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Hell training

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Both of them made a handshake in the middle of the court and both raise their hands up in the sky. Thus making everyone who watches the match be amaze and surpise of an amazing match

"That was a great match Syu-kun" said Rumika

"Yeah, next time I won't lose to you," said Fuji

~ END ~


Ryoma and Rumika's position as a regular is set.


"Game and set, won by Kaidoh, 7-5" said the referee

"Game and set, won by Fuji, 6-0" said the referee

Kaidoh and Fuji will both be taking the two remaining spots, by defeating both Inui and Kawamura out of the regulars.


"Too bad, Kawamura and Inui" said Oishi

"Yeah, I can't even win a point against Fuji" said Kawamura

"And also, that guy's tennis skills have exceeded my data ( while looking at Kaidoh ). This school will become stronger, " said Inui

"Yeah," said Oishi

With this, all the eight regular members have been chosen

( Picture of The Official Regulars )

~ Captain Tezuka Kunimitsu ( 3rd year ) ~

~ Vice Captain Oishi Shuichiro ( 3rd year ) ~

~ Fuji Syusuke ( 3rd year ) ~

~ Kikumaru Eiji ( 3rd year ) ~

~ Momoshiro Takeshi ( 2nd year ) ~

~ Kaidoh Kaoru ( 2nd year ) ~

~ Echizen Ryoma ( 1st year ) ~

~ Echizen Rumika ( 1st year ) ~


"I can't stand it," said junior one

"Can't win against a regular member," said junior two

Both of them didn't notice Oishi pass by

"Ryoma, write down both yours and Rumika's size," said Oishi

"Size?" said Ryoma

"Ah! the regular jacket order," said Mizuno

"That's right.. your names will be stitched on, so it has to be specially ordered" said Horio

"Whoa.. that's so cool," said Katou

"hmm" said Ryoma



Sakuno is waiting outside for Ryoma then she heard

"Both you and Rumika are really amazing," said Katou

"Wearing that jacket even though you're only a first year student " said Mizuno

"When will I be able to wear it?" said Katou

"What?, when the current seniors graduate" said Horio

"Ah! Ryuzaki-san" said Horio and Mizuno

"Something wrong?" said Katou

"Umm..Ryoma-kun.. regular member,"said Sakuno

"Ah! Ryoma-sama!, w-why are you already here Sakuno?" said Tomoka

Tomoka is running towards the group

"Ryoma-sama, I wanted to congratulate you on becoming a regular member. For real, as your fan club's president.. I'm ecstatic!. You too, right Sakuno?" said Tomoka

"Yeah! Ryoma-kun becoming a regular member,"said Sakuno

"That's right, why don't we go somewhere?. To celebrate Ryoma-sama becoming a regular member.. Let's party!, Party!" said Tomoka

"Right now?" said Mizuno

"How can we not celebrate such an exciting day. Ah..huh?" said Tomoka

Tomoka now notice Ryoma already left and she see he was walking away

"Ah..Ryoma-sama, wait!" said Tomoka

"Ryoma-kun" said the freshmen trio

All of them went to chase Ryoma leaving Sakuno behind

"Umm..Ryoma-kun..Umm"said Sakuno



Inui is the only one left in the changing room when he heard a knock on the door, when he open it

"Rumika, what is it?"said Inui

"Can I also help you in creating training sessions for the regulars, please ( smile )"said Rumika

"Of course,"said Inui

"Thanks Inui-senpai"said Rumika

Then Rumika went to Ryuzaki-sensei to report


"All according to the plan?, hmm"said Ryuzaki-sensei

"Hai, all according to plan," said Rumika

"Excellent," said Ryuzaki-sensei

Then both laugh imagining the faces of each Tennis Club members, especially The Regulars faces

"I need to go, I promise Kawamura-senpai to train him" said Rumika

"Thanks for helping him train," said Ryuzaki-sensei


Kawamura and Rumika are playing tennis, after playing

"Kawamura-senpai, let's practice again tomorrow, so that by the next ranking tournament you will be a regular again" said Rumika

"Why are you doing this?"said Kawamura

"It's a secret and you will know eventually"said Rumika

"Alright and thank you for training me"said Kawamura

"You're welcome, senpai"said Rumika

Then both leave the court to change, and then Rumika leaves the school, noticing Sakuno being left out by the group

