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Sound: First Song

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A possible explanation for Ecco's name.

Category: Ecco the Dolphin - Rating: G - Genres: Sci-fi - Published: 2006-08-19 - Updated: 2006-08-19 - 356 words

Title: First Song
Characters: Ecco, his mother, and his 'auntie'
Prompt: Number 37, Sound
Word Count: 320
Rating: G
Summary: A possible explanation for Ecco's name.
Author's Notes: Ecco and his world belong to Appaloosa Interactive.
No spoilers.


"Keep up. Keep up. Keep up, little one."

The day-old Singer could not understand his mother's song. He did understand that it was his mother singing, though, and stuck close to her.

"Keep up."

He liked her song. The young one decided to try singing back, because the song his mother sang was nice.

"Up, up! Leh-eep," he sang.

The Singer who was not his mother, the only member of the pod that his mother would allow near her and her baby for the moment - the child's Watcher - was surprised. "Listen, already he tries to sing! Smart little one!"

"Yes, you are smart, aren't you?" sang his mother, pleased. "Keep up, keep up."

"Esoo. Kee up! Up up."

His Watcher was amused and impressed. "He is like the Song of Sight returning from the rocks! And at such a very young age, too. I don't think I have ever heard of any Singer of our kind trying to sing so young."

"You are right. Perhaps he needs a name to reflect this. Keep up."

"Lect. Ight, nee? Keep up."

"Yes, definitely," sang his Watcher.

His mother sang a pleased song, singing to the child but also telling the ocean at large possible ideas for the little one's name. "Keep up, you little Song of Sight, you little Echo. Keep up, little Sound-Reflection."

"Up, up, up! Lect. Ooo... Ecco ecco."

Both adult Singers were amused and laughed at the child's mangling of the Singer word for 'echo'. The little one copied this, too, sensing it was a very good song, then decided he was hungry and dove under his mother to feed.

"I like that. It would suit him," his Watcher sang.

"I will think about it. But I think you may be right."

"Thi thi!" sang the feeding baby. He finished by the end of this announcement and resumed swimming beside his mother, continuing his happy babbling. He liked singing.
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