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A Foul State

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Post TAC (AU). Artemis has a worsening condition which is surprisingly a normal sickness for humans and not something fairy related nor grandeur. But that isn't just where his troubles lie yet agai...

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HELLO! this is a Halloween Special UPDATE! You're all welcome :P I updated this in a hurry, I didn't even realize Halloween was already smothering me in the face when I finished this chapter. It's angsty really... physically. PLEASE R&R

DISCLAIMER: I do not own what Colfer already owns but i own the headaches and physical pain Artemis keeps going through the story. (I'm sorry please don't sue me Master Fowl)


Unknown Location, Current Time

Inky blackness enveloped the spot where Artemis is currently in, or vaguely, where he is not. He couldn't feel his body much less move it to his will nor speak, it felt like being a disembodied presence inside one's own subconscious but conscious nonetheless. Artemis tried fruitlessly to remember how he got into this precise circumstance and settled with analyzing the probabilities of 'getting out' without losing his way, wherever he was. Curious, he mused.

"Timmy, we should call the doctor. Arty's still not waking up!"

The genius swore he would've jumped in surprise right then and there if not for being stuck in one's unconscious head, which he realized why nothing was visible or that he couldn't make heads nor tails while in the current situation; a most unlikely normal occurrence for him. It looked like his perception was still functioning and so he concentrated as hard as he could to discern the batter of worried voices that circled the location of his physical body.

"-getting worse…" muttered a strained voice that joined the other voices in outburst.

"It's been hours after what happened, he should've woken up by now. I think-"a rather high pitched tone rang in Artemis' head but was cut off by a man.

"Juliet get me my coat and Butler, come with me to get the doctor."

A few grunted replies and the two voices that belonged to the men inside the hypothetical room vanished, leaving Artemis on edge the whole time. He supposed the voices were of his family but nothing was clear through the void and his subconscious was telling him to wake up if he doesn't want to be stuck in a coma or probably as a genius vegetable for the rest of his uncanny short life. A prodigy such as Artemis Fowl barely found himself in situations where his intellect has to hurdle obstacles against his own mind, even the Atlantis Complex he had suffered from was not as unpredictable as his subconscious grey matter. But in this case the mind is no little trick when the body is included, notably for Artemis' weak muscle coordination; a truly challenging task for the genius. He willed himself to concentrate further and searched in his head where his consciousness might be, desperately mentally clawing the dark recesses of his brain. Finally, he found something that suspiciously looked a lot like a filthy pungent dwarf. Dwarf. Diggums? Mulch! Artemis' brain fluctuated with packets of information and slowly the memories seeped in like a wet sponge, ghost images of events filling the hollow darkness that surrounded his metaphysical form. While the brain gradually took in information, it caused a brief rush of adrenaline due to frenzied signals, making the brain active enough to jumpstart his system and acting up as a harsh physical wake up call.

Fowl Manor, Three Hours Ago

"Oh, do be quiet." Myles and Beckett Fowl's older brother groaned softly. Beckett pouted while Myles only persisted on trying to separate Artemis from his table where he currently lay slumped in his office chair. He was closing his eyes and appeared to be resting.

"But Arty, it's already playtime today…" whined the older twin and looked up helplessly at the younger twin.

Myles only looked pointedly at him and approached the unmoving figure of their brother. He tugged urgently at the cuffs of his wrists but received no answer, he looked worriedly at Beckett. "Simple-toon doesn't look good, should we tell Butler?" The older twin nodded fervently and with his other brother in tow, looked frantically for the manservant.

Artemis was in fact experiencing a slight feeling of vertigo and so his earlier attempt to review economical business proposals was rudely cut off by a sudden wave of nausea. His lungs was somewhat constricting and he struggled to make his breathing even and regular, Artemis' brows furrowed at this abnormality. He gently massaged his temples after the twins disappeared from his office and since the genius was not accustomed to being helpless,gently propped up on his elbows attempting to avoid swaying while he stood up. Artemis blearily looked up from his dazed state and staggered towards the exposed door of his private study.

"Butler! Butler!" Myles and Beckett yelled at the top of their lungs while searching every nook and cranny for the giant Eurasian. They bolted down on the wooden staircase of Fowl Manor eliciting confused glances by on looking nannies and visitors. As per usual, Domovoi Butler was out in the Manor grounds making sure the Fowl security system was updated and no suspicious looking strangers wandered through the Manor's gates: fairy strangers included. As Butler was about to attempt a final sweep, the twins came rushing towards his hulking figure looking very worried with big panicky eyes. Before the bodyguard could fire a single question, Myles and Beckett proceeded to blabber hastily and both grabbed a digit of Butler's hands, propelling him inside the Manor as much as they could for two four year olds. As much as the actions of the twins left him almost dumbfounded, Madam Ko's training kicked in and his soldier sense started throbbing. Something was wrong, very wrong and Artemis was possibly the root of it. He wasted no time, hoisting the twins up the floor and tucking them close to his body while taking long huge strides to Artemis' study. They gave a little surprised yelp and the manservant chose to ask them about their recent actions. "Myles, Beckett. Tell me what's wrong, what's happened to Artemis?"

