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WiL and Black Veil Brides come over to make an album.

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Now that I thought about it, I thought that that girl was pretty cool. She was nice and she's fucking hot. I hope she didn't see the way I looked at her. I saw the way she looked at me though.
She has a pretty good personality from what i can tell. She's fun, crazy, and different. There was something about her though, I couldn't figure it out. I saw the way she looked at me, but how could she be into me? I mean, I'm covered in tattoos, I'm an ex drug addict, I'm fucking perverted, I love to smoke. How could she like me? She doesn't like me. I don't think I'm anything close to her type.
Is that why she intrigued me? Because I know I can't have her? This is so frustrating. I need some help from Andy or Nicholas. Why the fuck do I feel this way?
I didn't realize it but I had picked up the phone and called Andy.
I took a long drag from my cigarette before he answered.
"Hey man." Andy answered
"What's the story on your friend?" I asked immediately and flicked the ash off the head of the cigarette
"Which one?" He asked with a small laugh. He knew who I was talking about
"The girl with black and blond hair. The one that pulled me into the pool." I smirked thinking about it.
"Oh yeah, that's Shiloh. She's pretty awesome huh?"
"Yeah. Tell me about her." For some reason I was looking at her twitter. Wow, twitter stalking, that's a whole new thing for me. .
"Um, well what do you want to know?" He was texting in the background.
"As much as you can tell me." I started typing a reply to one of Shiloh's pictures on twitter. It was of us all, covered in silly string in Andy's back yard. "Thanks for pushing me into the pool...again." I wrote
"Her name is Shiloh, she's 20 going on 21, she's 5'6", she's into a lot of the same stuff as you, if that gives you an idea. She's in a band too, she plays guitar." He coughed, "she sings too, she has three albums out and she's been in four movies." He went on about her interests and such. He ended with "and I'm pretty sure she's into you." I smiled when I saw that she followed me and replied to my tweet. "You deserved it the second time :P" she responded
"Do you want her number?" Andy got my attention
"What?" I asked
"I said do you want her number?" he asked again "You can ask her to come hang out with us tomorrow or something."
"Yeah that sounds good." I said and put her number into my phone
"Actually I'm going over to her house later f you want to come." He suggested
"Yeah what time?" I asked and walked to the bathroom. I still had silly string in my hair so a good shower sounded nice.
"She has that interview until 1:30. Then I'm assuming she's going to get cleaned up. So I'll pick you up around 2:30 ish." He explained.
"I'll see you then." I said and hung up.
I checked the water to make sure it was warm enough. Then I undressed and climbed into the shower.

Shiloh POV

These interviews were starting to get really annoying. All they ever really ask anymore is about Jared and I. We replied with the same thing every time. "We love each other and we don't care what anyone thinks."
"now Shiloh, I have a question for you." the interviewer stated
I raised my eyebrows at her
"Why are you wet and covered in silly string?" she asked
I leaned back and laughed. "I was at a party last night and this morning we got in a silly string fight. After the silly string fight I got thrown in the pool." I explained
"But your clothes aren't wet." Jared pointed out
"Andy threw me in the pool last night. My clothes got soaked so he let me borrow some of his clothes and he put mine in the dryer. So this morning I was still wearing his clothes when I got thrown in. Then I changed back into mine before I came here." I explained once more
"Oh." Jared nodded. He looked slightly irritated
"Why did he throw you in the pool?" Shannon asked
"Because I was making fun of his hair."
"So Shannon, we hear that you're going to be touring with Antoine Becks soon. Is that true?" she asked him.
"Yes that's true. He's a good friend of mine so I just couldn't say no." he answered
"Do you all miss touring?" She asked us
"I sure as hell do! so much. I love touring. I want to get back on the road man." I said, Shannon agreed with me.
"I'm tired. We just got off a two year tour. I need a break." Jared replied
The interview went on until about 1:20. After we got in the car and headed back home.
"So did you have fun yesterday?" Jared asked me.
"Of course. This morning was really fun. I had a great time." I smiled
"How much was Andy flirting with you?" He looked at me
"Jared not this again. Cassie was there." I said and looked out the window. Jared has been getting really jealous lately and I don't know why. It's bugging me.
