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What would happen, if an Echizen family member came back from U-17 Camp. This could start a lot of chaos towards the SEIGAKU BOY'S TENNIS TEAM and another team in the middle school circuit. How wil...

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Then Rumika followed his brother outside the tennis court. They all didn't notice Inoue and Shiba is still there outside the tennis court. Inoue is describing on how Ryoma and Rumika destroy their opponent even though they both fight a regular and how similar plays they have to their father's play when he is still a Pro. And now he is excited to meet his idol 'The Samurai Nanjiro'

"Going to meet who?"said Shiba

"The father of those twins, Echizen Nanjiro"said Inoue


"Looks like you are doing just fine, Rumika, But I will still persuade you Rumika to enroll in my school and became my player"said random person one

"Hey!, I saw her first, she will join our school and became my player"said random person two

"No, Rumika will never ignore me,"said random person three

~ END ~


Tachibana is looking at the progress of his team's play. Suddenly he remembered something

'Always try your very best in everything you do and never give up if you are being under pressure Ki-chan. And when you meet your future teammate always advice them to be stronger and also say this advice to them'

After thinking about that he suddenly laughs and start recalling their first encounter with his first love





Tachibana was walking when he heard a tennis ball hitting the wall. He discovered that the mysterious player is short and skinny. But that person is hitting it in the same spot and it's form is breathtaking while watching the mystery player

"Hey, it's not nice to just stare at me, if you want let's play tennis" said the mystery player

"Alright, And also my name is Tachibana Kippei" said Tachibana

Then Rumika take off his hood and show her pretty cute look. This makes Tachibana blush

"My name's Echizen Rumika, smooth or rough?"said the mystery player

"Rough"said Tachibana

It turns out as smooth, then Rumika serve a normal service. This normal play continues until

"Game and set, won by Rumika, 6-0" said random player

After their match Tachibana is on the floor sweating like crazy

"You are too strong, Rumika-chan"said Tachibana

"Eh, you know you are the first to call me that than Hime-chan. Then that means I can call you Ki-chan" said Rumika

"Hai, but how can you be this strong in such a young age"said Tachibana

"Born with it, I think, But anyway, this is just an advice 'Always try your very best in everything you do and never give up if you are being under pressure Ki-chan. And when you meet your future teammate always advice them to be stronger and also say this advice to them' so that when we face again you and your team are stronger than now"said Rumika

"OK, but why also a team?"said Tachibana

"Do you believe that I can see the future"said Rumika

"Don't tell me you knew where will I hit it"said Tachibana

"Hai, because I have already seen the future while playing you. So don't give up and try your best,"said Rumika


The whole day they play and she always advice to where to improve and sometimes treat him food after their tennis match. But

"I will be leaving this evening Ki-chan"said Rumika

"Eh!, But why?"said Tachibana

"We came here to train, in my case I train different from my senpai, but while I was here I had fun that is because of you, thank you ( smile )"said Rumika

"No, I should be thankful because you make me stronger in just one day you are an amazing player and trainer!"said Tachibana

"HIME-SAMA, we need to go!"said the huge man in U-17 camp uniform

"Coming senpai!, lets meet up someday Ki-chan ( smile )"said Rumika

"You bet!"said Tachibana


He didn't know that all the members are watching him

'Who in the right mind start laughing when we all are tired from harsh training' said the whole members of the FUDOMINE Tennis Club

"Someday I will repay you for all your kindness to me in the past Rumika-chan"said Tachibana



Mizuki Hajime is analyzing and looking at the progress of his team's play. Suddenly he remembers something, his first love





Mizuki was doing his normal routine when suddenly he sees a grade school girl lifting a 500 kg weight.

"Amazing!, what kind of strength that little girl have, I must get data from her"said Mizuki

After that he observes her the whole afternoon until

"Hey, could you stop stalking and staring at me, mister,"said the little girl

"Oh sorry my name is Mizuki Hajime, what's your name?"said Mizuki

"Echizen Rumika, do you want some 'JUICE'?"said Rumika

"Of course,"said Mizuki

Then after he drinks it after a second his head turn to deep red and then he faint and drop to the floor

"Looks like my juice are deadly to other people, O well, I need to get you treatment for food poisoning"said Rumika