Beckett chose to speak up first and his lip quivered while replying, "Arty simple-toon was looking sick" Hick. "He was closing his eyes and didn't answer us." Myles rolled his eyes at his brother but his nervousness was evident.

"I see, don't worry twins… I'm sure your brother's just tired, that's all" Butler soothed them but even he doubted his words and wished they were true.

After finally going up the long flight of stairs, the three almost bumped at the cause of Myles and Beckett's outburst, there leaning heavily on the door to his room was Artemis Fowl II. He was looking much paler than his usual bleached skin, his piercing mismatched eyes were slightly red rimmed and there was no mistaking the visible discomfort he was in. Artemis noticed the frantic looks that were given at his way and struggled to keep his face impassive while attempting to greet Butler and the twins as if nothing was obviously wrong.

"B-Butler I s-see you found the-the twins." D'arvit, to stutter such as a time like this, the pale boy thought in disgust. Obviously, he was far from well. He stared at Butler only to find his manservant looking grim. I did try, he added thoughtfully.

The Eurasian softly let the twins down and walked towards Artemis, checking his physical condition while doing so. "Don't try to act like it's nothing Artemis, tell me what's wrong and I'll get a doctor to look at you."

"No need Butler, I c-can handle this m-myself"

Butler inwardly rolled his eyes at his principal's vain attempt to hide it. "Then at least let me look at you myself so I'll be satisfied if it's nothing as you say it is." He stared skeptically at the boy and put a hand out to touch his forehead. Artemis slapped his hand away and glared at him coldly, though not the usual one he normally gives.

"I'm officially eighteen B-Butler, and therefore an adult. I do not n-need pampering and useless misgivings about my h-health" He scoffed even through his labored breathing, annoyed at his bodyguard's motherly actions and distractedly wiped a sweat forming on his brow. Butler, already used to Artemis' usual teenage theatrics ignored his last statement and commented patronizingly at his young charge.

"You may be an adult in this time but your body is still of a fifteen year old, Artemis. Your brothers are quite concerned on your current situation and they would like you to rest, don't they?" he glanced at the twins and nodded for them to speak up.

"Erm, yes… Arty, please go see a doctor too!" sniffed Beckett. This made Artemis falter a bit and stared at them. Myles only stared back and seemed to have an internal conversation with his older brother that eventually made Artemis nod in defeat. "W-well if you three insist I do so, then I don't have much of a choice. Don't cry Beckett a-and please accept m-my apologies Myles."

The manservant sighed in relief and was about to see his principal off to his room when Artemis suddenly cried out in pain and clutched his chest, doubling over the plush carpet that covered the floors of the hallway. He sprinted to Artemis like a panther and was there at his side in a blink, trying to check his pulse that was racing very quickly. The boy arched his back once more, making his whole body out of balance and fell in a trembling heap at Butler's feet. The twins were now yelling at their parents, tears streaming down their terrified faces as Juliet bounded the stairs three steps at a time only to catch a scene of Artemis convulse severely, his bones making sick cracking noises and limbs quiver out of control. It felt such a long time before his convulsion dissipated making the whole Fowl household watch helplessly as their eldest son have a seizure in front of the whole family. Artemis' eyes rolled back in their sockets but his body kept twitching uncontrollably, making Myles and Beckett more horrified and clutched both of their parents to wipe away the sickening image. Then finally, the genius lay still in Butler's arms breathing shallowly and most likely unconscious. He didn't show any emotion whatsoever after the whole ordeal and went about Artemis' quarters to put him in the bed. He left the room for Juliet to take watch and closed the door without a sound.

Angeline Fowl took Butler in a quiet corner and whispered conversationally at him. "This doesn't look like the work of fairies to me, Butler. It almost seems like the time when he was-" she was cut off by the manservant's grunted reply.

"When he was young."

She nodded gravely and looked all in the world but relieved at this sudden revelation. "I thought it was finally gone and no symptoms have surfaced ever since his last treatment." She broke into a sob and left to where her husband currently stared off in a trance as he comforted the twins and tucked them to bed. Butler's stoic act never faltered and took out the fairy communicator he removed from Artemis a while ago. Artemis needs help, Butler thought darkly.

Whoa that was... I'm so sorry Artemis, I'm the type of writer that likes the main characters to suffer and everything, the kind between a sadist and a masochist? Er.. anyway, guilty pleasures aside, please review and enlighten me with what those pretty little brains of my readers would like to say about the story so far, eh?
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