"Yeah that makes me feel better." He said as he turned the wheel.
"What's that suppose to mean?" I asked, he was going to piss me off I just knew it.
"That means that I don't trust her. You guys are crazy together. And she is fucking insane." He said and pulled into the drive way. I got out and slammed the door behind me.
"Why are you being such a dick lately? Cassie is my best friend and you can trust her as much as you trust me. And you don't need to be so fucking jealous of my guy friends. Just because they like me and flirt with me doesn't mean I like them and flirt back. It's not them I'm sleeping with, it's you! you're the only one I think about and love with all my heart. So chill the fuck out!" We stood there awkwardly. He didn't say anything so I went inside to get ready for the day. i went to my bathroom to get a shower ready. Jared was standing in the door way when I turned around.
I'm sorry I'm being such an ass. I'm just stressed out." He apologized and looked at me with sad eyes.
"I understand that your stressed. You just need to stop being jealous. You have no reason to be. I love you and only you." I said and kissed his cheek
"I love you more." he said and kissed me
I kissed him back. "Can I shower now?" I asked
"Only if I can join you." He said with a wry smile
I laughed "maybe later. I'm just gonna take a quick one. I need to get ready."
"Ready for what?" He asked and wrapped his arms around my waist
"Andy is going to come hang out. We might work in the studio on my new album. Don't worry" I added, worried that he might end up getting jealous about something.
"Okay." He kissed me again and started to unzip my pants. "I'll at least help you get undressed." He said with that sexy growl of his.


Soon I found myself listening to her music. I found out that she didn't sing for the band, she plays guitar but came out with solo albums. Of course, her band mates were providing the tunes for her. I was surprised to see that her music wasn't what I w\thought it would be. I thought it would be like mine and Andy's. It is alternative rock that's for sure, but I was expecting it to be punk rock, screamo, or hard rock or something. Oh well, I like it either way. She had a great voice and hit the high notes perfectly.
Andy texted me to inform me that he was waiting outside. I shut off my laptop, grabbed my wallet, cigarettes, and phone, locked the door and got into the car.
"Hey bro." Andy greeted me.
"Hey. So what are we doing?" I asked and lit a cigarette
"Going to Shiloh's place to hang out and work on stuff." We came to a stop light and he lit a cigarette as well.
"So explain her to me."
He laughed. "You're really interested in her aren't you?" he asked.
"She's interesting. She's different is all." I said and flicked ash out the window
"Well she joined the band four years ago after she auditioned and made it in. She grew up in Salt Lake with her parents and sister. They had a pretty tough time with her brother and sister. Needless to say because of them she's a bit sensitive when it comes to drugs and people who drink way to much. You'll catch her drinking sometimes but that's only really at parties. But she's really strong. She never lets anyone break her down. It takes a lot to make her crack. She was like us growing up, she got bullied all through school, she was the weird kid with little friends who dressed funny." He inhaled from the cigarette. I did the same. A bellow of smoke left his mouth when he spoke again. "She hates cigarettes," he said with a laugh. "She's a sweetheart though. She's chill but if you fuck with her you're in for a nightmare. Don't talk shit on her friends or family either. She moved here after she joined. Now she lives with Jared, Shannon, and Tomo." He flicked his butt out the window. "Oh and from what i noticed you guys really do have a lot in common. A lot of the same interests and shit."
"Hm," i exhaled smoke, "She sounds pretty cool."
"She really is. That's why I'm not surprised you like her." He turned and pulled into a long driveway
"Uh I don't." I said and threw my butt out the window
"Sure you don't."
I saw a big house at the end of the driveway. It looked really nice on the outside, must be really nice on the inside too. "Wow"
"Nice house right?" he said and stopped at a gate "hey Bubba." he said to this big guy standing by the gate
He waved us through. "They have a security guard?" I couldn't help but ask
"Yea, they used to get a lot of people coming onto the property so they hired him."
We parked behind a nice black car that looked like a T-Bird.
We got out and I followed Andy to the door. There was a dog barking in the window.
