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Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Kayla burst into tears when she slammed the door sliding down the wall sitting on the floor. Jenny came running out of the kitchen when she heard what was going on.
"Kay what's going on? What was all that about?"
"Someone's been telling him that I'm a player and that I'll never have a real relationship. That I just use guys then ditch them when someone new comes along. So he came over here trying to force me to tell him how I felt about him and when I said I wasn't ready to tell him my feelings and that I would only tell him my feelings when it felt right to me, he got really angry saying that he didn't want to look like a fool then left." Kayla said still crying.
"Kay I'm sorry but how do you really feel about him?"
"I fucked up Jen I really fucked up. I let my guard down for the first time and I fell for him." Kayla sobbed.
"So you really weren't playing him?" Jenny asked knowing that the question wouldn't go down well but she really needed to know. Kayla just glared at her. "Sorry I have to ask. You know..."
"Jen I've already been through this with you. I'm not a player. I admit I did some bad shit to some guys a few years ago but I'm not a player and I wasn't playing Benji. I really did have true feelings for him." Kayla said truthfully she had stopped crying now.
"Well why couldn't you have told him this when he asked you?"
"Jen I tell someone my feelings when it feels right not when they demand to know so they don't look like a fool."
"Can't you go tell him al this and sort it out?"
"Because it's too risky if I'm hurt this badly after just a few weeks, I don't want to even imagine how much pain I will in if I take him back and something like this happens after a few years. My guards going back up, I'm never going to leave myself this vulnerable gain." Kayla said getting up and going to her room. Sensing that her friend needed to be alone for a while Jen went to the kitchen for a drink and left Kayla alone.

Meanwhile Benji drove home after a few hours of driving round aimlessly. When he got home Joel and Tony where there.
"Benj you ok?" Tony asked when Benji walked in.
"No I'm not thanks to you two." Benji said bluntly.
"Why what happened?" Joel asked.
"Turns out Kayla did have genuine feelings for me."
"That's great." Tony smiled.
"No it's not because she probably never wants to see me again after the argument that we've just had and come to think of it probably wouldn't want to see me ever again if I was her."
"Benj come on it can't be that bad." Joel said.
"Yeah Joel it is that bad. I fucked up a year ago when I first met her listening to everyone else and not giving her a chance and now after winning her over I go and fuck up again listening to everyone else and not giving her a chance."
"Benj I'm sorry, maybe she'll forgive you again?"
"No I've made the same mistake twice now and she's already forgiven me for it once she won't forgive me again." Benji said then walking up stairs to his room.
"Shit I feel so bad. I shouldn't have said anything." Tony said to Joel when Benji had left.
"You can't blame yourself you where just trying to look out for him." Joel said.
"I think I'll call Jen see if I can fix any of this." Tony said going to the kitchen to call Jenny.

Kayla was still in her room when Jenny got the phone call of Tony.
"Hey babe."
"Hey Tone how you doing?"
"Not too bad it's Benji I'm worried about."
"Oh so you heard about the argument."
"Yeah well I'm sort of to blame seen as I was the one who told Benji."
"You did what! Tony I thought we agreed that I'd have a word with Kay and if she wasn't playing him we'd leave it and Benji didn't need to know anything."
"I know but I was just trying to look out for my friend, I didn't want to see him hurt."
"Well I was looking out for both of them and if you hadn't have butted in they both would have been fine."
"I'm sorry I know I've fucked up can you not have a word with Kay see if we can sort this out."
"I've been talking to her but she's really upset and with good right to be too. I'm going to have to go, bye Tony." Jenny said mad at Tony.
"I'm sorry, bye." Tony said.

Jenny went to check on Kayla but as she got out of the kitchen she seen Kayla walking down the stairs with her bags.
"Kay what's going on?" Jenny said confused.
"I'm going staying at the playboy mansion for a bit. I just can't stand to be around here much longer."
"Kay don't go. You can't leave me alone." Jen smiled.
"I'm sorry I have to go get my head sorted out, why don't you invite Tony over."
"I can't, I'm not talking to him."
"Because he was the one who told Benji about you." Jenny said Kayla nodded.
"Don't fall out with him because of me, it doesn't matter any more. It's over and done with. I'll call you."
"When will you be back?"
"I don't know."
They hugged and said good bye then Kayla got into her taxi.

Later that night Jenny was sat watching TV with a cup of hot chocolate when someone knocked at the door. She wondered who it was this late at night.
"Can I come in?" Benji said quietly.
"Yeah but Kay's not here." Jenny said stepping to the side to let him in then closing the door. "Do you want a drink or anything?"
"No thanks. Where is she?"
"She's gone staying at the playboy mansion and I don't know when she'll be back." Jenny said plainly.
"What why?"
"Because she's fucked up because of you and fucking Tony. Kayla's been through so much shit in her life and she doesn't deserve this. She's gone to sort her head out."
"Can I contact her?"
"No not even I can. She's not left a number or took her phone. I've just got to wait for her call if she decides to call that is."
"When you hear from her will you let me know and tell her I was asking about her." Benji said.
"I will." Jenny smiled and gave him a hug.
"Give her time Benj, if it was meant to be you'll get back together."
"Thanks Jen." He said then left.
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