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What would happen, if an Echizen family member came back from U-17 Camp. This could start a lot of chaos towards the SEIGAKU BOY'S TENNIS TEAM and another team in the middle school circuit. How wil...

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# Chapter 1 #


"I request to have a vacation with my family, " said Rumika

"Request granted, "said the three coaches (Kurobe Yukio, Saitō Itaru, Tsuge Ryūji)

( Picture of the U-17 coach can be found on my website )


After that Rumika called his father to inform him about the news of one year stay in their home.

"Father, I will be coming home tomorrow, " said Rumika

"Really!, finally, after 7 years my baby is coming home!. But why tomorrow?."said Nanjiro

"Because the whole camp will celebrate my 7th years in U-17 and as ongoing being ranked number one"said Rumika

"Alright, "said Nanjiro

Rumika continue to pack her bags. When someone enters her room. She turned her head to see her friends in the door frame. ( Irie Kanata, Oni Jūjirō, Tanegashima Shūji, and Tokugawa Kazuya)

( Picture of the room and friends of Rumika can be found on my website )

"Are you really dying to go home now?" said Shuji

"Yes, I want to spend time with my family." said Rumika

"What about the expedition trip we first stringer arrange?"said Kazuya

"Yes, and about the trip, Byōdōin Hōō will replace me as number one. Also, I request him to notice my half brother in New York, when they arrive in America." said Rumika

"It's only a year and you will be coming back, right."said Irie

"Yes, I will be there for a year with my family. And for my time there, I have to train with my grandfather to improve in tennis. And besides, I need to train my twin brother."said Rumika

"Why do you need to train your twin?. Is it your ability is more or too much for him to reach?."said Oni

"Yes, my twin has a lot to do to achieve my level in tennis. That is why I ask to help him improve in tennis." said Rumika

"You're a caring sister to your brothers. But you know everyone will be sad, even if it's only a year. Everyone admires and loved you."said Shuji

Then suddenly there's a knock on the door.

"Everything is ready only you are missing to start the party."said Coach Itaru

"Alright, we will come there now, " said Rumika

"Let's go!, " pronounced Oni

After the party, everyone gives farewell gifts for Rumika. Then she checks all her luggage if everything is in order. She finally went to sleep.

In the morning she calls her father to pick her up in the camp. They said goodbye to everyone one last time. Now they go home immediately. Along the Way Rumika fell asleep.


( Picture of Rumika's family and Karupin can be found on my website)

Deep down in their house, Rinko has been already suffocated Rumika in tight embrace same with her cousin Nanako, when she wake up.

"Where's Ryoma?"said Rumika

"He's still at the street tennis court, even though he just came back from America. And you need to take a rest" said Rinko

"I will assist you in bringing your luggage to your room."said Nanako

They both guide her to her room. Her room is simple and cozy. The wall painted lavender, in the large window, the left side of it is a computer set and bookshelves, right side is her comfy bed and dresser. The right side of the door is her cabinet, the other side is a door to the bathroom.

After settling in she rest until her mother called for dinner. Same time the front door open, revealing Ryoma. When he sees his twin he immediately hugs her tight.

"Welcome home, Rumika"said Ryoma

"You also, Ryoma"said Rumika

"Oh! I almost forgot. Rumika will you go to the same school as Ryoma"said Nanjiro

"Hai!"said Rumika

"Okay, I will contact coach to help you get comfortable in Seigaku." said Nanjiro

'I hope their uniform is not ugly.' Rumika mentally sighed

After dinner both twins went upstairs, when suddenly Karupin leapt into the arms of Rumika.

"I miss you also, Karupin" said Rumika

"Hey Rumika, can I sleep with you like old time." said Ryoma

"Sure!"said Rumika

Both come in the room and sleep together with Karupin on top of them.


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