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My Crush Was A Monster Boy

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Summer can be boring. But with a transfer student and his insane secret? Expect tons of supernatural stuffs, OK? Including, but not limited to, randomness from yours truly and total lack of control...

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Chapter 1: Following
A/N: Hi! I'm uploading this because... OMFG DAT SONG passes out I'm hoping it becomes real. That's how flipping exciting it is to me.
So... I don't own Gumi, Piko, Miku, Rin, or the song. Only the ending half.
I should slap a warning on. This would be PG-13 in later chapters anyways, but I managed to put it JUST under R for excessive Gumi rampaging.
I'm fixing that. :3
EDIT 10/27
This story gets better after Chapter 5. Keep reading.
I looked over, to the boy holding the plastic container. He was playing absentmindedly with the small animals, the type of which I couldn't discern, and smiling slightly.
My heart gave a small, highly powerful flutter.
I had a crush.
He had a small keychain around his neck with three or so keys on it, which was a plain silver one, a white polo shirt, and black shorts on. He was an exchange student from a different part of the country, and had a fondness for animals.
He also got some of the biggest end of the school gossip.
"He's such a loner," A blonde said, and her friend, the tealette replied with genuine sympathy.
"I know, he must have loved the country, so the city must be so confusing..."
"He always walks home alone..."
"I've never seen him with a mother, a father, nothing..."
I blink. He walks home alone? Apparently, since he comes in every day late, he lives quite a distance from the school, at least a good mile.
Today was the last day of school, though. I was an utter dunce at history, and the sooner I could drop it, the sooner I would get to pursue my career as an artist.
Throughout the whole year, my heart had been nagging at me to go up and say hello to this boy. But, I was worried- Would he like me too? Would he hate me for asking? Does he have a girlfriend in the country? Will I end up unhappy with him? These questions made me back up and hide in the shadows again.
I was too shy for my own good sometimes when it came to doing something huge, so my mother said. And I liked to think far ahead of my time.
I looked back at the gossipers, who were my friends, and the biggest loudmouths in the school. Quickly, I walked over, the bright sun coming into view, as I'd just walked out from the paneled front of the school.
"Hey, Gumi!" The tealette, Miku, waved me over. I smiled. I wanted to see more of the boy I had a crush on, so this had better be quick.
"I'm leaving," I said to them both. Rin, the blonde, pouted.
"But you just got out! Come on, let's go buy those sneakers I saw in the store yesterday," she whined.
"Please?" Both of them had puppy dog eyes, looking sad.
"Sorry, I've got to finish my Senbonzakura picture... We'll go soon, okay? Tonight good?" Both of them smiled.
"We'll save you a pair!" Miku called behind her, and the two of them darted off to the shoe store.
"Bye!" I yelled after them, waving. Then, as soon as they were out of sight, I whipped around to see where the boy had gone. He had begun to walk off, calmly and smoothly.
Hastily, I sent my mother a text saying that I would be home a bit late. Then, I ran after the boy, making sure not to be seen. At one point, while we were walking through one of the streets, I thought I heard Miku, but I couldn't see her. I kept following the boy I had a crush on.
I hoped that eventually, I'd get close enough to talk with him before my hesitation returned. I was still a tiny bit scared of what response I might receive, but in the end, I just thought, 'If it happens, it happens...'
He walked for a while, until he reached his place. It was a two-story, chocolate brown one, with a light blue roof. He deposited, gently, the little plastic cage on the doorstep, gave the animals inside a few leaves, then walked on without even knocking. I had intended to talk to him then, but I backed into a bush as he continued to walk. I barely avoided stepping in the poison ivy behind it, instead landing just in front of it after I lost my balance. Miracously, even though the crash was rather loud, the boy didn't look back. I cursed my stupidity, then got up, brushed the leaves off my skirt, and walked on.
He walked along a thin, crystal aqua river, still not stopping. I hid my tracks in the riverbed by taking off my slippers and treading barefoot- which was cool and rocky. I felt a bit unsteady, and I was holding my arms out for balance. The river was a bit deep, so I walked on the edge- where it was shallow, but not dry. He was barely still in my line of vision, so, puffing, I walked a bit louder, splashing in sync to avoid attention. It worked, so I continued to do it until we finally went back to the dryish ground. I put my slippers back on and carefully tredged up the slippery riverbank. I slipped once, back into the water. I had to run as fast I could to catch up with my crush again.
Eventually, when my feet started to protest, we reached a grove of tall, thick trees, like oaks and maples, even a few trees which were laden with apples. I picked a ripe, still fresh, red one off the ground, cleaning it on my shirt, but not daring to eat it, lest I be heard. I was highly cautious of the branches and leaves that were underfoot, so I literally tiptoed through that area, holding my breath nearly the entire way. Once, I made a slip and stepped on a branch, but I was again lucky. He ignored it. Maybe he'd heard things like these noises before, and wasn't interested in looking again? I hoped so, or I'll be dead before I get past July.
There was a small string of stores near the base of a large, hilly area. There was a small little candy store, a small bookstore, a house, a cafe, a thrift shop... I looked out towards the hills as we neared this area. A ravine was just at the edge of the hills, overlooking the town, as I knew from my trecharous climbs I made up to the top of my roof every night. I watched, still hidden- under the window- as the boy bought an ice cream from the candy store, a vanilla one, but not giving any indication of what he was to do with it. He just left, passing by me and continuing on his long road to... wherever he was headed.
"Just where are you going?" I muttered, sore and tired, still some ways from him. He did not hear me, thankfully, but still continued on, up the hills, towards the ravine, me still stalking behind him. I had to beware of rocks here, which made me swear lightly every time I missteped and felt a jolt of pain in my foot.
Finally, we reached a vacant, overgrown lot on one of the larger, grassier hills that was right next to the ravine. My crush was right on the edge of the clifftop, holding his uneaten ice cream- which struck me as odd.
It was a few seconds later that I saw the boy's secret, which stunned me, and I thought to myself...
This has to be some sort of nightmare...
Too bad for the both of us that it wasn't.
And for the future.
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