"Hey, Sakuno want to hang out with me?"said Rumika

"Ah..okay and congratulations on being a regular"said Sakuno

"Thank you, Sakuno ( smile )"said Rumika

Along the way, they talk about girls stuff, then Rumika treat Sakuno in a fast food after that they say goodbye to each other and went home



Sakuno is walking in hall practicing her speech

"Ryoma-kun, congratulations on becoming a regular member"said Sakuno

After that, she went looking for Ryoma


"Ryoma?" said Inui

While holding the electric blender

"Yes, since he became a regular member. I thought even during lunchtime, he would be at practice" said Sakuno

"He didn't come here. If he did, he should be at the courts" said Inui

"Thank you so much," said Sakuno


"Ryoma?"said Momoshiro

"No, we haven't seen him," said Oishi

"Is that so?" said Sakuno

"What? Are you confessing your love to him?" said Momoshiro

"That's not it!" said Sakuno

"Hmm.. They're so young... Being young is great," said Momoshiro

Then Oishi hit Momoshiro on his head

"There's only a year's difference between you guys," said Oishi

"Umm.. Senpais are so serious.. even during lunch, gathering here in the court," said Sakuno

"That's not true, it's to pass the time," said Momoshiro

"Our club members have a lot of free time. Momo, let's begin, " said Oishi

Then both went to have a match against each other while Sakuno watch in amazement. After that, she walks around to find Ryoma.

"The regular members are just too amazing," said Sakuno

Then a fast ball hit a wall, that is near Sakuno

"Ah!, I'm sorry!" said Sakuno

She then run away from a starlted Kaidoh

"Ryoma-kun, where are you practicing" said Sakuno

Then she continues to run in finding Ryoma, but she didn't know Ryoma was just sleeping on the rooftop of the school



Kawamura and Rumika are playing tennis, after playing Rumika give advice on the technique of Kawamura

"Thank you again for training me,"said Kawamura

"You're welcome, senpai"said Rumika


"SEIGAKU!" said Horio

"Fight O, Fight O, Fight O!" said the whole club member

"Freshmen, your voices are too low! " said Oishi

"Hai!" said the freshmen trio

"It looks like the senpais have become more motivated" said Katou

"Of course," said Horio

"Soon, it'll be time for regional competition, " said Mizuno

"In spite of that, you guys really have nothing to do, sightseeing again? ( Toward Sakuno and Tomoka )" said Horio

"It's not sightseeing. It's cheering. Cheering!" said Tomoka

While both of them argue, Sakuno see both twins are helping each other in stretching

"Ah!, there they are, especially my prince" said Tomoka

Then a loud voice making them turn to the other side

"What are you doing?!. Don't take your eye off the ball!" said Ryuzaki-sensei

Then Ryuzaki-sensei serve toward the two junior, who is on the other side of the net, making both of them miss two balls

"One more time!" said Ryuzaki-sensei

"Sakuno, your grandma is scary," said Tomoka

"That's not true.. usually.." said Sakuno

"Alright everyone, gather up!" said Tezuka

Everyone line up, the first line are regulars, second line are seniors and juniors, and third line freshmen.

"I shouldn't have to say it, but.. the regionals are right around the corner. The eight chosen regulars at the ranking tournament. They will have to train hard in preparation for the tournament. The level of tennis at all the other schools has increased. ( Look at both the twins in the court ) Therefore, don't take it lightly. Adjourned!" said Ryuzaki-sensei

"Well then, the practice will continue. Second and third year members in Court C. Court A and B will be for the regular members," said Tezuka

"Finally!"said Kikumaru

"Wait a minute, for the regular members," said Ryuzaki-sensei

Then someone went inside the court with a box in hand

"I have asked this man to prepare a special training menu." said Ryuzaki-sensei

'I have to act like them or the plan will fail' said Rumika mentally

"Inui/ Inui-senpai" said the whole regular

"Yo!" said Inui

Then he put the box down

"To survive until the national tournament. First of all, we must train our footwork. 'Power ankle,' adding two 250g training weights. Including the socks, will weight 1kg. That's not a lot of weight. Furthermore, many red, blue, yellow cones..Along with color-coded red, blue, and yellow balls have been prepared." said Inui

