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Hidden Feelings

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Shiloh and WiL can't admit they like each other

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I woke up early the next morning. I walked around the house to see if anyone else was awake. Everyone was asleep except for Cassie. So we decided to go outside and hang out so we wouldn't wake anyone up.
Before I went outside I set WiL's cigarettes on the coffee table next to his phone where he would be able to see them when he woke up.
The first thing Cassie said to me when I walked out was about WiL. "You seem into him."
"How?" I asked shocked that she had said that.
"Oh come on Shi, I know you. I know you love tattoos, you're into the whole Gothic stuff which he seems to be into as well, you were staring at him a lot during the party last night," I blushed at that. I hadn't realized that I was staring at him at all last night. "you bought him new cigarettes, which you wouldn't have done for anyone else. Should I go on?"
"No, and I'm not into him. He's just, different. He's interesting. That doesn't mean I'm into him." I started kicking a rock on the ground.
"Sure it doesn't. So I saw the biggest bug the other day. It was so ugly! I looked like a giant black pimple!" I started laughing my ass off. One thing you should know about Cassie is that she is crazy and random. When ever we are together you can always expect something crazy to happen. I'm usually pretty mellow but when I'm with her I get pretty crazy myself.
"Don't laugh! It was scary!" the look she had on her face made me laugh even more.
"Oh Cassie I just love you." I said with a giggle.
"Aww, I love you too, even if you are into a guy with a bunch of tattoos." I rolled my eyes and picked up a soccer ball I found next to the pool and kicked it to her.
WiL walked out moments later with a cigarette in his mouth. I smiled at that. I hope that he hadn't heard what Cassie just said.
"Hey" I said with a smile
He took the cigarette out of his mouth. "Thanks, but you didn't need to buy me a new pack."
"You're welcome. I felt like buying you a new one so deal with it." I smiled and stuck out my hand "I'm Shiloh by the way."
He took my hand "WiL. Nice to meet you." He let go and put the cigarette back in his mouth and leaned against the house. He watched Cassie and I kick the ball around.
Ashley came out not to long after that and gave Cassie a kiss. I looked at her with a cheesy smile and she blushed.
"You're mean." She said and kicked the ball over to me
I kicked it back a little bit harder. "What did I do?"
"You pulled WiL into the pool!" She stuck her tongue out and kicked the ball back over. This time her shoe had flown off. I watched as it was flying towards WiL. It looked like it was going to hit him for sure.
WiL saw it coming and moved just in time. The shoe had barely missed his face and struck the house behind him and plopped to the ground. He looked at the ground where it had landed then back up at us.
I looked at Cassie, "and you almost killed him with our shoe!." I pointed at WiL as I said this.
"Sorry!" She said and ran over to give WiL a hug. He looked surprised and didn't know what to do so he just stood there. She put her shoe back on and ran over by me. She almost knocked me over in the process.
"First the pool and now the shoe. You guys must really have it out for me." WiL said jokingly as he took a drag of his cigarette.
"No! You just got in my way when I tried to grab Andy." I pointed at Cassie, "and she is just a klutz." I giggled
"Hey!" she glared
"What are you going to do about it?" I challenged
She did a ninja pose and I mimicked it and added a little ninja sound to go with it. We then started to play fight with our hands like little kids, giggling the whole time.
"Your girlfriend is weird." WiL said to Ashley
"Yeah I know, that's why I love her so much." He said with a smile.
"Oh my god!" I stopped messing around with Cassie and ran over to Ashley. He and WiL looked startled. "Do you still have all that silly string in your room?" I asked excitedly
"Yea why?" He looked confused
I grabbed Cassie's wrist and pulled her inside, she grabbed Ashley and pulled him with us.
"Come on WiL!" I shouted behind us. I was surprised that he was actually following behind.
We went into Ashley's room and I picked up a couple of bottles of silly string.
"This is payback for Andy." I said and walked over to WiL to hand him a bottle.
"No thanks." He said
I just stood there and stared at him with my arms folded.
He sighed, "fine." and took the bottle of silly string.
I headed towards Andy's room.
