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What would happen, if an Echizen family member came back from U-17 Camp. This could start a lot of chaos towards the SEIGAKU BOY'S TENNIS TEAM and another team in the middle school circuit. How wil...

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The match begins with Ryoma leading with the techniques of Twist serve and Bullet serve. Suddenly Ryoma was almost hit by the racquet of Sasabe. Good thing Rumika is fast enough to serve a ball to block off the racquet from hitting his twin brother. After that incident, Rumika glares at Sasabe like she will send him to hell. In the end Ryoma still finishes him off.

They both didn't notice an old woman was observing the whole match

'So this the twins, I can't wait to test them' the old woman thought

~ END ~


Both the twins were getting up for their first day of school. Both of them wear the Seishun Academy's uniform and also eaten their breakfast. Both of them said goodbyes to their family. They both walk to school.

( Picture of Seishun Academy's uniform for Rumika can be found on my website )

Upon arriving there, both of them go straight to the office to receive their schedule. Both of them have the same room and classes. After that both of them went to their designated room.

Upon arriving, they knock on the door. The teacher went outside alone. Rumika gave him the letter of transfer student.

"Welcome both of you to our school. I hope you had fun this school year. My name is Sasuke Takao, I was your homeroom and math teacher. Call me Takao-sensei"said the teacher

"Thank you for welcoming us Takao-sensei." said the twin in unison

"Please await my signal for introduction" said Takao-sensei

"Hai!"said the twin in unison

The teacher went back to class to inform them about the transfer student.


'I hope it's a hot guy' said the girls in mind

'I hope it's a cute girl' said the boys in mind

"Now class give them a warm welcome. Please both of you come in." said Takao-sensei

Both of them enter, totally all of their classmates scream because of their appearance.

'Yes! ' Said the whole class in mind

"Please both of you introduce yourselves"said Takao-sensei

"Hi! My name is Echizen Rumika. Let's all be friends, please!. Hmm.. I like playing tennis, gardening, baking desserts, and likewise to eat sweets. ( smile )" said Rumika

'EHHH!, SHE'S SO CUTE AND PRETTY' said their classmate mentally

"The name's Echizen Ryoma. I like tennis." Ryoma coldly said

'EHHH!, HE'S SO COOL' said their classmate mentally

"Both of you take your seat, "said Takao-Sensei

After that, both of them are bored in each subject. They both know already all of their lessons, especially Rumika takes advance lesson. Just so she won't be left out because of her stay in U-17 camp.

Suddenly the bell that signals the end of class. Both of them moved out to check the tennis club.

Along the way they bumps to a tall junior.

"Watch where you're going, "said the junior

"We're very sorry, "said Rumika

"It's ok"said the junior

Arriving at the court, They both see three other freshmen trying out for the tennis club.

( Picture of the freshmen trio, Sakuno, and Tomoka can be found on my website )

"Hello, you must want also to join the tennis club. And my name's Mizuno Tetsuo"said the first

"But the club has been canceled, because both junior and senior went on a trip. And my name's Katou Kachirou"said the second

"And my name's Horio Satoshi and I had 2 years experience in tennis." said last person

"My name's Rumika, and this is my twin brother Ryoma" said Rumika

"Do you all know, our school is strong when it comes to the tennis club." said Horio

"Really!"said Katou and Mizuno

Suddenly three juniors came out and they propose a game. A game of chance to win 10,000 yen. If they can hit the can and knock it over in 10 tries or less, they win.

All three other freshmen played the game. Both twins know about the trick when Horio hit it, but didn't fall. And in the end they revealed the other payment for entrance, use of the ball, etc. This makes Rumika especially angry and whisper a plan to Ryoma. They both twins teach them a lesson by knocking the can 20 times with a tennis ball ( 10-Rumika, 10-Ryoma ).



"Momoshiro, please check out about two freshmen named Echizen Ryoma and Echizen Rumika"said the old woman.

"But why Ryuzaki-sensei" said the junior

"Those kids will make you interest and playing with them, especially if they both uses a Twist server." said Ryuzaki-sensei

"Then I might test them out, " said Momoshiro


Suddenly, the junior they bump arrived at the court. He lectured the juniors to stop playing tricks on the freshmen. And he later revealed that he was a regular at the tennis club.

"I forgot to give you my name, the name's Momoshiro Takeshi"said the junior

"Nice to meet you, our names are Rumika and Ryoma"said Rumika

"I heard that both of you can hit a Twist serve, mind showing me?"said Momoshiro

Making everyone who heard them be surprised by this news

"It depends"said the twins in unison



As they are walking, Sakuno is walking with her best friend Tomoka.

"Why did you take up tennis all of the sudden?". said Tomoka

Sakuno was about to reply, when suddenly being cut off by a woman

"My name's Shiba, a reporter from a Monthly Pro Tennis Magazine. And where can I find the tennis courts?" said the woman

Presently after that, her senpai, Inoue joins them and they walk together to the Tennis Courts to see them. As they arrive, Sakuno recognizes both Ryoma and Rumika. Tomoka is instantly taken by Ryoma. At the same time Inoue recognizes the both name of Echizen Ryoma and especially Echizen Rumika.

( Picture of Inoue and Shiba can be found on my website )


After that, both of them went to court. Before Ryoma goes inside the court, he asks permission to Rumika about using his techniques. Rumika gave a go sign for Ryoma to use his techniques. Rumika notices that Momoshiro has injured his ankle before they start their match.

Ryoma starts off with a regular Slice serve, in which Momoshiro tells him to cut it out and serve that Twist serve. After he serves it, everyone present except for Rumika are stunned for a while. While during a match, Ryoma only uses his right hand in returning all shots of Momoshiro. After several more serves, Momoshiro is able to pick the timing out to return the ball. Ryoma notices this.

"Time to get serious now, "said Ryoma

Ryoma decides to switch hands.

"I give up!, I don't want to play anymore, " said Momoshiro

Everyone are really surprised by this. Then a memory flashback came to Inoue. He remembered the tournament of The Samurai Nanjiro and the recent a year ago tournament, which Rumika won the French Open making her win the Grand Slam.

'Looks like SEIGAKU has a hidden Pro Tennis Player in their school, I hope they know, if they know they will surely have a chance to challenge RIKKAIDAI' said Inoue mentally

"What should we call that freshmen"said Shiba

"Simply call him 'Junior Samurai'"said Inoue

After that, the twins went home.


Both of their articles are featured in the Monthly Pro Tennis Magazine. Because of this someone called Nanjiro.

"Hello, " said Nanjiro

"We need to talk about the twins"said the caller


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