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What would happen, if an Echizen family member came back from U-17 Camp. This could start a lot of chaos towards the SEIGAKU BOY'S TENNIS TEAM and another team in the middle school circuit. How wil...

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#Chapter 2 #


"Hey Rumika, can I sleep with you like old time."said Ryoma

"Sure!"said Rumika

Both come in the room and sleep together with Karupin on top of them.


( Picture of Rumika's room can be found on my website)

When morning came, the sound of an irritating alarm clock will be heard. At first Rumika is the first to wake up, but Ryoma is still sleeping beside her. Rumika, First attempted to wake him up by pushing him out of the bed, but didn't go.Second, she poured cold water over his head. He finally wakes up and wonders where he is.But Ryoma face is an expression of anger at his counterpart.

"Why did you do that!"said Ryoma

"That's the only way to wake you up for our street tennis competition."said Rumika

"But.. Never mind!, let's just get ready."said Ryoma

After that Ryoma returned to his room to get ready while Rumika is taking time to pull in her look presentable for the competition.

( Picture of Rumika's attire can be found on my website )

After checking herself in the mirror, she goes down to have breakfast with her family.

"Rumika!, I prepare your favorite food, "said Rinko

"Thanks a lot mom!"said Rumika

"What about me!"said Ryoma

"Of course I prepare your favorite also, "said Rinko

"Thanks mom!"said Ryoma

The twins continue to eat peacefully and enjoying their time eating. After that, they left to go to the train station.

Upon arriving there, they sit down on the side bench on the train. Because of the place is too far, they both decided to sleep while riding the train. But suddenly they woke up because of the noise of a high school student making a demonstration of his groups.

"This is how to hold the western grip, just like having a hand shake."said the guy holding a racquet

"WOW!, no wonder you are the Ace of Kitagoe Tennis Club, Sasabe!"said the friend of Sasabe

While the twins are watching him swing his racquet.Rumika can see that he almost hit the girl on the face. This makes Rumika angry inside and want to teach those boys a lesson. But she have a even better plan.

"Hey,Ryoma make them stop or I will be the one to end them in creating a ruckus." said Rumika

"I think, I will be the one. If you will be handling this in your worst mood state, you will surely will send them to hell."said Ryoma

"You better be."said Rumika

Ryoma does what Rumika wants, he points mistake, then reprimand him about the misinformation he's giving to his friend. This makes Rumika happy and proud of his twin brother.

"Ryoma, let's go, pass on those pathetic people or we will be late for the competition." said Rumika

"Hai!"said Ryoma

They both depart the station toward the tennis competitions.They both join the under 16 tournament. But...

"Ryoma why did you left the map!. Never mind, let's just ask someone for direction."said Rumika

Suddenly they both see a girl in braid pigtails. Rumika point to Ryoma to ask directions.

"Pardon me miss, do you know where Kakinokizaka Tennis Garden?" said Ryoma

"Ahhh!, You guys are the ones on the train"said the girl

"Yes, so where is it?"said Rumika

"I also will be going there with my grandmother. And besides its my first time watching tennis." said the girl

"Which way is it?" said Ryoma

"I think its on the south exit"said the girl

"Thanks for the direction"said Rumika

They both went to the direction the girl passes on them. But...

"She gives us wrong direction. We need to hurry to go back the other direction to get on time."said Rumika

They hurried to go to that place. Even they run as fast they can, they are too late. They were defaulted by 5 mins. They both lay on the grass and over shadowed by the trees.

"Did you both make it?"said the girl

"Who are you?"said Ryoma

"No, we didn't, we were defaulted by 5 mins. And Ryoma, she's the girl in the train station."said Rumika

"Oh.."said Ryoma

"I'm very sorry, how about I treat you for a drink!"said the girl

"Okay"said the twin in unison

They all go to the vending machine to get their drinks. But the girl has no change of money. Good thing Ryoma has and he bought them.

"My name is Ryuzaki Sakuno"said the girl

"Our names are Rumika and Ryoma."said Rumika

Then suddenly...

"Watch out!"said Rumika

"Bastard!"said Ryoma

"Well, if it isn't the brat. Don't tell me you lose and now you are packing." said Sasabe

"Ryoma, go teach him a lesson with no mercy or else" said Rumika whisper in the ear of Ryoma

'GULP!' said Ryoma mentally

They both didn't notice Ryoma had almost hit by the racquet of Sasabe.

"Never mind, let's go!"said Sasabe

"Hey, do you even remember the right way holding a western grip in your racquet." said Ryoma

Because of this Sasabe wants a tennis match against Ryoma. Both of them went to an empty tennis court to play. But before Ryoma goes to the court Rumika gives him permission to use some of his techniques to teach him a lesson.

The match begins with Ryoma leading with the techniques of Twist serve and Bullet serve. Suddenly Ryoma was almost hit by the racquet of Sasabe. Good thing Rumika is fast enough to serve a ball to block the racquet from hitting his twin brother. After that incident,Rumika glares at Sasabe like she will send him to hell. In the end Ryoma still finishes him off.

They both didn't notice an old woman was observing the whole match

'So this the twins, I can't wait to test them' the old woman thought


Who is the old woman? Find out in the next chapter :)

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