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What would happen, if an Echizen family member came back from U-17 Camp. This could start a lot of chaos towards the SEIGAKU BOY'S TENNIS TEAM and another team in the middle school circuit. How wil...

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Some of the regulars were gathered together, talking about the twin freshman.

"Echizen Ryoma and Echizen Rumika?"said regular one

"Have you heard about them?" said regular two

"Nope, there's no data about them."said regular three

"From what I heard from Momo, Ryoma is not ordinary freshmen and he also forgot to challenge Rumika but he sense more danger in her." said regular four

"Well, if he said so, then it must be true!" said regular five

"Hmm, if that's the case we should be grateful, but what about the others. And also do they accept a girl in a boy's tennis club and competition" said regular six

"We'll find out, what Ryuzaki-sensei said about them is true" said regular seven

~ END ~

( Picture of the Regulars and Coach can be found on my website )


Both twins passed through the court

"Hey, it's the Echizen twins" said the random person inside the court

"Sakuno, look!" said Tomoka

While viewing outside the window

"Oh! Rumika and Ryoma"said Sakuno

"They are so cool!, you think so too, right?" said Tomoka

"Yeah,"said Sakuno

The two girls didn't notice not only themselves, but also the tennis captain is looking at the twins.


Morning practice begins, both twins are warming up with other freshmen. But suddenly.

"I thought it's strange that Momo-senpai is not giving his all because of his ankle injury" said Horio

"Really! We didn't know, " said Katou and Mizuno

After that remark, all freshmen gather around Horio to learn more about his knowledge while the twins ignored him and walks away after tying their shoes. After that, Rumika is getting thirsty, she went to get a drink for her and his twin brother. After Rumika leave, a junior approach Ryoma

"Hey, are you the super freshmen" said the junior

"Super freshmen? Ah!, There! (Points at Horio)"said Ryoma

"Huh, that guy, I see he stands out with his colorful outfits" said the junior

While Horio is bragging he didn't know the junior is listening to him and suddenly

"Just having a game with a regular doesn't mean you can be a big arrogant" said the junior

Then he continues

"The freshmen can't be a regular through a ranking match. They will only pick up balls and do stamina training till summer. And the regular spot will only can be chosen from junior and seniors." said the junior

After that Arai came

"He's not the super freshmen who battle with Momoshiro the other day, its the freshmen wearing a cap" said Arai

Then they both look at the said freshmen with a girl giving his drink

"That bastard, making fun of me like that!" said the junior

After practice everyone went to the changing room, inside Horio is still bragging about the tennis captain but Katou and Mizuno ignore him.

"Hey Ryoma, isn't it bad to be hated by the juniors" said Horio

Then continue on his ratting with Ryoma ignoring every word he release and suddenly stop when he see Ryoma sitting on the jersey of Arai but Ryoma ignored it. Then Horio step on an old model and damage racquet, then he put it on the high part of the shelves so it can't be stepped on again.

When they will all leave for their class Horio bump on Arai making him furious. Then Ryoma just past them over like nothing is going on. This makes them more angry at Ryoma not being nice to his senpais. While Horio, Katou and Mizuno make a run for it

Arai and his buddies talk in the locker room, unhappy about Ryoma might be able to be a regular. Arai is planning on how to embarrass him in front of everyone, but haven't found a plan.



Tezuka (Captain and regular in the tennis club), Oishi (Vice Captain and regular in tennis club), and Ryuzaki-sensei are figuring about which people to choose in the ranking tournaments.

"How about Ryoma and Rumika. "said Oishi

"Freshman will only participate in the end of summer, but it is up to the captain to decide" said Ryuzaki-sensei

"Before I select them, I need to see them play,"said Tezuka


Freshmen are training outside, as they have to do sit-ups next. While Inoue and Shiba are just passing by. Arai comes, trying to intimidate Ryoma then Rumika point at the gate that the regulars are coming.

Oishi, who Horio thinks is Tezuka till a couple seconds later, lets the freshmen play on the courts. While the regulars do a smash practice (all tennis balls go into the basket no matter where Oishi lobs it). Fuji suddenly misses a ball towards Rumika, which she returns in a high speed towards the basket. Making everyone look shocked and amazement at her. This scene makes Arai angry at Rumika and making Oishi accidentally lobs too high, which Ryoma hits right in the basket. Making another shocking and amazing scene.

Arai threatens both the twins and suddenly Tezuka appears.

"What's going on here,"said Tezuka

"Captain!" said everyone

Tezuka then turns to the twins and Arai

"Run 10 laps around the court," said Tezuka

"But.."said Arai

"20 laps" said Tezuka

And thus making Arai and the twin to run 20 laps. As the twins run, Arai has an idea (looking at the twins tennis bag). The freshmen are swinging their racquet, when the twins came back, finding both of their bag gone.

Arai wants a match, even though Ryoma's racquet is 'missing', Arai passes Ryoma an old racquet ( the racquet that Horio step on ). Arai starts talking, obviously pointing out that he hid the twins racquets, before Ryoma accepts this match, Rumika whisper to Ryoma.

"Show him no mercy, Ryoma or else ( evil smile )" said Rumika whisper in the ear of Ryoma

'GULP!' said Ryoma mentally

After that he went to the court to face Arai, while Rumika goes to one of the regulars and ask

"Hello, senpai, can we also have a friendly match?. And also, can I borrow a racquet ( angel smile )" said Rumika

This makes everyone present in the court blush, even the regulars.

"Of course, and my name is Fuji Syusuke. Let have a match in the other court." said one of the regular

Now everyone's attention is now on both courts, even the people inside the school watch the match in their classroom window


The match goes on as Ryoma can't hit the ball for a bit, then he remembers their training earlier


"Ryoma, if you have a hard time controlling a ball or the racquet. Just think of a way to make the ball spin. Let me give you an example, you can spin your body if you want to" said Rumika


After that, he did what Rumika advise him to do and he spins his body to add a spin on the ball. Making the ball hit the other side of the court. That is the time that Arai is losing. Ryoma obviously wins, saying his warm-up is now done. Then he begins to get serious against Arai. When they are done, they went to see the match of the other court that makes everyone shock and surprise. At the score of the two and the appearance of both players.


While everyone's attention is on Ryoma, I have already finished my match with Fuji in 5 mins with me winning. The score is 6-0 without making Fuji get a point. And after our match Fuji is already laying on the ground, breathless and tired while

"You are really strong, now I understand why Ryuzaki-sensei wants you on the team" said Fuji

"Who's Ryuzaki-sensei" said Rumika

"She's our Coach,"said Fuji

"But you tried your best and it was a great match Fuji-senpai"said Rumika

"Yeah, let's have a match again,"said Fuji

"Hai!"said Rumika

After that everyone who watch the both match are satisfied with both results even half of them were surprised at the result

Tezuka and Oishi were watching from the school, Tezuka states to make everyone, including regulars, to run laps for breaking the rules. While Tezuka is going out of the room. Ryuzaki-sensei is looking down at the ranking tournament sheet, to see the twins name on it. With this information can make Ryuzaki-sensei happy

'Looks like your children make it more interesting for my player and for our next tournament' said Ryuzaki-sensei mentally



"Looks like Hime-sama is enjoying herself, I hope she will return to us as quickly as possible. Now I need to report to the others on what's going on." said the mystery person


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