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A Short Prologue

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Post TAC (AU). Artemis has a worsening condition which is surprisingly a normal sickness for humans and not something fairy related nor grandeur. But that isn't just where his troubles lie yet agai...

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Greetings! Well.. this is a bit embarrassing xD I've read AF for a long time and today it just hit me that i'd try making a fanfic out of it because we all love the Artemis Fowl series.. yeeeep. It's a bit short since it's just the prologue. don't forget to Rate and Review please! thank you pretty ladies wink wink (and guys too no offense)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Artemis Fowl and any of its characters because let's face it... Eion gets all the credit even if i make a thousand euro out of this thing.


Atlantis, Opal Koboi's Cell

The incessant murmurs and continuous shuffling of the station guards did not help Opal Koboi's temper at all. For the past few days, she began tearing her hair out in rage from the disbelief finally dawning on her, of having the mud boy escape the clutches of Turnball Root's pathetic attempt to control Atlantis and reunite with his mud wife. She had a few month's pleasure knowing the suffer Artemis was going through his Atlantis Complex but a few gossips from the guards outside her cell confirms that Dr. J. Argon apparently discharged him with a full clean bill of health. No doubt he is now more than capable of thwarting any scheme thrown at him, dismayed Opal.

To say that she is the least displeased with the abrupt turn of events is a complete understatement. She seethed more under the harsh reality that Artemis has won again and might possibly continue winning if the odds were against her favor, which were mostly true in her case. She deliberately clawed through her prison blanket and ripped the dull fabric to shreds, her fingers once again catching her hair and proceeded to pull it out. She panted breathlessly and after a long moment, willed herself to calm down. As if on cue, she caught the two guards whispering her name to each other. Opal inched her way towards a corner nearest to the breathing holes where the voices could be heard and crept quietly. She slowed her breathing and strained her ears to hear every bit of their conversation.

"...and the higher ups haven't caught her yet" said the nervous murmur of the gnome to his partner, a sprite. Opal felt her pulse quicken and found herself intrigued of whom they were talking about.

"Since future Opal here doesn't even know a thing about what happened nearly a year ago, it seems we don't even have to worry." The sprite replied not so subtly and was given a harsh nudge with an elbow to the rib by his partner afterwards. He gave his a partner a glare before attempting to talk again and resorted to lower his voice down to a notch.

"We'll have to increase security measures by next week and the world won't be ruled by insane megalomaniacal pixies in tutus for all I care. Sound good?" he drawled lazily and grinned at his partner, this made the gnome chuckle and nodded his agreement.

The exchange left Opal struggling to keep her from bursting and mercilessly strangle the two idiots like an animal if not for her present predicament. She gnashed her teeth and just for a moment, madness burned in her eyes but eventually died down as she took long deep breaths. Opal focused on the more important parts of the conversation, ignoring the insults she just heard a moment ago. Besides, the simple logic and pathetic humor those two have are bad for her perfect ears and might ruin her complexion, she reasoned.

Any fool with half a brain can deduce that if there is a 'Future Opal', then surely a 'Past Opal' exists in the present, Opal thought. She racked her brain for several minutes before coming up with a roughly placed plan. The plan is missing some components and Opal is determined to avoid failure this time. She closed her eyes and abruptly opened them, if anyone was present, they could swear they'd seen a bulb light up above the ex-pixie's head.

"What was that interesting book I read said about some telepathy and time travel?" her lips twitched upwards to reveal a grin reminiscent of one Artemis Fowl and cackled madly to herself, whispering facts and equations behind the impregnable walls of her cell.

Eh so that's the end of the prologue, watch out for more ;) probably updating every week or so. That juicy button looks really irresistible right now don't you think so ladies? (and guys) R & R please :P
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