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A Call From Above

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Post TAC (AU). Artemis has a worsening condition which is surprisingly a normal sickness for humans and not something fairy related nor grandeur. But that isn't just where his troubles lie yet agai...

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Hear ye, hear ye! here's the next chapter for you all! Don't worry, this wont be the only chapter for this week so it's kinda shorter than my Halloween update. I think I'll be updating twice or thrice a week, depending on my sched, that is. But ill do my best to come up with better plots and better convos.

DISCLAIMER: I'm a guy, yes but my name's not Eion Colfer and nor do I own Artemis Fowl for that matter. (I still own their lives here though fufufufu _)


Operations Booth, (UTC) 6:53 P.M.

"Hey, aren't you going to take that?"


"Earth to Major Holly Short…"

Sound of tapping hooves.

"Frond and sweartoads! Lili Frond got pregnant!"

A subtle twitch.

The technical genius heaved a frustated whinny and exasperatedly threw his hands up, waving them infront at the elf in question. It had already been more than half an hour ago when the urgent meeting with the Council ended but Holly was still shell schocked and stupefied out of her wits. Foaly slowly counted to ten under his breath and grabbed an abandoned carrot in the corner of his food rack, munching nervously while darting his eyes back and fort at the buzzing communicator and at his elfin friend. The centaur had to admit, Holly had seen far better days and they were mostly all about going topside and chasing bull trolls at best. He eyeballed the look on the Major's face and readilly accepted that this day truly wasn't one of them and could only get a lot worse. A pity, he humourlessly thought.

Minutes ticked by and a very uncomfortable and awkward silence filled the room, much to Foaly's distaste. To witness the LEP's 'loose cannon' stand stock still like a statue is truly an unnerving image, especially when the said elf hasn't moved for over an hour tops. He shuddered before deciding to wake his friend from her happy little world, which the techie doubted was anything but crates of carrots and boxes of beetlejuice. Foaly inhaled and exhaled repeatedly before booming, "Snap out of it, Short!" while some centaur spit and carrot bits flew from his mouth, mercifully missing the elf by a couple of inches. Sadly, the extents of the earlier outburst only made the Major jerk and drop the still ringing device she was clutching on for dear life. He looked expectantly at Holly, only half surprised to see her completely out of it, ignoring the fallen contraption that started flashing an urgent angry shade of red. The centaur having noticed this, gingerly took it from where it lay on the plasma floor and checked curiously as to whom was calling in the middle of Holly's mental episode.

Frond help whoever's calling, she doesn't look like she's available at the moment, Foaly thought and at the same time stealing a concerned glance at the Major's form. The unmoving statue that is Holly, still looked wide eyed and the centaur couldn't suppress feeling crept out, giving an involuntary jitter and a lazy whip of his horse tail. He turned back his attention to the communicator and tapped the answer button, leveled the device to his ears and listened intently. Before the person on the other line could utter another word, Foaly blabbered before the centaur himself even thought about it.

"Butler! So good to hear from you big man. How's the mud boy doing? I bet he's up to no good, especially after wasting millions on that Ice Cube the other year. Actually, I have some ingenious ideas for a-"

He was crudely cut off by something the manservant had said and gasped, momentarily choking on his half-eaten carrot only pausing to hack up his lungs for air. He took huge gulps, briefly hyperventilated and yelled at the whisper sensitive com device. "Artemis is what?!"


The name resounded inside Holly's head, miraculously reviving the elf from her coma-like state. That sounded familiar, she thought.


There it was again. She could swear the name was echoing, echoing, echoing…


It sounded louder and clearer now and it was only a moment before the Major realized she was the one who blurted it. Whipping her head around so fast, the centaur winced at the sudden movement as he faced her. Holly moved swiftly without missing a beat, expertly snatching the communicator from his grip with a shaking hand. Before she spoke in the device, she glanced at her friend's distressed look and already felt dread gnaw at her insides. The elf always imagined what it was like to receive a call from the mud boy this days and she thought she'd be dancing on rainbows and giggling like a little schoolgirl; these were only for the times when they stopped saving the world, she supposed. Unmistakably so, this particular call only spoke volumes of foreboding.

