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What would happen, if an Echizen family member came back from U-17 Camp. This could start a lot of chaos towards the SEIGAKU BOY'S TENNIS TEAM and another team in the middle school circuit. How wil...

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When she arrives Fuji is already there waiting for her

"Did you wait long, Fuji-senpai"said Rumika

"No, I also just arrived," said Fuji

"Let's have a good match,"said Rumika

"Hai" said Fuji

~ END ~


They both went to the center of the court for who goes first

"Smooth or Rough, Fuji-senpai"said Rumika

"Smooth" said Fuji

After Rumika twist her racquet to the ground, it turns out as Rough.

"Looks like it's my serve, senpai" said Rumika

"Let's have a good match, Ru-chan, is that okay? " said Fuji

"Of course, Syu-kun ( smile )" said Rumika

Then both of them laugh, making some audience to sweatdrop, and some to be jealous of their conversation.

After that Rumika went to her baseline, to serve the ball. The game begins with nothing unusual with Rumika winning the first point

"15-love," said the referee

'Looks like I need to wait for you to reveal your secret technique before I show you mine' said Rumika mentally

'Looks like I will have fun in this match, also I won't hold back, Ru-chan' said Fuji mentally

Because of that statement, somehow making Rumika shiver inside her body

'What was that!, I hope it's not a crazy fanboys or fangirls, anyway, I should start this match' said Rumika mentally

Rumika then serve a normal serve, but its speed is fast, but

'A fast ball, hmm' said Fuji mentally

Then he hit it in a volley form, but Rumika was able to reach it, making it her point.

"30-love," said the referee

Rumika then serve a normal serve, but average fast, making the rally go on until Fuji lob the ball. Making Rumika smash the ball, but suddenly

'The ground is being like a whirlpool and this situation is somehow familiar, hmm' said Rumika mentally

"Higuma Otoshi ( eyes open )"said Fuji

Fuji quickly rotates his body, then he uses centripetal force to absorb the force of any overhead smash, After that, he then returns the ball with a lob that almost always lands on the opponent's baseline.

'Eh, I didn't know Syu-kun can also use this technique, looks like I need to be a little serious now' said Rumika mentally

"30-15," said the referee

"I didn't expect Fuji will reveal one of his Triple Counters, in this match, that means Rumika is a great challenge for Fuji" said Oishi

'Hmm.. Triple Counters, eh.. I can't wait to return them all but first I need to make Syu-kun to reveal all of them' said Rumika mentally

Then Rumika serve a Twist serve faster and stronger than Ryoma's Twist serve to make everyone except Ryoma be shocked. Making it her get service ace and making Fuji's eyes fully open

'Looks like I should get serious from now on' said Fuji mentally

"Do you think only Ryoma can do it?" said Rumika

"40-15," said the referee

Then Rumika serve a Twist serve, but Fuji somehow able to return her serve. Thus, another rally began, but Fuji

"Tsubame Gaeshi" said Fuji

Fuji utilizes his opponent's top spin by returning the ball with an extreme slice that doubles the amount of spin. The slice combines with the top spin and causes the ball to dip toward the ground and continue rolling across the court without a bounce.

'Another familiar technique, looks like I need to break those returns later. Hmm, that's two of The Triple Counters, only one left.' said Rumika mentally

"40-30" said the referee

Then Rumika serve that only Ryoma saw on their training

"Shadow Serve,"said Ryoma

Rumika serve a normal average fast ball and hit in the shadowed part of the court then suddenly it blend in the shadow. The reason theirs a shadow because it's Fuji's shadow. When he moves to see the ball, but the ball suddenly disappears and it appears near the his baseline. Making everyone except Ryoma be amaze of the serve.

