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Shiloh goes over to WiL's

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Andy woke me up the next morning.
"you wanna hear the songs? You fell asleep before you had a chance to hear them."
I rubbed my eyes and sat up. I had fallen asleep in WiL's lap. He looked uncomfortable against the wall. Andy was sitting next to the sound board and started playing the songs. I was surprised they sounded so good.
"I like them." I said and smiled at Andy.
"Good, I'm glad." He grinned back at me. We were talking quietly so we didn't wake anyone up. "I think WiL likes you." He said and gave me a sidelong glance.
"Really? I asked and looked over at WiL. He looked cute when he was sleeping. It made me smile. I looked back at Andy. "I doubt that. I'm not his type."
"I think you are. He was asking me about you." He winked at me.
"Yeah? I'm tempted to ask you about him." I wanted to ask so bad. But he was right there. I didn't want him to wake up and hear us talking about him. Andy told me anyway.
"He was raised in Seattle. He was kicked out of school by 8Th grade and living off drugs at age fifteen. Then he got better though don't worry." He added in. "He started getting inked up at seventeen. He formed the band when, mm, I don't know, when he was in his 20's. There you go. That's about it. You guys have a lot in common though, like, crazy in common. Not much to him."
"Drugs?" That was a major turn off for me.
"Yeah for like a year or two. Then he got sobered up. No need to worry." He assured me.
"Hm." I looked over at him, he was pretty good looked, and like I said, he's cute when he sleeps. Everything about him was cute, his smile, his laugh, his teeth, even though they weren't completely straight, I liked them still. I'm dating Jared though and if I even look at WiL in someway he'd get pissed.
"I'm going to get a drink. You want anything?" I asked and stood up.
"Water sounds nice actually." He said and kept working on the music.
I headed up the stairs and into the kitchen. I got out a couple glasses and filled them. Shannon and Jared came into the kitchen with the dogs ready to feed them.
"Good morning." I said with a smile
"Morning." Shannon said with a tired look on his face.
Jared didn't say anything. He just got a drink and walked past me. What was he mad about this time?
"Morning Jared." I said with a smile
"Morning." He said and walked up the stairs. I followed him.
"What did I do now?" I asked. Still no answer
He went into his room, I followed him in and closed the door behind me.
"Hello?" I asked irritatedly "What the fuck Jared? What's the problem now?"
"Nothing." He said
"What are you pissed because they stayed over last night?"
"Nope." one word reply
"God stop being so fucking jealous. It's annoying." I said and folded my arms
"Who said I'm jealous?" he asked
"Your attitude."
"Well I'm sorry that I love you and don't like it when you're all over other guys." He said and put on a shirt.
"All over other guys? Are you fucking kidding me? You know for someone who loves me you sure are pushing me away." I turned around and started to leave.
"Wait. I'm sorry." He said and looked at me apologetically.
"You're breaking my heart." I said and left. I went back downstairs to get the water and then back down to the studio.
I set Andy's water down between him and WiL, who had woken up why I was upstairs. I guess I set it down to hard because he asked me what was wrong.
"Nothing." I said and tried to wake Jinx up. I wanted to finish recording today.
An hour later everyone was awake and we were recording again. WiL came into the booth and did vocals with me. We sang all the songs I had written down which took another hour. Then we moved on to the music. Jinx, C.C, Ashley, and myself all went into the other booths to record the music. That took another three and a half hours. We had to redo some things and fix this and that. We put them all together and listened to them. They came out really good. I was honestly surprised that we got this all finished so fast and they still turned out amazing. By the time we were completely done it was about ten o' clock.
C.C, Jinx, and Jake left when we were done. I then called the record producer to schedule a time for him to come have a listen. He said he could be here tomorrow at noon. I couldn't wait.
"I'm hungry." Andy complained
"You guys want to go get some dinner? On me." I offered
"You bought yesterday. I'll buy tonight." WiL offered.
"Can Cassie come?" Ashley asked.
"Of course." WiL said with a smile
Ashley called Cassie and she said she'd meet us at the restaurant. We all piled into my car and headed out. We went to this small diner down the street. They were really good. Cassie was already there when we arrived. We went inside and found a booth for us all. I sat in between Andy and WiL, Cassie sat between WiL and Ashley.
Everyone got burgers except me. I got a salad. I didn't eat meat. I've been a vegetarian since junior high school.
This booth was a little to small. I was squished between them arm to arm. WiL's arms were warm. It felt nice against my cold skin. I looked over at Cassie and noticed her finger slowly going towards WiL's neck. I soon realized that she was trying to poke his tattoos. That made me giggle.
WiL looked at me questioningly and I just shook my head. Then I felt WiL slightly jump as Cassie poked his tattoo.
"What are you doing?" He asked her.
"Poking your tattoos." She said with a laugh like a happy little kid
He looked over at me for help. "You're on your own dude." I said
"Yeah," he said and leaned forward to get a sip of water.
Cassie was motioning for me to join in on poking his tattoos. We both poked his tattooed arms at the same time. He slowly turned his head toward me with a half smile and a mild glare. I smiled and giggled. He looked really cute right then. I poked him one more time and he poked my nose in return and attempted to giggle like me. We all started laughing at him.
"That is not what I sound like." I said with a laugh.
Our food came a few minutes later and we all dug in. The smell of all the burgers made me want to gag. I stole one of Andy's fries and dipped it in my ranch and ate it.