After an hour, Mizuki wakes up

"What happen?"said Mizuki

"Looks like my juice is not appropriate for your liking"said Rumika

"What's in that, anyway?"said Mizuki

"Some healthy vegetables and some wasabi"said Rumika

"WASABI!"said Mizuki

"Hai, is it not appropriate to add wasabi in the juice?"said Rumika

"ABSOLUTELY!"said Mizuki

"Sorry about this Mi-chan, how about I treat you for dinner?"said Rumika

"Mi-chan?, of course, and because you called me by my nickname can I call you Hime-chan"said Mizuki

"Of course, let's go eat,"said Rumika

While eating they find they have similar interest. After eating they pass by a street tennis court, both of them played doubles and won every match. After the whole match, Rumika advice what his weakness and how to improve it. Then they heard an alarm coming from Rumika

"Looks like I need to go to the airport"said Rumika

"Airport?!"said Mizuki

"Hai, I will be leaving tonight, but we will still see each other someday, so goodbye, Mi-chan I had fun today, thank you ( smile )"said Rumika

"No problem came back again!"said Mizuki

"Hai!"said Rumika

Then Rumika ride a taxi towards the Airport, while Mizuki wave a goodbye towards her. After that night he fell in love with her.


He didn't know that all the members are watching him

'Who in the right mind start laughing when we all are tired from harsh training' said the whole members of the St. Rudolf Tennis Club

"Someday I will make you fall in love with me Hime-chan"said Mizuki



Atobe Keigo is in the middle of analyzing his team playing skills. Suddenly he remembers something, his first love





Atobe was walking when he sees an interesting match. The match was won by a grade school girl in 6-0.

"That was a magnificent match, care to play with Ore-sama"said Atobe

"Sure, but what's your real name?"said Rumika

"Atobe Keigo, how about you, beautiful what's your name"said Atobe

"Echizen Rumika, let's start the match,"said Rumika

In the end,

"Game and set, won by Rumika, 6-0" said random player

"That was a great match Kei-chan"said Rumika

"Same to you, This is my first time someone can beat me"said Atobe

After that, Rumika can see a wound in Atobe's elbow. She went and gets her first aid kit and treat it well. She doesn't know Atobe was mesmerized by her and admire her on how she treat a wound. Because of this he fell in love with her.

"You know you are the first person to touch me and be my true friend ( blush )" said Atobe

"Then thank you, well anyway, I need to go lets meet each other again someday!"said Rumika

"Of course,"said Atobe


He didn't know that all the members are watching him

'Who in the right mind start laughing when we all are tired from harsh training' said the whole members of the Hyotei Tennis Club

"Someday I will make you mine Rumika-chan"said Atobe




Sakuno is busy practicing her swings on the racquet with the other girls. Then Tomoka came,

"What was that swing just now?, there's no improvement at all"said Tomoka

"But,"said Sakuno

"No, but!. "said Tomoka

Then Tomoka explains what tennis should be and it should be graceful as the twins play.

"That's impossible," said Sakuno

"It's not impossible!"said Tomoka

Then Tomoka cheers Sakuno that she can do it. After saying good luck to Sakuno, Tomoka leaves. While Tomoka leaves Sakuno is daydreaming of Ryoma's tennis play.


Tezuka is reporting on Ryuzaki-sensei what happens in both twins match.

"It seems like you're starting to like the twins" said Ryuzaki-sensei

"No, I still haven't grasped on both their strength. I want to match them up with different types of people."said Tezuka

"You're still cold hearted person as usual,"said Ryuzaki-sensei

"As the captain, It's the obvious choice,"said Tezuka

Then Sakuno came in making Ryuzaki-sensei spill her hot tea

"Sakuno, what is happening?"said Ryuzaki-sensei

"Ah! I'm sorry,It seems Ryoma-kun and Rumika-chan aren't around"said Sakuno

"So?"said Ryuzaki-sensei

"Um, so... I thought, 'where could he be?', I mean they be?"said Sakuno

"What? Are you worried about him?"said Ryuzaki-sensei

"N-Not really like that.. I mean 'they'. Just thought I'd give Ry-them some encouragement ( blush )"said Sakuno

"There's no match today, but.. because he's a tennis freak. He can't do anything without a racquet, even if there isn't practice."said Ryuzaki-sensei

"Oh, but grandma both of them not only Ryoma ( blush )"said Sakuno

"Maybe he's some place where he can practice, even without an opponent."said Ryuzaki-sensei

"A place to practice, even without an opponent?. Ah, I see!, thanks grandma!"said Sakuno

"What was that all about?"said Ryuzaki-sensei

"All the super players in the past had some type of charisma to them and charisma brings people towards them"said Tezuka

"Charisma, huh? ( seductive )"said Ryuzaki-sensei


Inoue and Shiba head off to visit Nanjiro Echizen.


