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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Two months later Kayla decided to go home. She had had a great time at the mansion there were parties nearly every night with loads of hot guys falling all over her as usual but she didn't bother with them much. She worked loads of shoots which helped her get her mind off things. She enjoyed spending time at the mansion not having to worry about anything just having fun. She had her hair done from what used to be shoulder length blonde with pink streaks she now had extensions in so that it was half way down her back blonde on top with a black bottom layer. She had her nails done and had a mystic spray tan. She looked even better than she did before she left if that was even possible.

When she got back to the apartment she let herself in. Jenny wasn't around so she thought she was probably at work. Kayla went to her room and unpacked her things. Then went and hung out around the apartment waiting for Jenny to get back. At three o'clock Kayla heard the door open she went to look who it was. It was Jenny. As soon as Jenny saw Kayla she dropped her bags and went running up to her giving her a hug.
"Kay! When did you get back?" Jenny said laughing.
"A few hours ago." Kayla smiled.
"It's good to have you back; you are staying back aren't you?" Jenny asked.
"Yeah I am."
"How are you?"
"A lot better it was nice having time to my self not having to worry about anything. How are you?"
"Good. You look amazing, very playboy sex kitten." Jenny said complementing her friends new look.
"Thank you. You look good too." Kayla smiled.
They hung out for the rest of the night. Jenny helped Kayla unpack and then they had a girly night watching movies and catching up.
"So did you and Tony make up?" Kayla asked.
"Yeah we did. I was really pissed at him though for saying that about you to Benj."
"It's ok I understand why he did it. Have you heard anything from Benji?"
"No he called round when you first left he asked me to let him know when you contacted me and to let you know he was asking about you but seen as I haven't heard anything from you I haven't seen or spoken to him. Tony said he wasn't doing so good. He was really down and depressed about what happened he really did like you."
"Yeah well it's all over now."
"Are you sure, maybe you should go see him."
"No Jen. Listen to me this is important I don't want him knowing that I'm back ok and I have to ask you not to tell Tony either." Kayla asked knowing she was asking a lot of her friend to keep this from her boyfriend.
"Kay I'd do anything for you but I can't lie to Tony."
"I'm not asking you to lie to him just not tell him. I'm sorry I know I'm asking a lot and I'll understand if you do tell him."
"Ok I'll try not to tell him but if he asks or if it comes up I can't lie." Jenny said.
"Ok thanks Jen you're a really good friend." Kayla smiled and hugged her friend.

The next week was quite quiet Jenny went to work 10am till 4pm while Kayla hung out around the house. Kayla went shopping once or twice on her own for a few hours or met Jenny at the salon for lunch. Mainly Kayla kept a low profile not wanting to see anyone.

On Wednesday five days after Kayla had returned home, Jenny came in later than usual and Kayla could tell something was wrong.
"Jen are you ok?" Kayla asked.
"I'm sorry Kay Tony came to see me today and he started asking things. Apparently he heard some one talking about you being back and he asked me if it was true. I'm sorry I couldn't lie to him any more." Jenny said.
"It's ok Jen I didn't expect you to lie to him. What did he say when you told him I was back?"
"He was a little pissed that I had kept it from him but other than that he didn't really seem too bothered. He asked did Benji know and when I said that he didn't and that you didn't want him to he said that he should know and that he was going to tell him."
"Shit." Kayla said quietly.
"Kay you know maybe it will be better if he does know because you can't close your self off from the world for ever."
"I'm not closing myself off."
"You are I've been meaning to talk to you about it. Since you've been back you've not seen or spoken to anyone apart from me. You hardly ever go out. Kay this isn't you."
"How do you know it's not me maybe I've changed."
"Well Kay you need to change back because what you're doing now just isn't healthy." Jenny said then Kayla stormed off upstairs to her room. Kayla knew Jenny was right but it was just easier to close her self off then feel the pain.

Friday night and a week since Kayla had been home. Kayla and Jenny made up after their little disagreement.
"Hey Kay." Jenny said walking in from work.
"Hey, how was work?"
"Alright. Glad it's Friday." Jenny laughed. "I was thinking maybe we could go out for dinner tonight."
"I don't know I don't really feel like going out."
"Kay we talked about this remember, you need to start going out again. Don't worry I'll be with you."
"Fine but just dinner then we come home." Kayla gave in.
Little did Kayla know that this was a set up between Jenny and Tony and that when Jenny had got Kayla to agree to dinner thinking that they would be alone they would 'accidentally' run into Benji, Joel and Tony at the restaurant. Jenny wasn't too keen on the idea of betraying her friend but when Tony had shown her the state that Benji was in and she knew that Kayla still had strong feelings for Benji whether she admitted it or not, she knew they had to get Benji and Kayla to talk.

Later that night as arranged Kayla and Jenny got ready and went to the restaurant as planned. Kayla was actually starting to enjoy herself with Jenny but when they got into the restaurant and waiter shown them over to the table that Benji, Tony and Joel where sitting at with two extra places everything turned from bad to worse. As soon as Kayla seen Benji she knew what was going on. She stopped dead then turned and ran out.
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