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When Shiloh Meets WiL

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In chapter one, Shiloh Craven meets WiL from William Control

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"Shiloh! Andy is here for you!" I heard Shannon shout from downstairs. I finished up some work on my laptop before running downstairs and embracing Andy with a big hug. I hadn't seen him in forever.
"Hey Shi. I've missed you." He said as he let go from the hug
"I've missed you too. How was the tour?" I asked excitedly. I love hearing about other bands tours.
"It was amazing! Australia puts on a great fucking show!" I could tell by the way he was talking that it was the best tour yet.
"I bet they do. We still need to go on tour together. Now that would be pretty amazing." We've been wanting to go on a tour together for ages. I'll be surprised when we actually do, if we ever do.
"We will sometime I promise. Hey do you want to come to a party tonight at my place?" He asked with the dorky smile he usually has when he wants to hang out. He's been into me for a while. He's really sweet, to bad I don't have the same feelings for him. I totally want to go though, I could use some fun and take a break from work.
"Hell yeah! What time?"
"Well go get ready and we'll head over right now." Andy said as he shook his car keys. I immediately ran upstairs to get ready. I straightened my hair first, my long black and blond hair always looks amazing when it's straightened. i then did my make up like I usually do, black eyeliner and black eye shadow. I changed from my sweat pants into my favorite pair of purple skinny jeans and from my tank top into my Asking Alexandria tee shirt. Then I went downstairs and put on my converse and checkered belt. Andy was amazed at how fast I got ready.
"Well I don't take hours to do my hair like you do." i said and stuck my tongue out at him
"Shut up." He mumbled and lowered his head. I grabbed his arm and pulled him out the door after I told Shannon I'd be back later. We made it to his house about an hour later after we picked up Ashley, Jinx, and Cassie. Jake and Christian were going to meet us there. I was so happy to see Cassie there with Ashley. I managed to get them together after months of them obsessing over each other. They've been together since. Cassie has been my best friend since junior high. She stuck by my side through everything including moving to Hollywood and becoming so famous so fast. Now she lives here with Ashley and we are always together. After a while guests started arriving. I knew most of the people there but there were a few people I didn't know.
There was this mysterious guy walking around that caught my eye. He wasn't really hanging out or talking with anyone. He mostly talked to Andy, Jinx, Christian, Jake, and Ashley. I don't know what it was but there was something about him that held my attention. he was wearing a Gothic Victorian suit with converse. His hair was slicked back and he had amazing green eyes. He held a cigarette in his left hand and from the looks of it he was covered in tattoos. For some strange reason I couldn't stop watching him.
I eventually found Andy outside buy the pool. There were a lot of people there making conversation. I could hear Andy complaining about his hair so I couldn't help but tease him.
"Oh no! Andy your hair! It's flat!" The sarcastic in my voice was at an all time high
"Yea I know." He said with a glare
"You better go spend hours fixing it before you get too upset." I added in a pout face
" Keep making fun of me and I'll throw you in the pool."
"Do it and I'll cut your hair while you're sleeping." I narrowed my eyes
He pushed me towards the pool, "oh yea? I'd like to see you try."
I turned around to try and grab him just as he pushed me, hoping to pull him in with me, but someone got in the way and I ended up pulling them in with me. I met with the water fast. I was going to kick Andy's ass as soon as I got out of the pool. When i surfaced the water i noticed it was really quiet.I rubbed my eyes and looked around. Everyone was shocked,k their eyes bulging out of their skulls. I turned my head to see who I pulled in with me. Andy was standing about me trying not to laugh. The guy next to me didn't seem to happy. It was the mysterious guy.He had eyeliner running down his face and he looked pretty pissed. We got out of the pool with Andy's help.
"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to pull you in!" I kept apologizing be he ignored me which was kind of irritating me. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and pulled one out of the box. It was soaking wet and fell apart. He then started to glare at me with this look...a look of "I'm going to kill you for ruining my smokes." That irritated me even more
I shied away and said sorry again just as Ashley walked up to him.
"Come on WiL. You can borrow some of my clothes." He pulled WiL away into the house. I swear he was glaring at me the whole way there.
Andy Handed me a towel then offered to take me to get some of his clothes. We are pretty much the same size so I accepted the offer after I slugged him in the arm and yelled at him.