When they reach the house they were greeted by Nanako and told them he in the temple.


When they reach him, Nanjiro was ringing the bell, then suddenly, he fell down making his magazine fall to Shiba. Making Shiba blush when she sees the content.

After that they both introduce themselves to Nanjiro.

" Oh.. I'm not Nanjiro, he left,"said Nanjiro

"You just said you were him,"said Inoue

"Why's he suddenly twisting his tongue?" said Shiba

"This is bothersome, not good at talking to reporters, you made a mistake, I'm not Nanjiro "said Nanjiro

"We came here today to ask Nanjiro-san about a few things"said Inoue

"About what?"said Nanjiro

"Ah! he replied!"said Shiba

" Hey lady are you treating me like an idiot?"said Nanjiro

"What is with this guy?"said Shiba

"I ring the bell everyday. Gong! Gong! And it feels very good. If you don't understand me, my story won't end. Miss?. "said Nanjiro

"No!"said Shiba

" You finally understanding me,"said Nanjiro

Then Nanako came with tea in hands, making Nanjiro plan failed in fooling them of him being not Nanjiro. This makes Nanjiro decides to go to their tennis court making Shiba angry because of nonsense talking made by Nanjiro.

Then Nanako explains how they build it and about the past monk that governs the temple went on vacation. After that he challenges Inoue to a tennis match. This makes Inoue excited to play his idol.


He came back with totally different get-up. This makes Shiba embarrass of his senpai and making Nanako thinks that he has a lot of self-confidence. Then he starts to explain how should a player be prepared for anything.

Then Shiba is saying maybe he is not the Nanjiro they are looking for. Then Inoue explains that they should not talk like that in front of Nanako, but Nanako already knows his uncle's nature. After that he gives the impression to Nanako.

Then Inoue begins to question Nanjiro in the beginning of the match. And Nanjiro declares that he will only answer any questions if Inoue can get one point past him in a match.

Both Inoue and Shiba can see that Nanjiro hasn't moved from the same spot from the beginning. Until now he keeps questioning Nanjiro.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard Inoue tries, Nanjiro is simply too experienced to avoid the topic and play tennis. Even though Nanjiro already given him many handicapped, but still he can't get a point past him.

Still, he does state that Ryoma's current tennis style is a copy of his and for Ryoma to improve, there is something he must do. While Rumika's tennis had already surpassed his, long time ago.



"Man, there's been nothing to do," said Horio

"There's nothing we can do, It's not like we can help them practice for the ranking tournament."said Katou

"Ahh.. When will I become a regular member?" said Horio

"STUPID!, stop nagging and just watch the games!?"said Momoshiro

"Momoshiro-senpai!" said Horio

"You can call me Momo-chan"said Momoshiro

"Alright," said the freshmen trio

"Look!, whether it's the form, attacking technique or whatever, you can learn a lot by just watching. Don't take your eyes off the match. Just like your senpai next to you,"said Momoshiro

"Inui-senpai" said the freshmen trio

"He's Ryoma's opponent in the next match,"said Momoshiro

Then they observe how Inui analyzes his opponent

"There is something about him,"said Katou

Then the other two just agreed with him.


Sakuno is heading towards where Ryoma is located

~ Indoor Tennis Mall ~

Ryoma is playing on the indoor tennis court. While he is playing Sakuno appear.

"As expected, Ryoma-kun is here."said Sakuno

This makes Ryoma stops playing

"What,"said Ryoma

"Huh?. Well, no matter what I say it's going to be weird. But grandma told me you might be here,"said Sakuno

"Yeah, so what is it?"said Ryoma

"Well, I don't really have anything to say,"said Sakuno

Then Ryoma inserted coins for another round of balls, then continue to hit the balls while Sakuno watch him play.

Ryoma is shown playing tennis identical to his father, while he plays on the indoor tennis court.

