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Start of the ranking tournament

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"Looks like Hime-sama is enjoying herself, I hope she will return to us as quickly as possible. Now I need to report to the others on what's going on." said the mystery person

~ END ~


The whole U-17 first stringers are busy preparing for their matches.

Then someone's cellphone vibrated indicating an incoming text message

"I see Hime-sama is doing great at her new school" said Byōdōin

Then he text to his spy to keep on updating him about Rumika's doing. After that, he joins the other first stringers in training. And tell them about the information



When morning came, Rumika is finding her tennis attire in her closets. After a few minutes she finds them all and wear them.

( Picture of Rumika's attire can be found on my website ).

After that, she went down to have breakfast with her twin brother. Then both leave their house.


In the middle of preparation for the Ranking Tournament,

"Until now, The twins have been able to show off their skills, that won't happen from now on" said Horio

"But why!, both of them are in par with the regulars?" said Mizuno

"Just like Momo-senpai, he just injured his ankle. That means he didn't play seriously, If a Seigaku regular member played for real!, Then both of them wouldn't stand a chance" said Horio

"But I'm still going to cheer for them. All the freshmen will be counting on them!"said Katou

"Yeah, that's true. Ah!, Ryoma and Rumika"said Mizuno

" Hi!, guys ( smile )" said Rumika

After that, The three of them blush at the smile of Rumika

"Ryoma and Rumika, we're cheering for both of you!"said Katou

"We're counting on both of you to beat the regular members!" said Mizuno

Then suddenly a hissing sound can be heard.

"Hey, Freshmen!" said Kaidoh

"Hai!" said the freshmen trio

"Stop slacking off!, now go!" said Kaidoh

"Yes, sir!, excuse us!" said the freshmen trio

Then they run off away from them.

"Hey,"said Kaidoh

"Yeah,"said Ryoma

Then they both stare at each other

"Aren't you both a freshmen?"said Kaidoh

"Yes, We're leaving now!"said Ryoma

"See a later, Kaidoh-senpai ( smile and wave )"said Rumika

Then both of them leave, leaving only the blushing Kaidoh.

"He's scary!"said Ryoma

"No, he's not he is kinda nice,"said Rumika

"Nice!, are you blind Rumika?"said Ryoma

"Hey!, I'm not blind!, it's just that I see more scarier person than him"said Rumika

While both of them are having a chit-chat, They both didn't know, Kaidoh is still watching and listening to them.



The three freshmen are panting when they arrive at the score board of the match.

"That was close,"said Katou

"Wasn't that Kaidoh-senpai"said Mizuno

"Yeah, Ryoma's opponent in block D at the Ranking Tournament"said Horio

"Block D?, that's right Ryoma's name is really there. And where's Rumika?"said Mizuno

"She's in Block B,"said Horio

"What's a Ranking Tournament?"said Katou

Then Horio begins to explain the about the Ranking Tournament. Making both of them amazed by his knowledge and to the twins who are participating in this Tournament. Then Horio continue to explain about the regular members. Then suddenly Oishi came

"Hey!, you three!. Shouldn't you all be putting up the nets?"said Oishi

"Yes, Please allow us!"said the freshmen trio



Sakuno is practicing her swing at the side of the court. Then Ryoma pokes her knees, making Sakuno almost fall, if Rumika isn't there. After that, Ryoma then gives advice to Sakuno to where to improve and to change.

"Let's go, Rumika"said Ryoma

"Hai!, see you later, Sakuno! ( smile )"said Rumika

Then both of them are leaving Sakuno. Then suddenly a crowd of girls came running toward the Ranking Tournament, leaving Sakuno on the side and making her hear their chit-chat about the twin freshmen. Then Tomoka came and tell Sakuno to go towards the twins match and cheering for both of them.

The Ranking Tournament is finally here, and the matches to determine the regulars are ready to get started. The people participating in the ranking tournament are gathering in their designated court.


When Ryoma enters the court

"Hey look!"said the junior one

"Is that him?"said the junior two

Then keep on talking about him. Then Ryoma was ambushed by the freshmen trio and saying good luck and they will be cheering for him. Then suddenly a racquet was blocking their faces, making them stop and see who the racquet belongs to. Then a hissing sound can be heard.

"You're in my way!, move!"said Kaidoh

"Excuse us, Kaidoh-senpai!"said the freshmen trio

Then another staring contest has begun between Ryoma and Kaidoh, Both of them didn't know Inui and Oishi are watching both of them closely. Then atmosphere inside the court became intimidating making the freshmen trio scared. Then Kaidoh is the first one to break the atmosphere and went towards the other side of the court. Then Inui is observing everything in this block.