"Hmm.. I see,"said Kikumaru

"Make an error and it's over. Here it goes, Eiji." said Inui

Then Inui serve, while Kikumaru slowly distinguish what color is on the ball

"Red!"said Kikumaru

Then hit a red cone

"Great control,"said Sakuno

"Blue!"said Kikumaru

Then hit a blue cone, the ball shows the color of blue

"It's sure awesome. After Inui hit the ball, he can distinguish the color right away,"said Oishi

Then both watch Inui serve again

"Yellow!"said Kikumaru

Then hit a yellow cone

"Sending it back to the same cone. Being able to distinguish the colors while moving is a skill that can't be matched"said Oishi

"That's not true,"said Fuji

"Eh!" said Oishi

"Look.. the next court.. he's"said Fuji

Then both of them watch Ryoma doing the same

"Blue!"said Ryoma

Then hit a blue cone

"Red!"said Ryoma

Then hit a red cone, making Oishi hang his mouth, because of shock, while Fuji just smile at the situation before him.

"Sakuno, that's not just hitting. Look, he's aiming for the same color as the weights"said Tomoka

"Good observation, Tomoka"said Rumika

"Thanks,"said Tomoka

Then all of them continue to observe the play of Ryoma and Kikumaru

"Is that possible?"said Sakuno

"It's possible, if your eyesight is sharp"said Rumika

"Both are pretty good, aren't they?" said Ryuzaki-sensei

"But, it gradually.."said Inui

They both see Ryoma and Kikumaru feeling the weights

"The feel of 1kg on their legs,"said Inui

"Is it possible, that Ryoma forgets to take off his accessory weights"said Rumika mentally

"Suddenly my feet feel heavier, I see.. this might be tough,"said Kikumaru

Then Inui continues to serve

"Red!"said Kikumaru

"Isn't that blue?"said Inui

"Huh,liar!"said Kikumaru

Then Kikumaru hit, it is the side, revealing the color red

"What is this?!, it was red after all!, Inui! that's not fair... you cheater!"said Kikumaru

"If you lose your stamina, your judgement will also be impaired"said Inui

Shocking both Ryoma and Kikumaru of what Inui said

"Kikumaru, switch positions!, by the way, I forgot to tell you, those who made errors will drink Inui's special vegetable juice"said Inui

Making Kikumaru nervous, while the rest of the regular except for Rumika was nervous as well

"What's in that?"said Kikumaru

"Food, don't worry about it ( evil smile ). The taste has been thoroughly adjusted! ( glint of the glasses )"said Inui

After that Kikumaru drink it all up, making the regular especially Oishi worried of Kikumaru, After drinking it.

"Blah!, What is this?!, Water!, Water!, Water!"said Kikumaru

After that Kikumaru run toward the drinking fountain, while Ryoma is pretty shocked by what happen to Kikumaru, then he looks at her twin sister

'Rumika, don't tell me you share your recipe of dangerous juice to Inui-senpai' said Ryoma mentally

When Rumika saw what Ryoma expression was, she just gives him an innocent smile

'Mission Accomplish, Ryuzaki-sensei' said Rumika mentally

Then look at Ryuzaki-sensei and smile evilly at Ryuzaki-sensei, Because of this Ryuzaki-sensei understand what Rumika's message

'Make Ryoma drink it, okay' said Ryuzaki-sensei

Then Ryuzaki-sensei serve, while Ryoma is still thinking of a reason of his sisters plan

"Ryoma!" said Ryuzaki-sensei

Making Ryoma miss the ball, and also drink the juice. After drinking, he also run towards the drinking fountain, while the regular just watch Ryoma run.

"What are you doing? Next Oishi" said Ryuzaki-sensei

' Can't make a mistake' said Oishi mentally

"Red!"said Oishi

Then hit a red cone

"Blue!"said Oishi

Then hit a blue cone

"Ah.. Oishi-senpai is good.. He's skilled."said Tomoka

"No wonder he's the Vice-President, he's not flashy, but very reliable"said Horio

Then he felt the weight, making him hit the ball towards the wire fence. Making him another victim of the juice. Just like Ryoma and Kikumaru, he also run.