"Umm, will I be a bother if I talk?"said Sakuno

"It's okay. It's fine,"said Ryoma

"Ryoma-kun, why did you start playing tennis?"said Sakuno

"I forget, when I realized it. I was playing everyday. Even when I decided to quit I couldn't"said Ryoma

"Why?"said Sakuno

"There is always an objective,"said Ryoma

Then Ryoma keeps on hitting until his eyes are close just like how his father does it. After that, they went home

"Ryoma-kun"said Sakuno

"Huh"said Ryoma

"What is this objective that you mentioned before?, Ah, I'm sorry, if you don't want to answer that's fine "said Sakuno

"There are some people I want to beat up, I want to beat them with tennis"said Ryoma



The freshmen trio are collecting balls inside the court.

"Those Echizens left without cleaning up."said Horio

"They are probably practicing for their next match. If both of them becomes a regular member we freshmen will have something to talk about too."said Katou

"That's right!, just watching both of them play tennis. I did the right thing by joining here, "said Mizuno

"Huh?! Not me. I'm a bit different. One of these days, I will definitely wear the regular's jacket!"said Horio

"There should be 236 balls,"said Inui

"Inui-senpai" said Katou

"It's 236 balls. Don't get it wrong,"said Inui

"Hai" said the freshmen trio

"Inui-senpai. When he looks at me with those eyes. I feel like he's seen right through me" said Horio



( Picture of Rumika's friends in U-17 Camp can be found on my website )

Rumika is visiting U-17 Camp. She tried her best not to let anyone know that she is here except for her friends and coach

"Looks like Hime-chan is visiting us secretly" said Coach Itaru

While the three coaches are watching Rumika hide from the practicing U-17 members, she suddenly appears in front of her friends


"What can we do for you?, Hime-chan!" said Irie

"Please don't say it loud, I'm trying not to be noticed by others ( smile )" said Rumika

'Wow, looks like she didn't change and her smile is still beautiful' said the four of them mentally

"Anyway can you all do me a favor?" said Rumika

"Sure, What can we do," said Shuji

"Please give me your contacts and I will give you mine. The task that I need you to do is to update me of what's happening inside of this camp everyday"said Rumika

" Sure, but why?" said Tokugawa

"Don't tell me you have seen a glimpse of the future?!" said Irie

"Hai"said Rumika

"Then tell us so we might know what to expect"said Shuji

Then Rumika told them everything what she has seen in the future and also show them a picture of her twin brother.

"Now I understand what you see, if I'm in your position I will do the same"said Shuji

"But Rumika in the end you must choose who side are you on"said Irie

"And all decisions came with great consequences to face,"said Oni

"I know it's just hard to decide right now, good thing I have time for that"said Rumika

"Whatever your decision we will still support you,"said Tokugawa

"Thanks guys, you four are the best friend I can get"said Rumika

She doesn't know that four of them were hurt by what she said to them

'Only friend zone again!, Someday we will change that naive mind of yours and let you feel our feelings towards you!' said the four of them mentally

"Well anyway I need to go before anyone finds out that I visited the camp or I will have a hard time escaping again, well this is goodbye for now, see ya!"said Rumika

"Take care and be careful," said the four of them

While Rumika is out of sight

"We must do something about this or we will be forever friend zone" said Irie

The others just nodded


While Rumika is walking out

"Hey, don't forget about this!" said Coach Ryuji

When Rumika heard that she turned around and saw the three coaches while carrying

"PONTA!"said Rumika

"Because we always stock for you in this camp, but because you leave we can't let this be a waste, right, Hime-chan" said Coach Ryuji

"Hai! ( smile )"said Rumika

'So cute!' said the three coaches mentally

"This doesn't mean that you can slack off when you are training both mentally and physical" said Coach Yukio

"And also send as at least one message in every month, you know that we all miss you, especially the Head Coach" said Coach Itaru

"I will always remember that, and speaking of the Head Coach is he still the same?"said Rumika

"Hai, he is still the same, well anyway you need to go or else you can't escape this camp" said Coach Yukio

"Oh, that's right, well goodbye, Coach Ryuji, Coach Itaru, andCoach Yukio ( smile )"said Rumika

"Bye!"said the three coaches

While Rumika is out of sight

"We always spoil her,"said Coach Yukio

"It isn't our fault that she is adorable"said Coach Itaru

"Indeed,"said Coach Ryūji

Then they all laugh to themselves while they close the gate.