"Inui, you're pretty calm, aren't you in Block D?"said Oishi

"I'm also in battle mode,"said Inui

Then begins to browse his notebook


When Rumika enters the court it is the same as Ryoma's situation except for the ambush of the freshmen trio but ambushed by Tomoka and Sakuno. Both of them are saying good luck on the match and telling her both of them are going to Ryoma's match to cheer him on his match

"Okay!, can you also tell him to only use his usual style in playing tennis, but if he faces difficulties he can use those techniques ( smile )"said Rumika

"Alright, We will tell him!"said Tomoka

Then both of them leave Rumika on Block B toward Block D to where Ryoma will be playing. Suddenly a hand on Rumika's shoulder, making her turn around to see the owner of the hands.

"Hey, good luck and also let's have a good game," said Kawamura

"Looks like we will have a rematch again, Rumika" said Fuji

"Thank you Kawamura-senpai and yes Fuji-senpai we will both be having a rematch on that game ( smile )"said Rumika

This makes everyone in Block B madly blush at the smile of Rumika



Inoue and Shiba came to Seishun Academy's to see and cover the Ranking Tournament.


Ryoma and Rumika easily dominates the matches with the non-regulars. Making all their scores 6-0 in each match. Both of them aren't showing their true strength and techniques.

"Where's Katou?"said Mizuno

Suddenly a loud cheer coming from all different blocks. Making both of them amaze, that all regular has not lost any match yet. But being interrupted in that though by a loud voice coming from Tomoka and the fan club of Ryoma, who are cheering for Ryoma's match.

"Ryoma-sama!"said Tomoka loudly

While Tomoka is shouting, Rumika is face palm her head and pity for his twin brother. The twin didn't know that Tezuka is watching their match very carefully. Then Ryuzaki-sensei came and they both talk about the twins, while they talk, Ryoma's match is done and everyone are amazed at the speed of the ball and skills of Ryoma. After that match Shiba came and admire the match of Ryoma, and Inoue came complementing on each of the twins match. Then Shiba sees Rumika giving Ryoma a ponta and she sited beside Ryoma.

"Look!, both of them not sweating at all. While the other juniors can barely breathe. They are so relaxed"said Shiba



"Let's keep this pace and also as soon as possible don't show any true skill. Did you wear your weights with you, Ryoma?"said Rumika

"Hai, I wear them, how about you Rumika?"said Ryoma

"Of course I wear them, good thing our weight will not be recognized as weight buts as an accessory in our heads, neck, shoulder, arms and legs. But we will take them off if we need to, understand Ryoma?"said Rumika

"Hai!"said Ryoma


Katou is still watching and video taping the match of Kaidoh. He has been feeling amaze just by watching the match.

Not too far from that court, Ryoma, Horio and Mizuno are talking about the match between Ryoma and Kaidoh that will commence after lunch. Mizuno is giving courage while Horio is making Ryoma uncomfortable in his next match. Then suddenly Ryoma makes a sound, making the two remaining worried about Ryoma.

"I'm hungry,"said Ryoma

Making Horio disappointment on how Ryoma is not nervous and making his stomach growls. Then Rumika came with a large lunch box toward them

"I made this for you, but you suddenly rush off before picking it up. So now I'm bringing it to you."said Rumika

"Thank you Rumika for making and bringing it to me. I'm really hungry!"said Ryoma

Then Rumika gave him his packed lunch box and leaves to prepare for her match also. While they do that Katou is still watching the match of Kaidoh. In the middle of the match Katou was hit by a tennis ball in the face by Kaidoh. Making him fall and destroy the camera unable to film more.



Then after their match with the junior, the twins go to Oishi, to report their wins in their courts.

"Block D, Echizen Ryoma 6-0"said Ryoma

"Block B, Echizen Rumika 6-0"said Rumika

"Hai!, Okay!"said Oishi


The twins are eating their packed lunch with Horio and Mizuno.

" You both have two straight wins even in this ranking tournament, You're both amazing!"said Horio

"Horio-kun, You said it was going to be hard for Ryoma and Rumika to win "said Mizuno

"To a regular, that is, but if they play like this both of them may even beat the regulars. Like Ryoma may even beat Kaidoh-senpai and Rumika may even beat Kawamura-senpai."said Horio

Then Katou came with a black eye on his face.

