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What would happen, if an Echizen family member came back from U-17 Camp. This could start a lot of chaos towards the SEIGAKU BOY'S TENNIS TEAM and another team in the middle school circuit. How wil...

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A disclaimer: I do not own prince of tennis character only my OC,'s


# 12 year ago #

"Congratulations! You have newborn twins" said the doctor

"Thank you, doctor, " said Nanjiro

"Can I see my children, doctor, " said Rinko

"Of course, " said the doctor

When the doctor return, she carries two identical twin. One has blue blanket, the other pink blanket. Both parents were delighted. Especially Nanjiro, their father.

The family of Echizen holds a legend, when a family member gets a twin children. One of the two will have absolute power and skill in tennis. Its ability surpasses the pro level or legendary player in tennis. It's either a boy or a girl.

"When will my family be discharged from this hospital, " said Nanjiro

"This week" said the doctor

# Meanwhile #

"I heard that Nanjiro is having a twin"said Minato (Father of Nanjiro)

"I hope they will not inherit cough his hobbies" said Ryusei (Grandfather of Nanjiro)

"We need to see both of the twin's skill" said Minato

"But.. There are still just an infant" said Ryusei

"Yes, but when they get their first racquet it will show" said Minato

'I remember Nanjiro asking me this?' said Minato mentally

# Flashback #

"What will show" said the little Nanjiro

"Their tremendous ability in tennis" said Minato

"How can you be certain? Father?" said the little Nanjiro

"Legend said when that child holds a racquet, the spirit of our ancestor will appear. And the ancestor will teach and direct the child their secret and most fearsome technique in tennis." said Minato

"I promise you father, I will bear twins in the future!." said the little Nanjiro


# 9 years ago #

~ America ~

The twin's name are Echizen Ryoma and Echizen Rumika. And now, they are 3 years old. The time that Nanjiro let them use their racquets. At first Nanjiro throws a ball towards Ryoma, but he can't catch or strike it. This make Nanjiro sad inside. Now he casts a ball to Rumika, unexpected she hit it fast not an ordinary eye can see only pro level eyes can have a glimpse of it. This shocked Nanjiro more, when a light silhouette of a person appeared beside Rumika. In the mind of Nanjiro.

'Rumika is the child born with incredible might and skill in tennis. Then Ryoma has lots to do in order to catch up to his twin' said Nanjiro mentally

"I have to train both of you, brats. When I finish training both of you. You will hold to promise me, win every tournament in tennis. Whether it is big leagues or minor leagues. Understood?" said Nanjiro

"Hai" said the twin in unison

# 8 years ago #

"Did you hear a 4 year old twin participate in a tournament?" said random player one

"I heard they even beat the defending champs in both divisions of boy's and girl's tennis. Not only that, they defeated the strongest pair in doubles!" said random player two

"Both of them are monster even though they are innocent" said random player one

"Hey!, don't talk on our backs!" said the twin in unison

"YIKES!, they both heard us, we are really sorry, bye!" said both random players

"They won't get better, if they are always just going to gossip about some other player in this tournament" said Rumika

"Hnnn" said Ryoma

"Let's go back, before they think we forfeit" said Rumika

"Rumika make sure you put on weights and only give them 10 percent of your true power" said Ryoma

"You also Ryoma" said Rumika

After that they both dominated the whole tournament. And name both prince and princess of tennis as the youngest to join in a tournament.

# 7 years ago #

Because of the twin popularity, they became famous around the world. Both of them being featured in news and magazine. The normal life of both twins is disturbed by the paparazzi following them everywhere they live. Nanjiro decides to depart back to Japan to cool down in their life..

They escape secretly in the eyes of people. They manage to go to Japan without anyone in the eyes of the American people. Bought new house that has a temple beside it. It gives Nanjiro to dress as a monk. The twins became a little normal life. They also trained by their father. Rumika always beat him and Ryoma always lost to him. This is also the time the family receives an invitation from U-17 camp. Because of Rumika accidentally meet the number one of U-17 in the street tennis courts of America, and she won against him. The camp wants her as soon as possible. This makes it hard for her to tell Ryoma

"Ryoma, I need to go somewhere" said Rumika

"But where?" said Ryoma

"Far away, just don't ask" said Rumika

"But promise me you will come back, once more, " said Ryoma

"I promise and also keep on playing until we see each other again, be sure you can beat me!" said Rumika

( Picture of the U-17 coach can be found on my website )

She was escorted by the three coaches. She immediately became number one of U-17 camp. She is well being respected by all. They care for her like she is precious. She passes on advice on how to get better at in both higher and lower courts. She sometimes helps train the loser group in the great deal with coach Mifūne Nyudō. She doesn't know that all players have a crush on her and look up to her in both personality and skill. But sometimes afraid, because she is a demon inside the court and angel outside the court. This continues on for years, all recruit loves her. Even worse player Byōdōin Hōō had admired her in his first year in the camp. Not even he can defeat her or past a single ball inside her court. But.


"I request to have a vacation with my family, " said Rumika

"Request granted, "said the three coaches (Kurobe Yukio, Saitō Itaru, Tsuge Ryūji)


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