"We are back!"said the twins

"Welcome home, you two! And Rumika why do you have so many boxes of Ponta!"said Nanako

"My old coaches gave it to me,"said Rumika

"You are so lucky, Rumika"said Ryoma

"I know, Ryoma"said Rumika

Then both of them laugh and prepare for dinner, then went to bed



Inui is still busy calculating Ryoma's data.

"Echizen Ryoma's chance of winning is 0%,"said Inui



Rumika and Ryoma are always training in the morning. Rumika is teaching Ryoma Split step. She sometimes advice him to always mix up with his normal fast speed and agility to stop making the opponent know your next move or calculate.

After some more they go home to change go to school.


In the bright morning, Inui is still busy on writing something on his notebook

"It's perfect,"said Inui


Tezuka and Oishi are still having a match, while making the people watching was mesmerizing. Even Shiba was more surprise in this match.

Then Inoue begins explaining that Seigaku is one of the strong school and other strong school who bit by bit was increasing in level. He also explain by watching their match he conclude that those two players can increase their level of skill by playing each other. But..

Inoue was surprise that Shiba was captured by the charm of Tezuka than listening to what he say that Seigaku has a chance to challenge Rikkaidai the #1 school. Now that match is over with a score of 6-1, Tezuka won the match.

"Hmm.. Oishi-kun is 'kushijashi'" said Inoue

"kushijashi" said Shiba

Then Inoue explains to Shiba the different types of scores and its name. Then they both proceed with the match of Ryoma



Ryoma is still preparing for his match against Inui. While Ryoma is preparing Rumika pass by offer her drink to Ryoma but he refuses to drink making Rumika in a bad mood.


But when she offers her food he quickly take it from her.


After that, Rumika's mood went into good mood again and went to her court to prepare for her match as well.


"Hasn't Ryoma-kun's match started yet?"said Katou

"It will soon."said Horio

"Ryoma-kun's always the same, you can never tell if he's nervous"said Mizuno

"His next opponent has to be the third year Inui-senpai, right?"said Horio

"Yeah,"said Katou

"It'd be great if he wins. If Ryoma-kun wins, he'll have to become a regular member"said Mizuno

"Is Inui-senpai good?"said Katou

"Of course he's good,"said Momoshiro

"Ah! Momo-chan-senpai!" said the freshmen trio

"Momo-chan is fine,"said Momoshiro

"Momo-chan" said said the freshmen trio

"It's hard to call you by that!"said Horio

"Don't worry about it."said Momoshiro

"Can you please tell us about Inui-senpai?"said Horio

"Ah! Inui-senpai is strong, even for a senior. He hasn't failed to become a regular member in over 6 months"said Momoshiro

"And what else?"said Horio

"He's better than me. Anyway, that Inui-senpai is, "said Momoshiro

"Hey Momo!" said Kikumaru

"Ah! Eiji-senpai! "said Momoshiro

"Are you going to watch the 'cute' child's match?" said Kikumaru

"Ryoma's match is from this point on, "said Momoshiro

"Well, your match is with me now," said Kikumaru

"Are you kidding? It's already time? "said Momoshiro

"If you're going to watch Ryoma's match instead. I don't mind if you forfeit the match," said Kikumaru

"Eiji-senpai, that's not funny!, I'll play the match "said Momoshiro

"That's too bad, I hold grudges" said Kikumaru

"Wait! I'll play the match!, Senpai! "said Momoshiro

"After all that."said Horio

"We didn't get to learn about Inui-senpai"said Katou

Then Inui arrive and enter the court

"Were you waiting?" said Inui

"Inui-senpai" said Horio



Sakuno and Tomoka are running towards Ryoma's match.

"Wait, Tomo-chan!" said Sakuno

"Sakuno, hurry up! Ryoma-sama's match could end soon!. Excuse me, which court will the freshmen Echizen play on?"said Tomoka

"Huh?!"said Kaidoh

This makes Tomoka scared of Kaidoh

'AHHHH!, SO SCARY!' said Tomoka mentally



In the beginning they just stare at each other

"Look, there's a huge difference between them,"said junior one

"It's like a kid playing against an adult,"said junior two

"Let's play a match with no regrets"said Inui

"Sure,"said Ryoma

Echizen match against Inui finally begins, and Ryoma needs to win in order to secure his position as regular. Ryoma is playing fairly well, but Inui can foresee all of his movements after collecting precise data.