"Katou, where did you go?, and what happened to your eye?"said Horio

"I was trying so hard to tape that I got hit by a ball. Forget that, we've got a problem. Look at this I tapped Kaidoh-senpai's match, he's Ryoma next opponent " said Katou

"What? Kaidoh-senpai's match?"said Horio and Mizuno

Because of that Horio and Mizuno both became admires of Katou. And tells him that he sacrifices to watch Ryoma's match just to tape Kaidoh's match. Katou was praising the match of Kaidoh. While Ryoma and Rumika are not listening and just reading a Pro Tennis magazine.

"Maybe I can't win,"said Ryoma

"Eh, how can you say that, Ryoma"said Katou

"They sure are good, Top Pro,"said Ryoma

While looking at the magazine

"I agree with you,"said Rumika

'I already have experienced them doing those techniques, but I can't tell Ryoma about this' said Rumika mentally

Katou, then lecture Ryoma and he thought that if he tapped it can help Ryoma. Then Ryoma leaves them after that, Rumika followed Ryoma.

"Ryoma and Rumika, where are you both going?"said Horio

"Ryoma and Rumika"said Katou

"They're always like that,"said Horio

Then the freshmen trio decides to watch the tape. They observe the match and the stance of Kaidoh is different. And was surprised at what can Kaidoh do to Ryoma. Then Katou tell to Horio and Mizuno that he can't find the reason why he is called Viper. In the video Kaidoh see Katou and hits him. Then Horio keep on saying that the twins have no chance of winning. But Mizuno and Katou keep on protecting the twins and cheering for them to win.


Oishi is still writing the matches scores, then Inui came and tell him to switch shifts for him to eat. Same as the twins he also dominated his opponents. Both of them are talking about the twins match and how Inui can beat Ryoma.

"What an annoying notebook, I don't like it," said Oishi

"There's someone you don't like that you have to deal with before me. The regular..."said Inui

Then suddenly a hissing sound came from the back. After that Inui sees Kaidoh

"Oh!, he's right here Kaidoh, a junior student,"said Inui

"Are you trying to pick a fight, senpai?"said Kaidoh


Sakuno is running with two bottles of drink in her arms toward the location of her friend, Tomoka. Then she heard a ball hitting, then turn to see the people hitting it. It's Rumika and Ryoma both are hitting a ball towards each other at a high speed. While watching, Sakuno was amazed by their practice and both not giving any point to each other.

"Rumika and Ryoma"said Sakuno

"Is there something you want?"said Ryoma

"Ah!, I'm sorry!, I didn't mean to disturb the both of you" said Sakuno

"You're not really disturbing us,"said Ryoma

"Hello, Sakuno, we can't stop our warm up, we need it to prepare for our match"said Rumika

"I understand, can I watch the both of you?" said Sakuno

"Of course,"said Rumika

Then Sakuno just remember something making a loud gasp sound and making the twin turn to her

"Hey!, do you want something?"said Ryoma

"Uh, both of your match is soon, so good luck to the both of you ( blushing )"said Sakuno

That sentence makes Ryoma stop playing with the ball on top of his racquet and making Rumika laugh at his twin brother's reaction. Then Sakuno went off.



Momoshiro is back, he is already hitting a smash towards his opponent while Fuji and Kikumaru

"There it is, the dunk smash!" said by a random junior

"Game won by Momoshiro, 6-0" said the referee of the match

"It looks like his injured leg is okay." said Fuji

"I really thought he wouldn't make it in time,"said Kikumaru

"Resting for more than a week makes my body numb, And this match is a good rehab exercise."said Momoshiro

"Rehab? What a guy." said Kikumaru


Nanjiro is still lying on the floor when Karupin came.

"I'm bored, Ah! Karupin, you came at a good time, I have something good"said Nanjiro

Then Nanjiro get from his clothes is a toy snake. Then he played it with Karupin, making Karupin to reach, but failed to reach the toy snake from him.



After the match of Momoshiro, Ryoma came inside.

"Hey!"said Momoshiro

"Hello,"said Ryoma

"Is Kaidoh your next opponent?"said Momoshiro

"Uh, probably,"said Ryoma

"Don't say 'probably', you might not care, but be careful of 'Viper"said Momoshiro

"Viper?"said Ryoma

"I'm talking about Kaidoh"said Momoshiro

"Ah, sure,"said Ryoma

"I wonder if he understood"said Momoshiro

Then a hissing sound came from the gate of the court making everyone turned to the direction of the sound.

"It's Kaidoh-senpai"said Horio

Then Kaidoh begin coming inside the court. Watching also the match are the entire Seigaku regular and Rumika.