"That is so gross." He said.
"No it's not. Try it." I said and slid him my ranch.
He tried it and made a gagging sound right after. "Pickles and ice cream tastes better than that." he said and took a drink of his soda.
I rolled my eyes. WiL tried it next. "That my friend is better than pickles and ice cream." he seemed like he enjoyed it.
I stuck my tongue out at Andy and then started eating.
Cassie and Ashley got in a mini food fight with ketchup.
WiL moved closer to me so he was out of range of getting ketchup flung on him. That gave me a thought to do something that I just couldn't resist. So I put ranch on both my fingers and proceeded to put the ranch on Andy's and WiL's noses. They both glared at me but started to laugh when Cassie threw a french fry at my eye.
"Ow! Salt in my eye!" I shouted and rubbed my eye. Cassie just laughed.
"You ok?" Andy asked.
"Oh yea, I just got salt in my eye is all." I said and threw a piece of salad in Cassie's hair. She grabbed another fry and was about to throw it when WiL put his hands on ours and held them down.
"Ok ladies that's enough." he said
"Sorry." I said and took my hand back. His touch gave me goose bumps.
We all finished dinner an hour later and sat there talking for about 30 minutes. At 11:30 Cassie and Ashley left and Andy, WiL, and I went back to my place.
I think Andy and WiL were telling secrets because it looked like they were texting each other.
"Well I better get going." Andy said. "Do you want a ride home WiL or do you want to stay and chill."
he looked at his phone. "I'll stay, if that's ok?" he asked me
"Yea that's fine." I stood up. "Ill walk you to the door." WiL waited in my room while I walked Andy out.
"Am I coming back over tomorrow when the guy gets here?" He asked as we walked down the stairs.
"Yes, yes you are." I said. I opened the door and gave him a hug. "Did you tell WiL to stay?" I asked suspiciously
"No why?" he laughed
"I saw you texting each other." I said
"Oh." he was silent for a moment then gave me another hug. "See you tomorrow." he said and ran to his car. I couldn't help but laugh.
WiL was admiring the coffin when I got back. "You like?" I asked
He looked at me weird.
"The coffin, do you like it?" I asked with a laugh.
"Oh yea! It's pretty bad ass!" He looked at the interior of it. "I never pictured you as a coffin type of girl."
"Wait til you get to know me."
"I have a feeling you would love my house." He said and looked at me
"Why do you say that?"
He smiled. "lets go." he said and pulled me out of my room, down the hall, and down the stairs. He pulled me all the way outside and to the car. He opened my door for me again which I thought was really sweet. He got in and gave me his address and we were on our way. We pulled up to his house a few minutes later.
"Close your eyes." he said as he unlocked the door.
"Seriously?" I asked.
"Do it!" I did so.
He led me inside and I heard him flick a switch. I'm assuming he was turning on the light.
"ok, open." he said.
I opened my eyes and my jaw immediately dropped. "Oh my god!" I loved his house! It was goth style everything! He had this huge cool Gothic table sitting in the middle for the dining room. It was black with metal studs around the edges. The chairs match it. His walls were painted dark green and black and he had the same black wood flooring that I had in my room. I'm pretty sure he even had the same red and black speckled curtains that I had. There were Gothic style pictures and paintings on the walls.
"I love your house!" I said and turned to him
He smiled. "Follow me." he said and started walking down the hallway.
He led us to a black door and when he opened it I was in heaven. He had a huge collection of horror movies, and I mean huge! He had a book shelf full of books. I noticed that he had an Edgar Allan Poe and Oscar Wilde collection among all the horror books he had. I looked at his movies again and screamed when I saw that he had Nosferatu. Andy wasn't kidding when he said we had a lot in common.
"You like Nosferatu?" I said excitedly
"yes I do, my favorite movie." This guy is officially amazing. The next thing I noticed was his Misfits record. I loved him even more. I pointed at it and grinned. "I love the Misfits." He had some old school cameras sitting on another shelf that I fell in love with. I loved photography and making videos so I was so jealous when I saw these.
"You should switch me rooms for like, a week." I said and grinned
He laughed and walked back down the hallway. I followed him but looked at the room one last time before entering the kitchen. He got into the fridge and got a drink. "You want a beer?"
"oh no I shouldn't I gotta drive home." I said and pointed towards my car
"You can stay here if you need to." he said and waved a bottle of beer in front of my face.
"Maybe later." I said.
"Ok, well you know where they are." he said and closed the fridge. "What do you think of my collections?" he asked and sat down on a dark blue sofa.
"I think they are awesome! and you are officially the coolest guy I know. And I really want to live in that room." I said cheerfully
"You're funny." He laughed and turned the t.v on. "Want to watch Nosferatu?" he asked with a smile.
"Are you kidding? Of course I do." I went back into the room and got it for him. He put it in the player and started it. I sat down on the couch next to him and made myself comfortable.
I ended up having a few beers throughout the movie. I checked the time when it was over and I was shocked. It was two in the morning.
"Shit, I gotta go." I said and stood up.
"You've been drinking." He said and caught me, I had gotten dizzy and almost fallen. "Yeah you should stay here.
"No I'm fine." I said and looked up at him.
"No you're not." He said, looking back at me. I was staring into his eyes again. They were a hazel green today. He was staring back at me. We looked at each other for a moment and then he slowly started leaning in towards me. My heart started racing.
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