At first the freshmen trio doesn't believe that Inui can foresee all his movement, but in the end they somehow admitted it.

While this is happening Tomoka and Sakuno came in time to witness the continuation of the game.

"Ahh! it started already, RYOMA-SAMA!"said Tomoka

"Hey, be quiet! the game is being played!" said Horio

"What?! it doesn't matter,"said Tomoka

"Tomo-chan, during play, you should be quiet." said Sakuno

"Oh, okay,"said Tomoka

"Ryoma-kun is playing a great game against a senior regular"said Katou

The match still continues of Inui foresee all of Ryoma's movements. Making the freshmen trio, Sakuno and Tomoka believe that Inui can see everything.

Then Fuji appear and explain that it is possible to do that. Making Tomoka be amazed by the charm of Fuji.

Then the freshmen trio asks Fuji how did he do that. Then Fuji answers them by watching the match, they can fully understand it. After they watch the match they were amazed how accurate Inui has shut down Ryoma in this game.

Making everyone is being amazed and commenting about the match.



Nanjiro is lazily sleeping on the floor of their house and now he tell

"It's now summer,"said Nanjiro

After that he gets his grill to prepare his lunch, because Rumika forgot to prepare his lunch. He decided to have grilled fish for his lunch, but Karupin is with him and in front also of the grilled fish. This makes Karupin hungry too by the smell of it.

"No, no. This is my meal. It looks good!"said Nanjiro

This sentence makes Karupin drool by the moment, and now Karupin can't make itself be controllable. While Karupin is in this state Nanjiro can't help to feel guilty and adore the cat.

"I give up,"said Nanjiro

This makes Karupin happy, but.

"Only the bone"said Nanjiro

After that, Those words make Karupin mad and attack Nanjiro

"AHH! DON'T BITE ME THERE!"said Nanjiro



The match still continues with Inui leading and has an advantage. While both of them change court, Inui explained to him his tennis skill, technique of how many percent will he use and how many percent will he miss it just by watching all his previous match.

"I've already figured out your game,"said Inui

Then a strong wind came make Inui notebook flutter its pages

"It's a reference to your data,"said Inui

"An irritating strategy, just like Rumika"said Ryoma

"Such a rude rookie, but wait did you say Rumika, don't tell me she can do data tennis."said Inui

"Maybe, but you should ask her not me,"said Ryoma

Now all of them truly believe that Inui can foresee all his movements. The match still continues with Ryoma trying to trick Inui if he have also seen him making a fault, this makes Fuji entertained.

Ryoma is trying his best to return, but failed because of how calculate Inui can give. While the match continues the freshmen trio keeps on commenting the match and Fuji tells them

"No, it looks kind of hard for Ryoma"said Fuji

"Why is that?" said Sakuno

"In order for him to get a point. He needs to hit it in an area that is impossible for Inui to anticipate. To hit with pin-point placement is even tougher for those who are Pro, to do it"said Fuji

"Then Ryoma-kun will,"said Katou

"If he loses his concentration, it'll be over. Inui is using the opponent's data and patterns they play to simulate the game. Even if they can somewhat anticipate, it'll have no effect on the outcome. In an Inui's state of mind, he considers himself playing a different Ryoma"said Fuji

The match still continues with Inui still now where the direction will Ryoma go. This makes Ryoma fell to the ground while catching the ball but miss it. Making another round of commenting on this match



They all didn't know Ryuzaki-sensei and Rumika are watching the match inside the school via the window.

"Already done with your match!"said Ryuzaki-sensei

"Hai ( smile )"said Rumika

Then she sees the continuation of the match

"Looks like Ryoma is battling with himself, right Ryuzaki-sensei"said Rumika

"Yeah,"said Ryuzaki-sensei

'Ryoma, the match you have with Inui is really a match with yourself. If you can't beat yourself, you can't win against Inui' said Rumika and Ryuzaki-sensei mentally

"Now that you remind me, you can also do that, but why did you stop in the past Rumika?"said Ryuzaki-sensei

"No, I still continue, but not frequently, I only use it if it is a must. But Inui-senpai is still not enough to be par with my data tennis and future tennis"said Rumika

"That's true with but aren't you going to warm up after that is your match against Fuji"said Ryuzaki-sensei

"Don't worry, Before I came here I already warm up and also please don't tell anyone about the promise"said Rumika

"Don't worry your secret will be safe, but can't you find a loophole to that promise so that you can use your basic technique"said Ryuzaki-sensei

"The truth is I already see a loop-hole to the promise"said Rumika

"Then what is it?"said Ryuzaki-sensei



Then Ryoma imagines that he is playing with himself. The match still continues of Ryoma getting failed to get to the ball. Making another round of the audience comment.