"Finally, Ryoma and a regular member,"said Kikumaru

"With Kaidoh as his opponent, I wonder how far Ryoma can go,"said Inui

Everyone in the court except Rumika, Tezuka and Fuji are feeling intense while watching this match

The game begins with nothing unusual. Everyone are feeling amaze and keep on commenting on this match, soon Kaidoh uses a special move called the 'Snake'. Then making everyone except for the regulars and the twins to be surprised to see that in their match. Because, Rumika already know, which she already read it in an article in the magazines and she sometimes uses it when she was still in U-17 camp, and for Ryoma which he somehow familiarize when he see that shot. Then the three freshmen soon ask Momoshiro and he explain on what and how did Kaidoh make his move. This forces Ryoma to get serious and switch to his dominant hand. Making another surprise and excitement to the audience of this match. Then Ryuzaki-sensei came and said

"He's a left handed and he's not an ordinary freshmen. Finally, Ryoma is ready for a battle,"said Ryuzaki-sensei

Then the match continues, sometimes Kaidoh make a fake attempt at hitting a snake shot and Ryoma always hits a low and deep shot toward the line of the court. And Ryoma has a bit of trouble returning the Snake at first, making everyone admired him for keeping on the attempt of returning every shot. The match continues with neither of them giving up, but Ryoma quickly learns the footing. However, Kaidoh's actual plan is to tire Ryoma out by making him run from line to line trying to return the shot. Then Rumika suddenly laugh and smile, making the people close by and has seen her smile became madly blush.

'I already know what you're planning Kaidoh-senpai, you want to make Ryoma run around his court side and exhausted him. But, your plan will fail because Ryoma is smart and will find a way to stop your plan. Also, before we start our school, I have already covered up all his weakness in playing tennis. It means Ryoma will win this game and let you feel what your opponent feel when they are exhausted' said Rumika mentally



While Nanjiro is not watching Karupin and just reading porn magazines, he didn't notice that Karupin stop reaching the toy snake and just watching it. Then Karupin bites him in the hand holding the toy snake.

"AHHH!, THAT HURTS!" said Nanjiro


The match continues with Ryoma still running around in his court side. Making everyone watching the match comment on how both players play. Then Momoshiro reveals to the three freshmen Kaidoh plans which Rumika already know. While in the middle of the game Kaidoh thinks that Ryoma has reached his limit, but Ryoma still on playing and running making Kaidoh worried. Then, it's quite a surprise for everyone except for Rumika watching the match, when Kaidoh actually ends up exhausting because Ryoma keep on secretly tiring him out by shooting deep shots that make Kaidoh bend his knees. That is the reason why he keeps on hitting like that earlier in the match.



When Nanjiro finally calms down and continue to read porn magazines while Karupin convince him to play another game with the toy snake. Suddenly Nanako ( the twins' cousin ) came from her college.

"Uncle, I'm back"said Nanako

"Ah!, Nanako"said Nanjiro

Then Nanjiro hides his porn magazines in his back

"Are you going to college?."said Nanjiro

"What are you talking about?, I just came back"said Nanako

"Welcome home, Nanako"said Rinko

"Ah, Aunty, I'm back"said Nanako

"Honey, don't make a fool of yourself,"said Rinko

Then Nanjiro acts that he didn't know what his wife is saying, but he accidentally drops his porn magazine. Then Rinko and Nanako are seeing the content of the magazine.

"AH!, MY UNCLE IS A PERVERT!"said Nanako

"Don't look at it!"said Nanjiro

"NANJIRO!"said Rinko

Then Rinko chases Nanjiro while throwing knives at him. Almost being hit he keep on apologizing and will not do it again.


Then the match continues and Kaidoh is already feeling more exhausted than before. This makes everyone watching surprise again. And Fuji somehow concludes that Ryoma is teaching Kaidoh a lesson. The match continues like this while Kaidoh is having a hard time catching up to the ball. Everyone are already making comments on how they are surprised to see Kaidoh is exhausted more than Ryoma. One by one everyone is thinking and giving information that Kaidoh has a taste of his own trap. And finally Kaidoh notice their talk and start to realize himself. Then the match continues with both of them not giving up again, even though both of them are nearing their limits. Then suddenly Ryoma pissed Kaidoh by learning and showing the Buggy Whip Shot, which the twins read in the magazine and is also similar to the Snake. Making everyone be surprised and confuse if Ryoma is a prodigy or a copycat, because it's no ordinary to learn that technique quickly in this day without practicing it.

"If you are all confused, I might clear it up. At first that technique was similar to the description of the magazine. But I also see it in actual play already. But that play is faster and stronger than this, isn't that right, Rumika?"said Ryoma

"Yes, Kaidoh-senpai and I have a similar technique, but mine is a copy of the Top Pro"said Rumika

This conversation makes everyone look at her. All of their faces shows that their feeling of being surprised and amazement at Rumika. Now all of the people present in this court can clearly read the minds of each other.