"Andy!" I screamed and jumped on top of him. We all started to spray him with silly string as soon as he woke up. He took the bottle out of my hands and I immediately got off the bed. We all ran downstairs with Andy following close behind us. Cassie tossed me another bottle of silly string as soon as we got outside. We all started to spray one another.
"WiL grab her!" Andy shouted and WiL proceeded to hold me down.
"You're suppose to be on my side!" I turned and sprayed him directly in the face. I stopped when I noticed that it was going into his mouth. I tried not to laugh at him.
He spit it out and looked up at me. "That doesn't taste very good." I smiled and tried not to laugh. We held each others gaze for a moment. I felt my cheeks getting warm and I didn't know why. Before WiL could notice Andy came over and sprayed us with string. We sprayed him back as we ran away.
"What the hell?" C.C said from the door way. A moment later he started to laugh and took a picture of us. We looked at each other and started to laugh when we realized why C.C had been laughing. We were all covered in red, blue, green, and purple silly string from head to toe. I took some pictures of us all as well.
Cassie and I stood by the pool talking when when Ashley, WiL, and Andy came over and pushed us both in. "Oh, now it's on." I thought to myself. I got out of the pool and went after WiL. I pushed him towards the water. "This time it's not an accident!" I said and pushed him in. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in with him. As soon as we surfaced the water I dunked his head back underneath and swam to the edge. I got out and noticed that Cassie had managed to get Ashley into the pool. Now they were trying to get Andy in too. I went over and tried to help them. He was pretty strong for a skinny twig.
WiL came over and put Andy over his should and then jumped into the pool.
"Hell yeah!" I laughed, it was about time that Andy ended up in the pool.
"We make a great team." Cassie said and gave Ashley and I a high five.
"Nice job WiL." I said and helped him out of the pool. He smiled up at me.
I looked at the pool and felt sorry for who ever had to clean it. It was filled with silly string and there was silly string all over the patio.
C.C brought us all out some towels and Jinx followed with a look of confusion on his face.
"What did I miss?" He asked.
"A silly string and pool party you lame ass. That's what you get for sleeping in so late." I said as I sat at the patio table next to WiL and Andy. They were both smoking and the smell of it was disgusting. "Why do you guys like smoking so much? It's so gross."
"They are good." Andy said
"They relieve stress." WiL added in.
"Well you have no reason to be stressed right now, unless you are both upset about your hair being wet. That was pretty fun if you ask me." I said with a smile and played with Andy's lighter.
"Yes, I suppose it was." WiL said as he finished his cigarette and put it in the ash tray. He looked at me and smiled. I couldn't help but smile back and stare at his eyes. It felt like we were looking at each other for a long while then Cassie cleared her throat and I looked over at her. She winked at me and did a thrusting motion with her hips.
"Oh my god." I said and rolled my eyes. I looked at my phone to see what time it was.
"Shit!" I stood up and dialed Shannon's number on my phone.
"What?" Andy asked
"I'm so dead. I'm going to be late."
"Late for what?" Cassie asked
"An interview with Shannon and Jared. They are gonna kill me. Andy are my clothes dry?"
"They should be. I'll go check." He stood up and went inside.
"Go get dressed and I'll give you a ride. I need to get going too." WiL said and followed Andy, to go get his clothes out of the dryer I assume.
"Where the hell are you?" I heard Shannon's voice on the other end.
"Sorry sorry sorry! I'm on my way right now. Am I late?" I rushed inside to get my clothes
"Not yet, you better hurry. You have half an hour to get here." He sounded annoyed
"Ok, I'll be there soon, let Jared know."
"Alright will do. Bye." We both disconnected. I went into the bathroom and changed then met WiL out by his car.
"Thank you so much! I owe you." I said and got in.
"Don't worry about it. Just don't push me into anymore pools." He said with a smile and I giggled a little bit. I gave him the address and I made it there about 15 minutes later.
"Thanks again." I gave him a hug and got out. Jared was waiting for me outside. I waved to WiL as he drove off.
"Who was that? And why is your hair wet." Jared asked "is that silly string in your hair?"
I brushed through my hair to get the silly string out. "That was WiL he was at Andy's party and he offered to give me a ride so I wouldn't be late. And I'll explain the silly string and wet hair after the interview." We rushed inside and got ready.
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