Andy knocked on the door and it was followed by more barking.
"Shut up Cobain!" I hear someone shout from the inside and then the door opened. A guy with tattoos and a lot of muscle greeted us.
"Shannon this is WiL, WiL, this is Shannon. He's the drummer."
We shook hands. "Shiloh is in her room." He said and let us inside.
This was a nice house. There was a big living room and right next to it a big kitchen with checkered floors. There was red couches against the wall in front of a big flat screen TV. The living room was pretty big and open, there wasn't much in it. There was a piano against the wall across from the living room. It was a bright house, bright cream colored walls, white and gray carpet. There was a little bit of wood flooring around. There were two stair cases leading to a hallway that came out over the living room like a balcony. There was also a big metal door underneath the balcony. I wonder where that let to.
I followed Andy upstairs. The husky that was barking at the door was now following us and growled at me when I looked at him. Sweet, I can intimidate animals.
I heard distant music growing louder as we neared the top of the stairs. It got louder as we walked down the hall until we got in front of the door where the music was coming from. I knew this was Shiloh's. I heard My Chemical Romance coming from inside. Andy knocked on the door and the music quieted down. Shiloh answered opened the door a moment later.
"Hey!" She said and gave Andy a hug. Then she looked at me "hey?" she said questioningly
"I hope you don't mind that I tagged along." I said
"Oh not at all, but it's going to pretty boring, just working in the studio today." She said and gave me a hug. She smelt so good. I liked the perfume she was wearing. Her nails were freshly painted black and she was wearing black ripped skinny jeans with a blue tank top and Tripp jacket over it.
"Nice jacket." I said, trying not to look at her chest as I looked at it.
She looked at it too, "thanks. I love Tripp."
"I see you as more of a hellbunny type of girl." I suggested
"How'd you know?" She asked with a smile.
I shrugged. "Good guess."
She smiled, "So Andy, do you want to see what I've got so far?"
"Hell to the yes!" he said excitedly and sat down on her bed. She had a black and purple room. Black and purple walls, black wood flooring, black and red speckled curtains over he windows, Living Dead Dolls on a shelf against her wall and the coolest thing I saw there was the big black and red coffin sitting in the corner of her room.
"Holy shit! You have a coffin!?" I asked and stared up at her in amazement.
She handed Andy some papers that looked like songs were written on. "Yeah." She said with a grin and looked over at it. "That was used in one of my new music videos. They wanted to throw it away but I said I'd keep it." She looked at Andy "I figured we could all come up with some pretty good music."
He nodded. "these are really good. You should totally use this as your opening album on our tour." He suggested with a smile
"Yeah, I will if we ever go on that tour. But that was exactly what I was thinking the entire time I was writing them. Perfect type of music too, works perfectly." She said as she sat in a chair by her desk.
I sat down on the bed next to Andy.
"Well lets get the guys over here and into the studio. We'll get the music done as fast as possible." Andy said as he pulled out his cell phone.
"All right, I'll go get the studio ready." She said and stood up. "Want to come?" She asked me. I stood up and followed her down the hallway and down the stairs to the big metal door I saw when I got here. There was a green light on next to it. She opened the door and we went down another set of stairs.
There was a guy sitting at a piano and was singing to some music he was playing.
"Hey Jared, mind if we steal the studio for a bit?" She asked the guy
He looked over at us. "Yeah no problem." He did a double take at me "Who's he?" He asked
Shiloh was turning on the equipment in front of the booths. "WiL, Jared, Jared, WiL." She quickly introduced us and put her attention back on the equipment.
"I thought you said Andy was coming over?" He asked and helped her get stuff ready
"Yea he's here too. He's calling the guys to get them over. He wants to record today, if that's even possible." She said and went into the booth to turn the mic on.
He finished helping. "Have fun. " He said and pushed past me on his way up the stairs.
Andy came down a moment later. "What's his problem?" He asked Shiloh.
"I have no clue anymore. I honestly don't care. He's probably just pissed that I'm doing an album with you guys and not them."
"Oh well, ok then. The guys are on there way. Let's get started on music." he said and picked up a guitar that was in the next booth over.