"You're pretty good, you're targeting areas that are out of my reach. To be honest, you're stronger than me. 'But if you know where the ball is going to land, no matter how good the shot is you can hit it back'"said Inui




"Ryoma, if you know where the ball is going to land, no matter how good the shot is you can hit it back, that's why I will teach you this technique that I come across a fellow data tennis player"said Rumika


"Don't think you'll be a Seigaku regular member soon. I will be one this time,"said Inui

"Mada mada dane"said Ryoma

And looks like, Ryoma may have a plan up his sleeve with the help of Rumika.

"It was good to come to Seigaku. Now I can beat all kinds of tennis player,"said Ryoma


"Going to defeat"said Mizuno

"All kinds of tennis players,"said Katou

"Ryoma plans to make a comeback and win this game"said Horio

"There's this new step I learned recently. I wanted to make it a secret and save it till the national tournament!"said Ryoma

This makes everyone amaze and surprise of what Ryoma declares. Using a new move called the Split Step, Ryoma is able to react to Inui's shots faster and returns them with such speed that Inui has a hard time hitting them back. And also giving him a fast hint before he goes to the place where the ball will be hit.

Making them be amazed and start audience another round of commenting on this match. When Ryoma shot a ball that Inui can't respond, but the ball hit the outside making a point to Inui. Everyone knows that Inui expected that, but the truth is he didn't expect it. Then Inui then explains to himself the reason he can't react at all. Now he looks forward for more data to gather from Ryoma.

The match continues like that suddenly Ryoma remember something.



After the training with Rumika they both challenge their father to a match each before going to school.

"Hey kid ( Points at Ryoma ), Let's keep playing, what do you think, should I give you a handicap?"said Nanjiro

"I don't need it,"said Ryoma

Then he begins to use the technique that Rumika teach him early in the morning " Split-Step", Making Nanjiro surprise and excite to play more.

"Ohh.. Where did you learn that? ( Turning his eyes towards Rumika )"said Nanjiro

"It doesn't matter where,"said Ryoma

This statement makes Rumika's heart hurt by this statement

'That's totally cruel, Ryoma!' said Rumika mentally

"He doesn't have any cute sides to him,"said Nanjiro

"Hurry up and serve!"said Ryoma

"Impatience is the root of all injuries"said Nanjiro

Nanjiro is feeling happy that both of his twin had already learned Split-Step the he also uses. While playing Ryoma, he uses also Split-Step. When Ryoma finally hits a return it eventually hit in Nanjiro side

"Nice! Ryoma-kun!" said Nanjiro

But outside of his court.

"That's too bad kid!, just a little bit more to be in" said Nanjiro

"Father, I want you to play seriously,"said Ryoma

"Hey, hey, hey. Who are you shouting at?, you want me to be serious, Mada Mada Dane" said Nanjiro

"I will make you cry. Father, I'll make you cry for sure,"said Ryoma

Their match continued with both using Split Step

"Try to hit the ball you brat!" said Nanjiro

When Nanjiro hit a drop shot, Ryoma tried his best to save it, but his father is quick to return it.

"Yahoo!, you fell for it you brat!" said Nanjiro

"Really, you should act more like an adult,"said Ryoma

"Know your limits, then, I will be your opponent until a half hour before breakfast" said Nanjiro

Their match continue, but while having the match Nanjiro keeps on teasing Ryoma by not playing seriously and doing abnormal position of returning the ball

In the end, Ryoma is getting utterly beat, while Rumika have utterly beat his father. With his father in the ground with a lot of sweat. This is their family bonding with each other before or after school.


The match still continues and Ryoma is still using Split-Step to return the shot. This makes everyone watching be amaze and comment how Ryoma play.

