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What would happen, if an Echizen family member came back from U-17 Camp. This could start a lot of chaos towards the SEIGAKU BOY'S TENNIS TEAM and another team in the middle school circuit. How wil...

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Both of their articles are featured in the Monthly Pro Tennis Magazine. Because of this someone called Nanjiro.

"Hello," said Nanjiro

"We need to talk about the twins"said the caller

~ END ~

"We need to talk about the twins"said the caller

"What's wrong with my children, Father," said Nanjiro

"It's the article, if everyone knows that Rumika is already a Pro, her life will be a mess again. Find a way to stop all this publishing at once!"said the Minato

'Especially Ryoma, he can't know or else Rumika will have a hard time controlling her ancestor spirits' said the Minato mentally

"Alright and what other problem other than that, don't lie, I can feel your anxiousness, Father" said Nanjiro

"And I am also worried that, there will be a time where both of them will hate each other"said Minato

"That will never happen, Father!. Both of them can't even be separated and also I will be sending Rumika to you again for her to control the power of the ancestor"said Nanjiro

"How could it be, she controlled all her ancestor spirits in the past, but why now. Could it be that the spirit is out of control inside her body?"said Minato

"Precisely, she told me it is acting weird,"said Nanjiro

"How weird," said Minato

"In the middle of a match, suddenly the spirit will take over her body while she is unconscious inside her body. When she wakes up, she sees her opponent is already down in the ground in a breathless condition. Also, when she asks how long the match to the referee, it said she was only playing for 3 mins only." said Nanjiro

" From outsider point of view, its normal because of her skills. But for us she needs more training in controlling her power. Just call, if you decide to send her here for me to prepare the spirit chamber." said Minato

"Alright, but you didn't tell me about a spirit chamber?"said Nanjiro

"Because to open the spirit chamber only the legendary child can only go there. So I will leave her alone inside and she must control it by herself"said Minato

"So that's why, that is all old man"said Nanjiro

"You are still a disgrace, especially that attitude of yours "said Minato

"Thanks for the compliment, Old man!" said Nanjiro

After that, Nanjiro ended the calls of his father. He now called Ryuzaki-sensei about what the twins do in school.

"Hey coach, long time no see," said Nanjiro

"Let me guess what you want, I know what you want. You want to know what your twins have been doing in school, right?" said Ryuzaki-sensei

"Hai!, so did they show off?" said Nanjiro

"Only your son but not your daughter," said Ryuzaki-sensei

"Is that so, Thank you for everything. Bye!" said Nanjiro

After that call he went to his daughter's room to question on why she didn't show off in school.

'Could it be that she can't control it fully, maybe, but I need to make sure about this' said Nanjiro mentally



Rumika had been spiritual training, which she learned from her grandfather and ancestor.



Rumika have visited her grandfather in the season of autumn. Her grandfather's appearance is scary in her eyes. But in the end her grandfather was sweet, nice, and gentle person. He trained her in a room full of locks. When they both enter, she sees many mirrors and incense in everywhere you look inside the room.

"Rumika, I will guide you in controlling our ancestor's spirit"said Minato

"What do you mean, grandfather?"said Rumika

"You are the legendary child in our family, you are gifted child when it comes to tennis" said Minato

"But how did it happen?" said Rumika

"Because you and Ryoma born at the same time, in other words twins. When a family member raised twins, one of the twins is born gifted in tennis. It's either a boy or a girl. And that gifted child needs to be trained by the ancestor, that's the reason there are spirits beside or inside your body. Because they are our ancestor spirits. They will guide you anywhere you go and protect you." said Minato

"But what about Ryoma?" said Rumika

"He's normal, but if you wish it, maybe one of the ancestor will protect him, if they want to satisfy your wish. Besides, he can still become a strong tennis player, if he wants to train with your father, but not as equally as you. You are like a prodigy or geniuses in the eyes of others, but for us you as our legendary player." said Minato

" I understand it now, grandfather. I just need to do my best in order to reach being a legendary player" said Rumika

"That's the spirit!. Now I want you to go inside, When you go inside listen very carefully to our ancestor. They will train you inside on how to use and control their techniques. I will just wait for you here," said Minato

"Huh?, you're not coming with me inside that room?" said Rumika

"I'm sorry child, only the legendary child can go inside. If I go inside I will only see nothing, just see an empty room, but for the legendary child that door is the portal towards the spirit world. You will be teleported to the spirit world to interact with the ancestor." said Minato

"Alright, I hope they are nice," said Rumika

"Yes, they are" said Minato


(Picture of the Portal towards the Spirit World can be found on my website )

I had entered the room. Upon entering, I see a beautiful place full of beautiful people inside. All of them are expecting me. They all introduced to me and told me all about them individually. When the time that everyone finish with the introduction, They start teaching me their signature and secret techniques that I haven't seen before. Some are hard, but awesome techniques and easy, but tricky in the eyes. They all teach me how to control their spirit and how to protect myself or summon a spirit that can protect me from harm. I spend my 10 years there, but I still look the same when I enter here without a change but change in terms of tennis skills. When I come back to my grandfather, he told me that I was been there for a 10 minutes and also the fastest time in the history of our family in terms of time spend inside the spirit chamber. He also told me a year inside the chamber is equal to a minute outside the chamber. And whatever happens my physical appearance will not change except for my skills in tennis

After spending time with my grandfather for a month. Father already came to pick me up.

"Goodbye grandfather, thank you for the fun and exciting quality time. And I love you so much. ( kiss on the cheek)" said Rumika


After Rumika reminiscing those memories. She wants to control the spirit inside her body fully. And in the end she successfully controls it. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door. It was her father, but told him everything was in order and she will show off tomorrow when the whole regular is back and show them no mercy even though using only the right hand. After that, she challenges both Ryoma and their father to confirm that she has a full control over her spirit. In the end, both being success in controlling and winning against them both. After that, their father told Rumika,

"If you can't show off, I will ask my old coach for you to challenge the strongest in the team." said Nanjiro

"Alright, if I don't show off" said Rumika

'I can't wait for tomorrow and challenge a regular member' said Rumika mentally


Both twins wake up early for them to prepare in showing off in front of the regular. Rumika is teaching Ryoma, how to learn using different racquet, so he can learn how to adapt in every struggle he might encounter. Base on her prediction that day. After that, they prepare to go to school.



Some of the regulars were gathered together, talking about the twin freshman.

"Echizen Ryoma and Echizen Rumika?"said regular one

"Have you heard about them?"said regular two

"Nope, there's no data about them."said regular three

"From what I heard from Momo, Ryoma is not ordinary freshmen and he also forgot to challenge Rumika but he sense more danger in her." said regular four

"Well, if he said so, then it must be true!" said regular five

"Hmm, if that's the case we should be grateful, but what about the others. And also do they accept girl in a boy's tennis club and competition" said regular six

"We'll find out, what Ryuzaki-sensei said about them is true" said regular seven


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