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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

At ten o'clock the guys went to sound check while Kayla and Taylor went shopping. They weren't really going to shop but just to get out for something to do while they chatted.
"I'm glad you're here. I was getting bored on my own." Kayla said.
"On your own? I thought Lindsey, