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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2- Secret
A/N: I do not own Gumi, Miku, Rin, or Piko. I only own the end half.
The boy threw the ice cream into the air, watching its arc calmly. I blinked, surprised. He bought a three dollar ice cream just to throw it into the air?
It seemed to fly slowly, but at one point, I averted my eyes to the edge of the ravine at the flicker of a shadow. I immediantly had to stuff my fist in mouth to stop myself from gasping- as it was, I whined from the fact that my knuckles were now bloody.
The ice cream was falling.... into a giant maw.
And the maw shut after the ice cream disappeared from sight.
Just then, a little nagging, truthful voice in my head whispered to me...
The boy I have a crush on...
Then, he turned around at my whimper, the shadow behind him coming into sharp daylight. raising a monster!
The moment his eyes met mine, my heart began pounding. Sweat trickled down my face.I grasped the fabric over my heart, my eyes wide.
He's raising a monster!
Then, the boy called out to me, the monster behind him still there, standing.
It was large, a white colour. Its eye was a striking, bright aquamarine. It had small wings, and it was about as tall as two of me standing on top of one another- around eight feet tall. It was pretty big, too.
"Hey!" The boy repeated, motioning for me. Hesitantly, I came closer. Then, he smiled a little. That little smile gave me courage, so I walked a bit faster.
"Err...." I bowed my head, my face warm.
"Will you promise me something? Please?" It was the first time I'd seen him up close before. He had white hair, but not that which comes from old age, and his eyes matched the colour of the monster's.
At his 'please', I instantly nodded. "What is it?"
He smiled mischeviously. "Will you keep this a super, duper, forever secret?" I nodded. He might get in trouble, and that may mean I wouldn't get to see him anymore. So of course.... I would keep this a forever secret.
Then, he held out his pinky. I wrapped mine around his, and shook it slightly. Then, we let go, my mind rushing, my heart pounding, my face flushed.
The boy I have a crush on is raising a monster!
I felt a bit of adimiration in that statement.
Oh, what a fun summer this would be.
I looked back at the city, smiling a little, nearly repressing a giggle.
I had, all in one day, dunced History, finished school, passed up shopping with my friends, stalked my crush, talked to him, and found out his secret.
His secret being that he was raising a monster.
For a moment, I looked back at it again. It looked at me.
I felt my heart pound a bit out of fear, then I realised something.
He wouldn't have thrown his ice cream unless he'd known of the monster's existance, right? So, that must mean he's been here before. And if he could stand that close to it and still be safe, then that must mean, that if I was near him, then I'd be safe too!
It was the perfect excuse to get to know him, and to keep it all a secret. If I was being tailed, the secret would be out- but if I was safe with the boy, then I wouldn't be tailed. It must be safe, or he'd be hurt by now.
I smiled wide, my face still hot.
I was either in a beautiful nightmare, or......
I'm on one of Cupid's better arrows, the type that turns out well.
I hoped hard that for once, it was the latter.
I didn't want this to disappear....
Especially since it just started.
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