"Hey WiL, want lend some of your amazing vocals to the album?" Shiloh asked me and started playing an acoustic guitar. "I need a male screamer for some of the songs."
"Um," I thought for a moment. "Yeah sure." I said with a smile
"Sweet, thanks." She said and smiled up at me. She handed me the lyrics to read over. I liked them. I was even more eager to sing with her now. These lyrics were really good.
About an hour later we heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Jinx, C.C, Ashley, and Jake all came rushing in, guitars and equipment in hand.
"All right! Let's get this party started!" Jinx yelled.
We all laughed at him.
"Okay guys," Andy said and started dispersing lyrics to all of us. "We need music and fast. I want to start recording today. Let's get going."
We all sat around and started playing music. C.C was in a booth jamming on the drums, Ashley, Jake, And Jinx were all in other booths playing guitars. Shiloh and Andy were sitting on the couch with acoustics. I said down next to Shiloh and started singing the lyrics to make sure the lyrics and music fit together. We really liked what she had so far. She is a great musician I thought to myself.
"I really like your songs. " I told her
"Thanks." She said with a smile. "I was really worried they were going to turn out shitty. I'm surprised they didn't."
I thought that she had a pretty cute smile. She had nice eyes too. Even though they were brown and a pretty plain color, I thought they were really nice. They were a light creamy brown color and her make up really brought them out. I liked how they gleamed when she got really excited or happy. I hadn't realized I tuned out, I think she was talking to me.
"What do you think of this?" She asked and started playing some music. It sounded good. So I started singing the song out loud and the lyrics and music came together perfectly. Now we just needed drums and bass for it. We smiled at each other.
We were all there for quite a while working on music. By nine Shiloh and I decided to go on a dinner run for everyone. We got their orders and headed out.
"So you're in a band?" Shiloh asked me
"Yeah, but I'm doing a solo thing at the moment." I answered.
She pulled her car keys off a hook by the door.
"Where are you going?" Jared asked her.
"Going to get dinner for everyone. You want anything?" She asked him as she opened the door.
"No thanks, I just ate." He said with a smile.
We went outside to the car.
"He seems like he has a stick up his ass." i said to Shiloh as I opened her door for her.
"Thanks. And you have no idea." She said and got in the car. I closed the door and went around to get in the other side.
"What kind of band?" She asked and drove down the driveway, waving at Bubba when we passed him
"Punk rock ish." I said as I pulled out my cigarettes. "You mind?" I asked politely
"Kinda." She said with a half face. I started to put them back in my pocket. "Go ahead."
She said
"You sure?' I asked
"yeah, it's all good." She said with a smile
We talked about our music careers until we got to the restaurant. We went inside and ordered everything to go. We waited for a few minutes until it was ready. When we got back to the house and downstairs to the studio the guys pretty much tackled Shiloh to the ground.
"We got the perfect tunes!" They all shouted.
"ok ok ok!" She shouted from the ground.
I helped her up, "how about you guys show us after we eat?" I suggested
We sat around and started eating. Everyone got burgers or steak or something delicious, but Shiloh just got a salad.
When we were done eating they showed us the music they had for the songs they were assigned. They were really good. We added the lyrics to them and they worked together perfectly. Shiloh was so happy. Now we started to put the bass, guitar, drums, and lyrics together. Around midnight we started to record. We were all amazed with how fast this was coming out.
"That's just what happens when you put a bunch of talented musicians in the same room together for hours on end." Shiloh explained with a smile. By three in the morning we were all really tired and consuming energy drinks. We had three songs finished by then. I was sitting on the floor against the wall relaxing when Shiloh and Andy came to sit next to me. Jinx played the three songs we had so far so we could see what they sounded like. I really liked them to be honest. So did Andy. He looked over at Shiloh and smile. I followed her gaze. He head was resting on my shoulder and she had fallen asleep. We all decided to do the same. Jinx had taken the biggest couch in the room. Ashley on the other. The rest of us were on the floor.
I didn't want to disturb Shiloh so I stayed where I was. I was actually pretty comfortable.
"Goodnight everyone." Ashley said.
I laughed to myself when no one answered.
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