"Holly…" Her heart sank. Of course it wasn't Artemis! How stupid are you to expect the mud boy on the other line? Holly fumed and bit her lip. She and Butler spoke on the communicator for a long time, after they were done; the Major struggled to compose her face. According to the mud man, Artemis was in a lot of pain before passing out. It was a bad thing that the genius was severely sick but with Opal on the loose? This day is getting better and better, the elf thought acidly. She voiced out her opinions to the technical genius.

"Considering how deranged that pixie is, I don't want to know what happens when she teams up with Past Opal." Foaly whinnied.

Holly bit on her nails rather nervously. "Exactly, plus Opal seems so bent on revenge. Is there a high probability she's going for Arty?"

A short tense silence then a loud groan from the centaur, "Definitely! How could we be so blind to not think about that? Alright it's settled, you should by all means go to Fowl Manor pronto and guard that sick mud boy while I present this to the commander. "

The Major considerably paled at this, her heart thumping so hard that it hurt. She was ushered by the same field kit and extra Neutrino 3000 blasters with shimmer suits. Foaly bid her a good luck and she was off running towards the next magma flare. She didn't have the choice to be late. At all.

Tara, Two Hours Later

She arrived at the shuttle port in only two hours. Two hours! Holly swore she would've gone deaf at Foaly's ceaseless berating on her helmet's earpiece, explaining and relieving the countless shuttle flight rules and flight records that the deceased Commander Root set himself. This only made the Major smirk ruefully and proceeded to maul the controls, breaking all known limits and coursing through the magma chute into Tara in no less than two hours. Thus, a new record was set on that day by a certain female officer of the LEPrecon.

Holly wasn't in the mood to be bothered by rules in the mean time for her human best friend needed her, bad. "I couldn't do without you." The elf thought back at what happened in that gorilla cage at Rathdown Park, she was too close at losing him and if only she was later than a second, he could've died. A same flashback appeared through her eyes, displaying the rogue probe and Artemis' stay at Argon's Clinic.

This is no time to have wonderful flashbacks, she thought sarcastically. The sooner I get to Fowl Manor, the better for Artemis.

"Sorry to interrupt your thoughts Holly, you're running low on juice. But if the mud boy needs some serious healing, go to the Tara hotspot first."

Foaly's voice crackled, making the elf jump then nodded, though the centaur couldn't see her and smiled warmly at her friend's advice.

"Thanks for the heads up, pony boy." Holly replied, dismounting from the shuttle and turned on her hummingbird wings, kicking down dust while zipping away in a speed that would make the fastest sprite faint.

The Major arrived where she and Artemis first met. She could still replay everything in her head in vivid motion, the feel of the fresh cold air on her pointy ears, the smell of the wet greens all around her, the texture of the ground and the all too familiar shape of an acorn clutched in her palm. That's when she heard a whizzing passed by her head; it was a good thing she ducked at that time. Holly could still remember the low timbres of Butler's voice resonating into the cold fresh night, along with the twelve year old Artemis' icy gaze that can give the nastiest trolls a shiver. The memory still gave her the Goosebumps. Holly inwardly sighed at the thought of Artemis and actually admitted to herself that she was fond of the mud boy, however smug and infuriating he can be. She was so glad that he changed for the better, excluding lying. Artemis lied whenever he sees it fit for the circumstance to present itself, one instance was when they went back in time trying to save the silky sifaka lemur from his younger form. She had forgiven him of course but the realization that the mud boy had lied to her when he could have asked for her help. She's certain that she'd help Angeline. Is she? Holly chewed her bottom lip. Maybe Artemis was right; he always is, besides it was in the past and she could erase it from her other 'fond' memories with the mud boy. But then there was that issue with Orion… could it possibly be true? What Orion said? But if it was, then… Maybe, just maybe-

"No, no! I've been dazing since that D'arvitting meeting and I can't D'arvitting afford to daze off while the mud boy's D'arvitting sick!" She scolded herself and looked around the tree for an acorn to bury. The Major snatched the nearest one she could find and planted it to the earth, reciting the ritual and once again wasted no time to fly to a certain mud boy. "It's going to take too long before I get there" she muttered worriedly and went on ahead breaking speed limits. Thousands of miles below ground, a centaur grimaces.

Weeell what do you guys think? more? yeah, im getting to that but don't expect anything spectacular cause I'm a bit rusty at this whole writing thing and English isn't my native language so please please please be easy on me ;)
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