colorful tattoos on his shoulders and side was quite a display.

"I see, you must've been expecting someone much more good looking." he reasoned.

"What? No, not all, it's just...I can't remember anything from last night." she explained. Bryce ran a hand through his shaggy hair awkwardly.

"Yeah about that, to be honest I don't remember the rest of the night either."

"Rest of the night? What do you mean?"

"You don't remember we ended up having a couple drinks after we ate? At Johnny's?" Leia shook her head.

"Oh." Bryce replied again awkwardly. "Well, that's all I can put together. I don't remember how I ended up here what looks like pandas invaded." he motioned to the many pandas decorating the small bathroom as Leia blushed.

"Well that helps...not." Leia replied walking back to her bed as Bryce followed her. She had many questions that needed answering, but didn't know how to ask. "Umm, did know..." she hinted at him wearing only boxers. Bryce scratched his head as he shuffled his feet.

"Uhh well, I'm not 100% sure, even though I woke up naked, but you know that doesn't mean anything." he replied, trying to lighten the situation but Leia was not amused.

"Of course."

"Ya know, you sound awfully disappointed."

"Not disappointed, just you have to understand I've never had this happen before." Leia explained. I'm not a damn groupie.
"I understand." he nodded.

"I'm not a groupie or anything."

"Didn't get that vibe from you."

Leia only twiddled her thumbs as she didn't know what else to say.

"For what it's worth, from what I do remember, I had a good time." Bryce noted still trying to make the situation less awkward.

"Me too." Leia replied politely. Bryce smiled before he suddenly dashed for his phone checking the time, but seeing a bunch of missed calls from his band mates, they were going to be pissed at him.

"I hate to leave like this, but I'm pretty sure the guys will have my head since I'm late." he explained locating his discarded jeans and picking them up to slide them on. Leia couldn't help the disappointment that had now built up in her stomach. She watched him get dressed and just wanted to know the reality of it all.

" this the part where you say goodbye and I never hear from you again?" she asked trying not to sound accusatory. Bryce's lip curled to the side as he pondered the statement.

"Well yes I have to say goodbye because I'm late for band practice." he explained sliding on his sweater. Leia nodded her head in defeat, already knowing the answer.

"I understand." she replied while he noted the hurt expression that was trying not to show. He gave a small smile as he walked over to her.

"But this also the part where I ask you if it'd be okay if I saw you again."

Leia turned her head up surprised.


"That is, if you promise you won't hit me with a bat." he added with seriousness causing Leia to laugh, slightly embarrassed still.

"I promise, and that would absolutely be okay." she answered with a genuine smile.

"Good. Cause I'd be awfully disappointed if it wasn't." he smiled back slipping on his shoes, checking his phone again. "Here." he said grabbing the note pad and pen off her nightstand. He scribbled on it before resting it in her lap. "I got to get going." he apologized before before taking her hand and kissing it gently.

"Nice again to meet you Leia." he said before they both smiled at each other and Leia watched him walk out of her room and eventually out the house. Her hands nimbly picked up the pad of paper, her eyes widening with disbelief.

Call me sometime so I can see that face of yours again, I'd love to see you.

P.S, leave the bat at home.

xxx-xxx-xxxx Bryce :)

Leia giggled as she dropped the pad beside her and still processed all that happened.

This couldn't be real life.

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