"Game won by Rumika, 1-0, change court," said the referee

While both of them change court, many audiences start with commenting the game

"What an intense play, it's just the beginning,"said junior one

"Yeah, I totally agree,"said junior two

Fuji serve a cut serve, but not an ordinary cut serve

"Disappearing Serve," said Fuji

Fuji spins the ball as he drops it, this particular underhand serve makes the ball also disappear. Making him get service ace

"Love-15" said the referee

'Looks like I need to use my Data tennis and Future Tennis to break that serve, but first I need to analyze the speed and direction it will go' said Rumika mentally

"Disappearing Serve" said Fuji

Rumika calculate every single data in that serve without trying to get to that ball

'I already know how to return that shot' said Rumika mentally

"Love-30," said the referee

"Disappearing Serve" said Fuji

In a blink of an eye Rumika return the ball fast towards Fuji's court side. Making everyone to be shocked of other surprises of Rumika returning an impossible shot

"15-30," said the referee

"How?" said Fuji

"Syu-kun, please continue the game ( smile )" said Rumika

Fuji keeps on serving Disappearing serve, but always return by Rumika

"Game won by Rumika, 2-0, change court," said the referee

While changing the court, the wind is getting stronger, making Fuji smile and making the other regulars to shiver with excitement.

"That was a great match," said Kikumaru

All regular just agreed with that statement

Rumika serve a slice serve, but

"Hakugei" said Fuji

Fuji returns it with a super slice lob with such extreme back spin that as soon as it passes over the net on to the opposite court, it curves upwards out of sight, then it falls straight down towards the baseline, and it flies back into Fuji's hand.

"Syu-kun needs wind to use Hakugei, right ( smile )" said Rumika

"Hai, Ru-chan" said Fuji

"Love-15," said the referee

"Fuji-senpai have already shown us all The Triple Counters" said Momoshiro

'So that all The Triple Counters, its time to search for their weakness' said Rumika mentally

Rumika serve a slice serve, but

"Hakugei" said Fuji

Rumika reflexly return the serve to make it her point

"15-15," said the referee

This continues on by Rumika barely or being lucky returning Hakugei

"Game won by Rumika, 3-0, change court," said the referee

"Disappearing Serve" said Fuji

Making Rumika have a long rally, but

"Tsubame Gaeshi" said Fuji

Just like Hakugei she barely or being lucky to return it, this continues on

"Game won by Rumika, 4-0, change court," said the referee

'Looks like it's time to return them one by one' said Rumika mentally

Rumika serve a normal serve, then

"Hakugei" said Fuji

"Hey Syu-kun, there's still a way to return your Triple Counters, let me show you" said Rumika

Rumika hit it fast enough to hit the ball as it flies back to Fuji's side court.

"15-love," said the referee

"Wow, what an amazing player," said junior three

Rumika serve a normal serve, then

"Tsubame Gaeshi" said Fuji

Rumika hit it before it touches the ground and return it to Fuji's side court

"30-love," said the referee

"Even that move, what a monster," said junior four

Rumika serve a normal serve, until Fuji lob a ball and Rumika smash it towards Fuji's side court

"Higuma Otoshi" said Fuji

But Rumika hits a cord ball to change the trajectory of her smash, therefore altering the position of Fuji's lob and forcing the ball out.

"40-love," said the referee

"And that's the last one of Fuji-senpai Triple Counters" said junior five

Making everyone be amazed and excited to watch the match more

'I didn't know someone will be able to seal all my Triple Counters in a game before. Looks like I need to be more careful next time for you Ru-chan' said Fuji mentally

"Shadow Serve"said Rumika

Making Fuji unable to return that serve

"Game won by Rumika, 5-0, change court," said the referee

"Disappearing Serve" said Fuji

Rumika keeps on return Fuji Disappearing serve until

"Hey, Syu-kun for the last point, I want to show you something as a gift of never giving up on fighting against me, but after this you must get stronger before we face again" said Rumika

Then Fuji serve a normal serve towards Rumika, then

"Angel Breathe" said Rumika

Rumika return it with a bright light, making everyone be temporarily blind for a minute. After a minute they can see again, but what surprises them is an illusion of an angel beside Rumika in her court side. After that they see Fuji's side court were a worn tennis ball is beside Fuji's foot

"Game and set, won by Rumika, 6-0," said the referee

Both of them made a handshake in the middle of the court and both raise their hands up in the sky. Thus making everyone who watches the match be amaze and surpise of an amazing match

"That was a great match Syu-kun" said Rumika

"Yeah, next time I won't lose to you," said Fuji




"I have asked this man to prepare a special training menu." said Ryuzaki-sensei

Then later..

"EHHHH!" said the whole regular

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