'Those twins are scary, like they are both monsters in tennis' said everyone present in the match

The match continues with Ryoma takes the lead. Everyone didn't notice it's already match point. Even though Kaidoh knows it's a match point he tries his best to keep on fighting, but in the end, Ryoma wins the match. Making all present in this match surprise that he beat a regular in a match even though he is still a freshmen.

Then suddenly a hitting sound can be heard, that was Kaidoh hitting his knees.

"Hey, that's enough, if you hit too much, you might get injured, Kaidoh-senpai. And also, there's always a next time, that both of you can meet in this court again, okay?"said Rumika

Then Rumika get near and comfort Kaidoh by hugging him in front of everyone. Some of the people are jealous of Kaidoh getting a hug from Rumika. And Rumika get a first aid to treat his wounds, making another jealous glare towards Kaidoh. By this scene, everyone was impressed that Rumika is not scared of Kaidoh and was mesmerized by how caring she is toward other people than her family. Then Ryoma came and want a handshake from Kaidoh but he leaves after he nodded at Rumika. Before Kaidoh disappeared from the court he told everyone he will not give up his spot. Only Ryoma and Inui are undefeated in the block D.



After the match of Ryoma, everyone now proceeds to the match of court B, where Rumika will face a regular in her match.

Rumika and Kawamura have entered the court, but...

"Kawamura-senpai, you forgot your tennis racquet ( smile )"said Rumika

"Oh!, thanks for reminding me,"said Kawamura

While Kawamura is going to his bag to get his racquet. When he holds the racquet he suddenly change personality.


"Okay, I will try my hardest, Kawamura-senpai ( smile )"said Rumika

Before the match begins, she takes off her jacket, making everyone blush at her appearance and wear all her 'accessory' in her arms, shoulder, and legs in this match for Kawamura's safety. When she is wearing it, she proceeds to the court.

'I think I will play my 5% of my true power, if I got trouble finishing this game, I need to add another 5% of my true power' said Rumika mentally

The match begins and Rumika is taking the lead. Everyone watching this match was surprise that Rumika returned them normally, like she didn't mind the power and the weight of each shot of Kawamura. Every match Kawamura adds more power and weight but failed to past Rumika. Even his technique 'Burning' and 'Burning serve' have no effect to her. And Rumika finishes the match without revealing any special moves or technique. After the match, Kawamura is already laying down on the ground, breathless and the score of the match is 6-0, making everyone be surprised again.

'She's really a monster in tennis' said everyone present in this match


After the all the match, the twins are cleaning the courts while Horio is bragging that the twins can win against the regular. Katou and Mizuno has been bothered which side is Horio on but both eventually praising the twins.

"Hey, I don't care what you say, but can we finish cleaning up?!"said Ryoma

"So please help us clean the courts ( smile )"said Rumika

"Okay!"said the three freshmen

"Oh!, I almost forgot, Rumika and Ryoma, did you both practice with a coach when you were younger?"said Katou

"And you both sure are good. Have you both ever lost a game?"said Mizuno

"Now that you mention it, I never lost to anyone before"said Rumika

"While I lose all the time,"said Ryoma

"Don't joke around Ryoma, isn't becoming a Pro your goal?"said Katou

"Not really,"said Ryoma

"To say it's a lie is a waste."said Katou

"With Ryoma abilities, you can definitely become a Pro, right Rumika?"said Mizuno

"It's up to Ryoma to decide, so what's your reply to them, brother?"said Rumika

"I'm not interested"said Ryoma

"Eh!?, why?"said the freshmen trio

"Then why do you play tennis?, Hey Ryoma!"said Horio

Then Ryoma suddenly leaves the court only Rumika and the three freshmen remaining inside the court.

"See you all tomorrow, I don't want to be left out by Ryoma, Bye! ( smile and wave )"said Rumika

Then Rumika followed his brother outside the tennis court. They all didn't notice Inoue and Shiba is still there outside the tennis court. Inoue is describing on how Ryoma and Rumika destroy their opponent even though they both fight a regular and how similar plays they have to their father's play when he is still a Pro. And now he is excited to meet his idol 'The Samurai Nanjiro'

"Going to meet who?"said Shiba

"The father of those twins, Echizen Nanjiro"said Inoue


"Looks like you are doing just fine, Rumika, But I will still persuade you Rumika to enroll in my school and became my player"said random person one

"Hey!, I saw her first, she will join our school and became my player"said random person two

"No, Rumika will never ignore me,"said random person three




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