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Children: Little Lost Orca

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A lost child is rescued.

Category: Ecco the Dolphin - Rating: G - Genres: Sci-fi - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006-08-12 - Updated: 2006-08-12 - 405 words

Title: Little Lost Orca
Characters: Ecco and the two orcas from the level "Sea of Darkness"
Prompt: Number 28, Children
Word Count: 347
Rating: G
Summary: A lost child is rescued.
Author's Notes: Although this story takes place in the middle of /Ecco: The Tides of Time/, there are no real spoilers.
Ecco and his world belong to Appaloosa Interactive.


The young orca was frightened. She had been separated from her mother after a terrifying attack on their pod, and was now too afraid to leave the air bubble she had found in the dark cave; she was too inexperienced to be able to look for her mother with her song, too young to even be so far away from the safety of her mother's side. She was swimming back and forth under the air bubble, surfacing when she needed to, silent out of fear.

The orca child was there for some time before she heard singing. She stopped swimming back and forth, facing the entrance to the air bubble's cave to listen. The song didn't sound like her mother's, nor any of the orcakind's, but it was singing. She called back, her song as meaningless as any baby's; a few moments later, a plainly-colored Singer with a long snout swam into the air bubble's cave. The little orca was very glad to see the grown-up, and whistled happily at him, swimming over to his side. He sang a short, gentle song, then took a breath at the air bubble, the young orca copying him. With his lungs full, the adult Singer began to move off, the child swimming closely by his side to use his movement to help her own.

With complete trust she followed, though she could barely see her rescuer. They lost each other temporarily in a strong current, and that was very frightening for the little orca, but her rescuer sang so they could find each other, both by sound and, in the adult's case, a Song of Sight. They swam on through the darkness for a time, and then the little orca heard her mother's voice. Elated, she called back meaninglessly and darted over, rubbing against her mother's side. Her mother sang a happy, soothing song to her child, and then turned her attention to the stranger. The young one did not understand nor really take note of the conversation, overjoyed to be back in the warm security of her mother's presence.
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