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Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

"SHIT!" Kayla shouted and punched the wall in frustration. "Argh fuck." She said holding her hand in pain. She had punched the wall harder than she'd intended.
"Come here let me see." Joel said taking hold of her hand which was already bruising and could clearly see the broken bone. "Come on you need to go to the hospital." Joel said handing her her top and getting his keys.
"No I need to go see Benji." Kayla said.
"Kay your hands broken you need to go to the hospital I promise I'll take you to see Benji after we've got your hand sorted." Joel said. Kayla finally gave in and let him take her to the hospital. When they got there the doctor confirmed that she had broken her hand and put her right arm in a cast. When they left the hospital Joel kept his promise and drove her to Benji's. Before they went I Kayla and Joel had a little chat in the car first.
"Joel I'm really sorry."
"What for?"
"For everything that's happened today and for dragging you into my shit."
"Hey you don't need to be sorry I dragged myself into this and it took two of us to do that and I accept responsibility for it."
"Joel I think you a really great guy and..."
"Stop there I know there's nothing between us and that was a stupid mistake earlier. So let's go and get this sorted." Joel said helping her out of the car. They walked to the house.
"Are you ready?" Joel asked as they got to the door. Kayla took a deep breath.
"As ready as I'll ever be." She smiled then they walked in. Jenny and Tony gave them dirty looks as they walked in and Benji didn't even bother to look up.
"I think we all need to talk." Joel said.
"I've got nothing to say to any of you." Benji said plainly.
"Not a nice feeling being stabbed in the back is it." Kayla couldn't help but say.
"Kay not helping." Joel whispered to her. "Ok none of us are innocent in all of this but can we please just talk and get this sorted." Joel said to all of them.
"I agree this has got way out of hand." Jenny agreed then eyed Tony making him agree reluctantly.
"Yeah this needs sorting. I'll go first, I'm sorry for all that stuff I said to Benj about you Kay before but I was just trying to make sure that he didn't get hurt. I didn't do a very good job and I'm sorry for setting you up to night." Tony said.
"It's ok I understand you meant well." Kayla smiled and gave him a hug.
"Kay I'm sorry for setting you up too, I don't know what I was thinking." Jenny said. Kayla nodded and smiled giving her a hug.
"Aw that's nice but aren't we forgetting what they've done." Benji spat.
"Technically Benj we've done nothing wrong we're both free and single and can do what we want with who we want." Kayla snapped. She knew it was harsh and that Benji didn't like it but it had to be said.
"But you've got to understand that it was a stupid mistake and there nothing going on between us." Kayla said. Benji, Tony and Joel all looked at Joel.
"It's true I don't know what we where thinking but there's defiantly nothing going on." Joel agreed.
"I think we should leave you two a lone to talk." Jenny said. Joel, Tony, and Jenny left.
"Benj talk to me." Kayla said sitting next to him. He wouldn't look at her. She sighed. "At least look at me and listen to me." He turned to her. Noticing her arm for the first time. A flash of concern went across his face.
"Benji first of all I really do like you I always have and I was never playing you. I'm not a player."
"Why couldn't you have said that when I asked you?"
"Because I would be telling you for the wrong reasons. I value my feelings and I will only tell people how I feel about them when the time is right and for the right reasons. Benji if you heard about all the stupid rumours about me and wanted to know if they where true you should have talked to not came demanding that I tell you how I feel about you. When you came round saying all that stuff no matter what I would have said wouldn't have made a difference you had already made up your mind about me."
"I'm sorry I was wrong. I messed up; I should have talked to you. I made a mistake and I know I hurt you I hope know how sorry I am for it."
"I guess we're even then seen as I made a huge mistake tonight and I probably hurt you too. If you can forgive me then I can forgive you."
"I can't lie it really hurt seeing you and Joel together but yeah I forgive you." they both smiled at each other.
"What are we like we've both judged each other before we got to know each other and been wrong and we've both fucked up and hurt the other."
"Yeah but we both forgive each other too so I'd say that balances thing out a little." Benji smiled.
"Yeah I hope so." They hugged.
"What did you do to your arm?"
"Oh I broke my hand." Kayla laughed.
"What? How? When?"
"When you saw me and Joel I punched the wall in frustration but I did it a little harder then I intended and broke it. If Joel hadn't have made me go to the hospital first I would have been here sooner to try and make up with you broken hand and all, but Joel made me go." Kayla laughed.
"I should think so. You broke your hand." Benji said laughing.
"Come here." Kayla said giving him a kiss that he gladly returned.
"Kay I need to tell you something." Benji said pulling away from the kiss.
"What?" Kayla said confused.
"I've fell for you. I love you." Benji said truthfully. Kayla smiled.
"I love you." She smiled then they kissed again.
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