"Next Momoshiro" said Ryuzaki-sensei

"Red!"said Momoshiro

Then hit a red cone roughly

"As expected.. "said Horio

"Momo-chan-senpai is a powerhouse."said Katou

"Blue!"said Momoshiro

Making him miss hit the cone and making him another victim of the juice, then also runs

"Next Kaidoh" said Ryuzaki-sensei

Kaidoh uses Snake to return the ball towards the red cone

"It's Snake"said Mizuno

"As expected.. Kaidoh-senpai"said Horio

"Red"said Kaidoh

But the ball turns out to be blue. Making him another victim. After drinking, he slowly and calmly walks, but while walking, he can't take the taste anymore and also run

"Even Kaidoh-senpai couldn't take it,"said Horio

"Inui-senpai's fearful veggie juice,"said Mizuno

While the freshmen trio talk, they didn't notice Fuji is already playing.

"Ah! Fuji-senpai also made a mistake!"said Katou

"Fuji! You did it on purpose!"said Kikumaru

"Yeah, I want to drink it at least once,"said Fuji

After drinking it

"This is quite good, I recommend it,"said Fuji

Making everyone except Rumika sweatdrop at the comment

'Eh, someone else besides me like my juice' said Rumika mentally

"Stop lying!"said Kikumaru

"Wow.. Fuji-senpai"said Katou

"Someone more fearful exists,"said Mizuno

"Next Tezuka" said Ryuzaki-sensei

Tezuka hit them perfectly, making no mistake

"Next Rumika" said Ryuzaki-sensei

'Let the acting begin' said Rumika mentally

"Blue!"said Rumika

Then hit a blue cone

"Red!"said Rumika

Then hit a red cone

"Yellow!"said Rumika

Then hit a yellow cone

"Wow!, Rumika is hitting it flawlessly"said Katou

Everyone agreed with the statement. While they are busy commenting

'It's time to make mistakes' said Rumika mentally

Then Rumika purposely miss hit the cone, making her a victim. After drinking the juice

"Eh, Inui-senpai, what did you add to my recipe to be this good"said Rumika

"EHHHH!"said by everyone inside the court

"I knew it!, why the hell did you share your deadly juice to Inui-senpai" said Ryoma

"Hey!, my juice isn't that bad right, everyone ( evil smile )" said Rumika

Then she looks at everyone, then back at Ryoma

"Now tell me, why the hell did you share your deadly juice to Inui-senpai" said Ryoma

"Simple to help the team get stronger. By helping Inui-senpai create an interesting training session for the regulars ( smile )" said Rumika

Then she looks at Inui

"So, what did you add?" said Rumika

Then Inui whispers to Rumika

"Ah!, so that's how, thanks for the information ( smile )" said Rumika

Then Rumika whisper to Inui, After that both of them laugh

'Never make Rumika help Inui/ Inui-senpai, again' said by everyone inside the court mentally

"Everyone did better than I thought. Kikumaru, you have a habit of losing your grip during your shot. That'll improve if you develop your forearm muscles. Oishi and Kaidoh have to work on their forward/ backward movement. Fuji has to work on their left/right dash. You need to develop your quadriceps and triceps muscles." said Inui

"Where are those muscles?" said by Kikumaru, Oishi, and Kaidoh

"Momoshiro, your accuracy will improve if you hold your shots to 70% of your full strength." said Inui

"Yes," said Momoshiro

"Tezuka did well in not missing any, but he needs more flexibility. Your expression is too cold." said Inui

Making the regular laugh at that comment

"And last and not the least, the Echizen twins will start with two glasses of milk a day." said Inui

"Even if we drink a lot of milk," said Rumika

"We won't grow that fast," said Ryoma

"Drink it," said the whole regular

"Inui's recommending it. There's been no mistake," said Tezuka

"He tested it on himself already," said Ryuzaki-sensei

"Back to the subject, let's add one more block." said Inui

"Wait a sec, Inui" said Fuji

"Five weights are okay, It's the same as yours, Inui-senpai" said Rumika

"We're going to eventually end up with five weights, right Inui-senpai" said Momoshiro

"I don't even mind six weights" said Ryoma

"No, for regular.. up to 10 weights" said Inui

Making some regular to stop walking and shock of what they heard.

