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A Pressing Predicament

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Post TAC (AU). Artemis has a worsening condition which is surprisingly a normal sickness for humans and not something fairy related nor grandeur. But that isn't just where his troubles lie yet agai...

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Why hey there mateys! here's Chapter 1 for the week and hopefully, it isn't as boring as the prologue. I might update faster if i get some reviews y'know ;)

DISCLAIMER: I might own Artemis Fowl in a different universe but in this one, only Eion Colfer has the rights to own the characters and the books, alright?


Holly Short's Apartment, Three Months Later

"Artemis!" Holly bolted upright in her futon, gasping and sweating profusely. She cupped her cheeks with both hands and buried her face under the countless pillows and blankets surrounding her while trembling slightly. Some time passed and ever so slowly, Holly raised her head to reveal dark circles under red rimmed eyes and groaned loudly realizing she's been having the same nightmare for the past couple of months.

Anyhow, the cause of this particular complication is thousands of miles above ground in Southern Ireland and sadly too far away to be pummeled senseless in oblivion by a certain perturbed female elf.

Captain Holly Short turned Major of the LEP has been a great asset during those countless times saving the world against a certain pixie megalomaniac. Of course, these ventures would have been proven a lot more than a tad annoying in the Lower Elements if not for the People's number one enemy who in a few years time became their human ally, the teenage criminal genius mastermind Artemis Fowl II. Their latest escapade however, left the Major in a state of enormous concern towards her human friend. Though she would never admit how Artemis' ordeal with his Atlantis Complex got to her and found herself waking up from repeating nightmares of the mud boy's weak and strangled voice screaming for the numbers to go away, along with the recurring vision of him in the Arctic about to be blown up by the rogue probe. This truly disturbed Holly's nights and she frowned counting the days she hadn't slept at all. Well at the very least that idiot mud boy has been actually sleeping after his release from the clinic, Holly thought apprehensively.

Shaking her head to ward off dark thoughts, Holly scrunched her eyebrows together and clapped her face rather harder than necessary and jumped out of bed, doing a few stretches to loose some stiff muscles and went about her usual routine. Before going out for work, she noticed something in the edge of her vision and distractedly looked for the source of the unknown feeling of nostalgia. Right there in the corner of her room, a picture sat on the unused table lamp collecting dust and Holly found herself staring wistfully at Mulch, Foaly, Butler, Artemis and her. It was their first picture together and was taken when the mud boy was finally cleared out of Atlantis Complex; she smiled wryly and took a tentative sigh as she whispered to the picture. "Stupid mud boy", then turned on her heels spinning out of the room and closing the door to her lonely apartment, never once looking back.

Police Plaza, LEP Headquarters

A typical day for the LEP is one that is the endless buzzing of officers, secretaries and convicts, along with the all too familiar bellowing of the LEP commander, Trouble Kelp. The Commander is visibly having an inner turmoil and has been on his communicator since the opening of the day and already disappeared from view, attending some sort of meeting with the elders. Foaly, the head technician and also holding the record for Haven's most paranoid fairy is uncharacteristically out of his own safe haven; the Ops Booth dubbed 'the paranoid centaur's prison' by most LEP jocks and undoubtedly one Major with the name of Holly Short. The said Major came bounding in through the entrance doors of Police Plaza, slipping away the bustling crowd and hurried towards an unoccupied lift. She broke into a short run but Foaly's blurry figure stopped her in her tracks looking very confused and gaped at him like he had grown two heads instead of the occasional single appendage. She arched an eyebrow at him and proceeded walking slowly back to where her centaur friend was currently eyeing her in dismay and snorted when the Major came close in earshot.

"Well this isn't your typical run-on-the-mill kind of day, is it?" Holly chirped nervously and glanced at the technician's retreating form. That was helpful; she thought in annoyance and followed her friend curiously, sensing a strange tingle on the tips of her pointed ears that could only mean trouble, danger or mightily worse, both.

Holly still followed closely behind Foaly in silence contemplating the few minutes she saw the centaur's face and tried deducing how bad the situation is. From her point of view, Foaly out of his Ops Booth could only mean one thing and one thing only: the end of Haven. This happy thought only made Holly's stomach drop and clench her sweaty palms. As they rounded a corner towards the Operations Booth, the centaur permitted both Holly and himself in, only to witness another unnerving sight that made the Major's already tingling ears tingle even more, if that was even possible. The room greeted them inside with an uncomfortable silence followed by nervous and concentrated gazes of Commander Kelp and all the high ranking members of the council with some Majors and Captains of the LEP.

The Commander ushered them both to their seats, paced towards a computer and tapped some keys in to play a holographic video of a white room. No, a prison cell, Holly thought not liking the idea of another run in with a Koboi wannabe. The video started playing before anyone could say 'D'arvit' and back out of the room, it was showing a figure anyone would recognize, a slightly taller female than the average fairy one with rounded ears and dark hair smiling maniacally, was Opal Koboi.

Holly's brain slowly processed the video and only realized who the person was until she had a good look at what happened next that could only be etched in her head on a loop. Suddenly, Opal looked at the camera and smiled a devilishly all too familiar smile that made all the fairies inside the room shiver involuntarily. Then she disappeared. Holly almost fell down her chair with the sudden witness of the most dangerous fairy escape inside her cell without even lifting a finger. Her mind reeled with the realization that her earlier thought of Haven's end wasn't as farfetched as the exact truth. The human pixie has vanished in thin air. Opal Koboi has escaped! Holly couldn't believe what her brain was telling her and almost fell for her earlier attempt of denial until one person said all of the room's occupants only thoughts were.

"We found this particular video last night and was only able to retrieve it before an explosion destroyed the prison cell the convict was put in," Trouble Kelp announced in hushed tones, "I'm afraid to say that this is not a joke nor a glitch in the security system". He fidgeted with the keyboard keys and tapped out the video, turning to face everyone inside the room. Holly felt a scream was about to tear her throat.

The Commander looked tired and beaten, finishing his announcement, "Opal Koboi has escaped."

Then all hell broke lose.

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