"That's the Split Step"said Fuji

"Split Step?"said Mizuno

"You guys have been playing tennis without knowing that?, If it's the Split Step, then leave it to me."said Horio

"Horio-kun, you know it?"said Katou

"It's impossible for Horio-sama, who has 2 years of tennis experience, to not know. It's the basic of the most basic knowledge. When the opponent hits the ball, hop and make sure your feet land at the same time as the impact of the racquet hits the ball. Doing so will make your response time half a step faster by allowing your feet to react to the ball faster."said Horio

"Wow!"said Katou and Mizuno

"But how can he move his feet faster,"said Mizuno

This makes Horio stop demonstrating it to them.

"Th-that's because, right, senpai? "said Horio

Then they all look at Fuji to explain it fully to them. Fuji explains and answer their question about Split-step to the freshmen trio, because of this they were amazed of Ryoma's Split Step.

The match still continues with Ryoma has finally made a comeback with the help of Split Step and he sometimes gives fast hints to Inui. Making everyone again be amazed and Fuji tells them that Ryoma's Split Step is not ordinary because he's using only one foot. The match is continuing just like that. In the middle of the match everyone is asking Fuji why is Ryoma's Split to step is different. But before Fuji replied Horio is wanting attention while demonstrating it to everyone. Both of them are not giving up even one of them is advantageous. Now Inui is having a problem in their match and Fuji says that Inui is like playing with another person. Then Ryoma switches his racquet to the other side and he does the Twist Serve that he takes full advantage of the match. While Ryoma is preparing his next serve Inui is talking to himself about the last game but.

"My right hand isn't as strong as my left, but I want it to fly towards your glasses "said Ryoma

This makes everyone watching to be excited for the outcome of the match. While preparing for the serve Inui is already calculated how to counter it but failed

"If you're playing using your data, then I'll have to rise above your data."said Ryoma

"Really, that cocky, rookie"said Inui

Then Inui hits a lob

"Mada Mada Dane"said Ryoma

Then Ryoma hits in with a smash

"Game and set, won by Ryoma, 6-4" said the referee

Making everyone amazes and admire the game. After Ryoma and Inui handshake he studies what data he gathered during the game while going out the court.



'Looks like Ryoma had fun, but can I also had fun. Anyway, I better prepare for my match with Fuji-senpai ' said Rumika mentally

"I need to go now, Ryuzaki-sensei"said Rumika

"Alright have fun,"said Ryuzaki-sensei


Rumika is stretching while thinking

'Looks like I can use a few of my basic techniques, but I need to make sure there is no witness.. wait is that Rei-kun, hiding behind the tree' said Rumika mentally

Them Rumika came closer, making sure Rei didn't notice her

"What are you doing here, Rei-kun?"said Rumika

"HIME-SAMA!, let me explain please, I don't want to be punished" said Rei ( Spy of Byōdōin )

"Why would I punish you unless you did something? ( evil smile )"said Rumika

"Hai, but I didn't mean to spy or monitor your normal school life, it just an order given by all First stringers ( genius 10 ) especially Boss Byōdōin" said Rei

"What did they order you? ( evil smile )"said Rumika

"To keep them updated by your school life and also I need to inform them if you break your promise with them" said Rei

"( sigh ) Alright, I will not give you punishment, just leave me alone with my normal school life, you should all know that I have been waiting for this for a long time ago"said Rumika

"I know, Hime-sama and I'm sorry" said Rei

"It's okay, I know they just force you to do it, I want you to give me the device that can communicate with Byōdōin and thinks of this as an opportunity to spend with your family. Because if they know you return to camp it means I know, so to be fair to both of us, is it a deal Rei-kun?"said Rumika

"Deal, but what if they found out and I don't want to be punished by HIM!" said Rei

"Calm down, Rei-kun, just trust me, I will not let anything happen to you, you know that"said Rumika

"Hai!" said Rei

"Good, then go to your family and spend with them to the fullest. Also, don't forget to train even we are not in the camp you must train and not slack off, got it?"said Rumika

"Hai!" said Rei

After that, they said goodbye to each other

'Looks like I need to punish you when I return, Byōdōin and the rest of genius 10. Now I think about it not just any ordinary torture can satisfy me, then I need advice from another sadist, but where can I find them, hmmm' said Rumika mentally

Then Rumika went to her match


When she arrives Fuji is already there waiting for her

"Did you wait long, Fuji-senpai"said Rumika

"No, I also just arrived," said Fuji

"Let's have a good match,"said Rumika

"Hai" said Fuji



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