"It's not funny, you.." said Kikumaru

Making both Ryuzaki-sensei and Rumika at their situation

"By increasing our stamina, our skill improves several fold, right Ryuzaki-sensei"said Rumika

"As always, good observation" said Ryuzaki-sensei

'But their greatest weapon is themselves' said Ryuzaki-sensei mentally

Then Rumika see Tezuka

"Tezuka-buchou, there's no need to strain yourself" said Rumika

"Eh, as expected your eyes are sharper than before. Anyway, think of the future and your rehabilitation, Tezuka"said Ryuzaki-sensei

"Ryuzaki-sensei is right,buchou," said Rumika

"But right now, I'm only thinking of winning the tournament with them." said Tezuka

'Eh, buchou is like Yamato YĆ«dai, wait a sec, he told me he graduated at SEIGAKU... EHH!, don't tell me another pillar. Looks like I need to wake buchou being a pillar, just like Yamato" said Rumika mentally

'How do we have so many people who hate to lose on one team?' said Ryuzaki-sensei mentally

"Alright! resuming practice. The goal is to be number one out of all the junior high schools." said Tezuka

"SEIGAKU!" said Horio

"Fight O, Fight O, Fight O!" said the whole club member

After practice both twins go to a shop to get their regular jacket



"What?! Isn't there some kind of mistake?, those are SMALL SIZE!"said worker one

"I've been making Seigaku jackets all my life, but this is a first time for a two small size" said worker two

Then the door bell

"Welcome," said worker two

"We came to get our jacket, Seigaku regular jacket ( smile )" said Rumika

"Ah!, here you go," said worker one

"Thank you," said the twins unison

Then both leave a shock shop worker


Sakuno is walking in the direction of the twins. While walking, she remembers



"Sure is awesome.. Seigaku's regulars are.. what's wrong Katou"said Horio

"Ryoma and Rumika are actually following the same training,"said Katou

"It feels like they are in another world,"said Mizuno


After that, she notice to see both twins came from a clothes shop.

"Ryoma and Rumika"said Sakuno

"Sakuno" said Rumika

Then she went toward them

"Those are regular member's jacket?"said Sakuno

"Yup, it just got made," said Rumika

"Yeah, it's great!. Umm, Ryoma-kun, why don't you show me how it looks?"said Sakuno

"I'll wear it in tomorrow's practice," said Ryoma

"Ah.. okay.. that's true.. I'm sorry."said Sakuno

"Ryoma, wear it or else" said Rumika whisper in the ear of Ryoma

'GULP!' said Ryoma mentally

Then Ryoma did what Rumika want and wear it infront of Sakuno

"Yeah, it's perfect." said Ryoma

Making Sakuno happy at seeing Ryoma wear the regular jacket.

"Ryoma-kun, I wanted to congratulate you on becoming a regular."said Sakuno

"Thank you," said Ryoma

Then all of them walk toward home


When both twins return,

"Hey brats, play with your father for a while" said Nanjiro

"Hai" said the twin in unison

They played with their father at the tennis court located in the temple. The first match is between Ryoma and Nanjiro until

"Game and set, won by Old man, 6-0" said Rumika

"Hime-chan, don't call your father an Old Man! ( fake tear )" said Nanjiro

"No way, OLD MAN" said Rumika

'And it suits you well, as in a perverted old man. Blame it all to your porn magazine' said Rumika mentally

"Fine, let's settle this through tennis, if I win you will call me, Father, but if I lose you can call me Old man, is it a deal?" said Nanjiro

"Deal, and Ryoma, will be the referee for this match" said Rumika

"( sigh ) Alright," said Ryoma

Rumika and Nanjiro played without holding back the result

"Game and set, won by Rumika, 6-0" said Ryoma

"Deal is a deal, OLD MAN" said Rumika

"Wait, Hime-chan, let's have a rematch, please ( puppy dog eyes )" said Nanjiro

"No way, OLD MAN" said Rumika

After that they eat dinner together. When Rumika went to her room, to prepare for sleep, but after a while, her cellphone vibrated, telling her a new message.

To: Hime-sama

We need to meet Hime-sama, It's about the information that you need to meet me at _____Cafe at ________

From: _______

After reading

'Alright, let's meet, it's about time I get that information' said Rumika mentally

She sent a reply towards the mystery person and went to sleep.



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