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Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

"Kay, Kay wait." Jenny said running after her. Kayla just kept running. Benji, Joel and Tony ran after them.
When they got to the car park Jenny managed to catch up to Kayla who was in tears. Seconds later Benji, Tony and Joel came running up too.
"Kay stop. Listen to me." Jenny said to Kayla holding her by the arm.
"Kay please talk to me." Benji pleaded. Kayla just looked at them in disbelief.
"Fuck off." Kayla spat to Benji. "And you, you don't need to bother talking to me either." Kayla said to Jenny shaking her arm out of her grip. Then walking away.
"Kay where are you going to go. You haven't got a ride." Jenny called after her. Kayla didn't turn round or stop walking she just flipped her off from behind her back.
"I told ya'll this wouldn't work. It was unfair of you people who so called care about her to trick her like that." Joel said disgusted pushing past them and getting in his car. Joel didn't agree with Benji, Tony and jenny's plan from the minute they started discussing it.
"Joel where are you going?" Benji said.
"Making sure she's ok." Joel said then drove off. Leaving them standing in the car park regretting not listening to Joel in the first place.
Joel caught up to Kayla walking a little further down the road. He stopped by her.
"Get in." Joel said softly.
"No." Kayla said between sobs not looking up.
"Kay come on get in. you can't walk all the way to yours. Please Kay get in the car." Joel begged. Kayla sighed then got in the car with him. They drove in silence to Kayla's apartment. When they got there Joel walked her to the door.
"Do you want to come in?" Kayla asked.
"Do you want me to come in?"
"I wouldn't have asked if I didn't." Kayla smiled weakly. Joel followed her in. Kayla sat on the sofa with her head in her hands. Joel sat next to her and rubbed her back lightly.
"I know it's a stupid question but are you ok?" Joel said.
"I don't know. I feel betrayed. How could Jen do this to me she knew how I felt about this whole situation." She said her head still in her hands not looking up.
"I'm sorry Kay I told them not to do this. When Tony told Benj that you where back all they could think about was getting you to talk to him."
"Well why didn't they do it the normal way and just ask me instead of stabbing me in the back." Kayla said sitting up. "Promise me you had nothing to do with this."
"I swear I had nothing to do with this. I told them it was horrible to trick you like that. I know I wouldn't like it if people who so called cared about me did something like this to me. So I wouldn't want to do that to you." Joel smiled Kayla smiled back at him.
"You're a good man Joel."
"And so I Benji, he's just fucked up because he really likes you. You know they only did all this because Benji really does care about you and would do anything to get you to talk to him again."
"He didn't bother about talking to me first before he started believing all the rumours about me two months ago."
"I know he fucked up and I don't blame you for not wanting to forgive him. I wouldn't have forgiven him from the way he acted towards you the first time you met. I gave him so much shit for all the stuff he said to you back then." Joel said making Kayla laugh a little.
"I suppose I kind of got used to it. I mean people think playboy model oh she must be a brainless slut and it hurts when people act like that when they don't know you. I mean fair enough if they get to know me and still think I'm a brainless slut then I'm ok with that but when people just jump to conclusions it really pisses me off."
"I know exactly what you mean." Joel nodded.
"That's what got to me about Benji I thought he'd learnt his lesson the first time. When Tony and Jen set us up on that blind date and I found out it was him I did the jumping to conclusions. I just didn't even try to be nice to him but as I got to know him I started to like him and then I ended up falling for him. It just really got to me that he would rather listen to rumours about me and make his mind up based on them instead of coming to me and talking to me about it."
"He said he came and talked to you about it?"
"Not very well he came over here demanding to know my feelings and saying he didn't want me to make him look like a fool. Which we ended up having a huge fight over."
"Did you tell him how you felt?"
"No that's why he got so mad he didn't understand why didn't give him a straight answer either I loved him or I was playing him."
"Why didn't you tell him?"
"Because I value my feelings and I will tell someone how I feel about them when the time is right and for the right reasons not just because they demand to know for all the wrong reasons."
"Ok let me get this straight you really like Benji and you weren't playing him but you didn't tell him how you felt because you didn't feel the time was right."
"Yeah does that sound stupid?"
"No not at all completely the opposite. You're a classy girl and you don't throw your feelings around like greetings cards. I really like that in a girl." Joel smiled. Kayla smiled back. Both of their eyes locked and they had a sudden feeling of strong attraction towards each other.
"So where do you see you and Benji in the future?" Joel said snapping out of their daze.
"I don't know, I do really like him. Any other guy wouldn't have got a second chance but he's already had a second chance and I don't know what to do."
"Does he get a third chance?"
"I don't know I think we just need to have a long chat and sort all this shit out but at the moment I don't feel I can trust any of them, I'm so mad at all three of them. Joel you're the only one I feel I can trust now." Kayla said quietly. They had that same moment again when their eyes locked and the strong feelings of attraction came back. Before either of them knew it they broke into a kiss filled with some much passion. After a few seconds they broke apart looking shocked then started kissing again. Kayla moved so that she was sat straddling him. The kiss turned into making out.
Kayla broke the kiss and leaned back to take her top off. Joel smiled then she removed his top too. They went back to making out and Kayla started to undo Joel's belt, then...

"What the fuck!" Benji said from the door way, Jenny gasped and Tony looked shocked. Kayla jumped of Joel and Joel sat there shocked. They both didn't know what had gotten into them. Benji ran out and Tony ran after him.
"Benji, wait Benj." Kayla called but it was too late. Jenny stood in front of her and gave her a dirty look then followed Benji and Tony slamming the door behind her.
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