"I can't believe you pulled WiL into the pool." he said with a cheeky smile
I glared at him "I was trying to get you, he walked in front of me it's his fault. I can't believed you pushed me in!" Andy just laughed at that. "Who is that guy anyway?" I got a weird feeling in my stomach when I asked.
"That's WiL from William Control and Aiden, he toured with me last year, and you fucked up his cigarettes." I rolled my eyes, if it was that big of a deal then I would just buy him a new pack and properly introduce myself.
"Fine I'll just buy him a new pack then jeez."
"You'd do that? I thought you hated cigarettes?" He asked surprised
"I do, but if he is so upset about it then I'll buy him more, and then apologize and introduce myself." I said with a smile
We continued walking to Andy's room. As we were walking we passed Ashley's room and I over heard him and WiL talking.
"That fucking bitch! I can't believe she did that!" WiL was shouting
"Hey man chill, it was just an accident." Ashley said in my defense
"I don't care! My clothes are soaked, my phone is probably broken, and look at my cigarettes." I heard him sigh. I was starting to feel bad. I didn't notice that I had stopped by the door to listen. Andy pushed me forward towards his room.
"Don't listen to him." He said with a half smile.
Before we left I heard Ashley say something. I wasn't sure what he said but WiL said "I'm sure she is but I don't care at the moment."
I was still irritated with Andy for pushing me in the pool, so I picked out his best clothes and decided to wear those to irritate him.
"I didn't like what he said." I said to Andy from behind the bathroom door
"He didn't mean it. He's just mad." he replied
"Still though, that hurt my feelings."
Andy laughed, "yea right, it takes a lot to hurt your feelings."
"Not when it comes from a complete stranger who doesn't even know me." I opened the door and threw the towel at Andy's face
He stared at me with a weird look, "what?" I asked
"You look hot in my clothes." He winked
I laughed "oh shut up. Grab your keys and take me to the store."
"Why? I have to tend to my guests." He motioned downstairs
"You threw me in the pool and made me piss off that guy, you owe me as much as to take me to the store."
"Fine." He said like a little kid who didn't want to clean their room
On my way down the hall I accidentally bumped into WiL. If I kept this up he was definitely going to hate me
"Oh sorry." I said
He turned to walk away, "hey! you don't have to be a complete dick you know!" I shouted after him
He turned and looked at me. "How am I being a dick exactly?" He asked
"You're acting like a child just because your smokes got ruined. I didn't pull you into the pool on purpose. You shouldn't have walked in front of me like that."
"Whatever." He said as he turned to go back downstairs
"I said sorry!" I shouted after him, he ignored me
I met Andy outside by his car. He was on the phone. It sounded like he was talking to WiL by the sound of it. "Well you can stay the night if you want, that way you can go home with your own clothes instead of Ashley's." He opened my door for me
I got in and slammed the door behind me. Andy went around and got in the drivers side and put on his seat belt. He waited til he hung up to put the keys in the ignition.
"Would you like to stay the night to?" He asked me
"Yes please. Jared would kill me if I went home in your clothes."
"I still can't believe your dating him." He said and pulled out of the drive way
"We are not having this conversation again. Is WiL staying the night too?"
"Yes he is. Give you enough time to get him on your good side."
"He's probably going to kill me while I'm sleeping." I said and looked out the window. It looked like it was about to rain.
"He's not that mad at you. He'll forgive you, no worries." We left the conversation at that. A couple minutes later we pulled up to a gas station. I ran inside to get some cigarettes. When I saw them all I realized I had a problem, I didn't notice what kind of cigarettes he was smoking.
"Shit." I thought to myself, "If I get the wrong kind he might just get even more pissed off." I didn't want to go back outside to ask Andy if he knew what kind WiL smoked. So I simply asked for Marlboro 100 Lights. The lady at the register handed them to me after I paid and I ran back to the car. We headed back to Andy's house to finish up the party.
When it got late everyone left except for WiL, Cassie, Ashley, Jinx, and myself. Andy offered for me to sleep in his room. I told him I'd except if he promised not to be a freak about it. Cassie and Ashley Stayed in Ashley's room and Jinx, and WiL stayed downstairs on the couches. I was exhausted and decided I would give WiL his cigarettes tomorrow morning after he cools off.
I had gone downstairs to get a drink after everyone had gone to bed. On my way back to Andy's room I noticed that WiL was still awake. I was planning on walking past him but stopped instead.
"Goodnight WiL." I said with a slight smile and went back upstairs. I thought I heard him say goodnight too but I was walking to fast to notice.
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