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Chapter 1

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ok so this is the new fic i promised you a while ago so far i've got 7 chapters done. sorry for the sucky title i didn't know what to call this. please review.

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Chapter 1

"What are you so happy about?" Tony asked Benji as he got onto the Good Charlotte tour bus and went to sit next to him on the couch.
"Taylor just rang." Joel smirked as he walked past Tony joining Billy and Paul in the dinning area.
"Oh I see. So what did she have to say?" Tony smiled at the grinning Benji.
"She's coming." Benji said hardly containing his excitement.
"Really, when?" Tony smiled.
"She'll get here tomorrow morning." Benji beamed.
"Aw that's great; at least you'll be in more of a good mood now." Tony laughed.
"And what's that supposed to mean?"
"Oh come on Benji we know when your missing her because you get in a right old grumpy mood then when you do see here your all happy again." Joel said.
"I do not."
"Yeah you do." Billy said.
"What is this gang up on Benji?" Benji laughed.
"No we're just telling you the truth." Paul smiled.
"Don't you start too." Benji smiled at him.
Just then Matt stood at the door of the bus.
"Come on Tone we need to go do sound check." Matt said to Tony. Tony got up and followed him off the bus.

Later that night after the show the members from Good Charlotte and Mest joined the members from Simple plan on their bus to hang out. Joel's girlfriend Kayla, Billy's girlfriend Lindsey, Pierre's girlfriend Jackie and Matt's girlfriend Jen where also on tour with them.
"So when's Taylor coming?" Kayla asked grinning at Benji.
"How did you know?" Benji asked confused.
"I can tell by just looking at you, you're beaming." She smiled.
"So everyone keeps telling me." Benji laughed. "She'll get here tomorrow morning."
"Great I get my girl back now, to have a laugh with." Kayla smiled. Kayla and Taylor had become really good friends they had the same sense of humour and liked most of the same things. They usually started to get on people nerves after a while because they had inside jokes and everything. So they would just burst out laughing at any thing and no one else would know why. They always had a really good time together.
"Oh no I'd almost forgot what you two are like together." Benji laughed.

The next day Benji was up early, for once, ready for Taylor arriving. At nine o'clock Taylor's taxi pulled up where all the buses where parked. She paid the driver then got out to get her bags. Benji came out to her. She ran up to him jumping on him giving him a hug he caught her and she wrapped her legs around his waist. They kissed.
"Hi." She smiled pulling away from him.
"Hey." He smiled back then put her down do that they could take her bags inside the bus. When they got inside there was only Billy up, Joel and Paul where still asleep.
"Hey Taylor." Billy said getting up giving her a hug.
"Hey Billy. How are you?" She smiled.
"Good. Long time no see."
"Yeah it feels like I've not seen you guys in ages."
"Taylor!" Tony shouted walking onto the bus rushing up to her to give her a hug.
"Hey Tony." She laughed.
"Thank god you're here to make him be in a better mood." Tony said playfully hitting Benji in the shoulder.
"Why what's wrong?" Taylor smiled then looked at Benji.
"He's been in a right mood because he's been missing you." Tony said.
"Shut up Tony." Benji smiled.
"Aw Benj did you miss me? It's only been six weeks."
"Yeah and four weeks of him moping around." Tony said. Taylor laughed then went and gave Benji a hug.
"Aw well don't worry because I'm not going anywhere for a while."
"Good." Benji and Tony said but for different reasons. Taylor smiled.
"Yeah you'll be sick of me and want to get rid of me by then." Taylor laughed.
"No we wont." Benji smiled then kissed her.
"Hey guys have you seen Joel?" Kayla asked walking onto the bus then noticing Taylor. "TAYLOR!" She gilrly screamed running up to her giving her a hug. Taylor laughed and girly screamed too giving her a hug.
"Oh no I forgot about that." Tony said. Benji and Billy laughed.
"What's going on? Whys everyone shouting?" Joel stumbled out of his bunk groggily. Kayla laughed.
"Because Taylor's here!" Kayla shouted jumping right next to him. Everyone laughed.
"Oh Hey Tay." Joel smiled finally noticing her and giving her a hug.
"Hey Joel." She smiled.
"Anyways I came over here to tell you that they want you guys to do sound check at ten and us at eleven then Simple Plan at twelve." Tony announced.
"Ten? That means we have like twenty minutes to get ready." Billy said looking at his watch.
"Well you'd better hurry." Tony smiled, gave Taylor one last hug then bounced of the bus.
"Benj go wake Paul up." Billy said.
"No you wake him up. He always shouts at me when I do."
"Joel go wake Paul up." Billy said to Joel who was still half asleep.
"Kay go wake Paul up." He mumbled.
"No." Kayla said bluntly. Taylor smiled.
"Want me to?" Taylor offered. Everyone nodded.
Taylor walked to Paul's bunk. She called his name. Nothing. She tapped him. Nothing. She poked him a little harder. Nothing. She shook him. He began to wake a little but then as soon as she stopped shaking him he turned over and went back to sleep.
"PAUL WAKE UP NOW!" She shouted shoving him. She succeeded in waking him up but he refused to get up swatting her away. "Paul get up now you have sound check in like ten minutes." She laughed dodging his swatting. He caught her on the arm while swatting her away. "Ow bitch." She said and hit him back ten times harder.
"OW!" Paul said finally getting up and rubbing his arm. "Taylor when did you get here?"
"This morning. Now hurry up or you'll be late." She said getting up and walking back through to the others.
"Tay wanna go shopping or something while these lot are in sound check?" Kayla asked.
"Yeah sure." Taylor said.
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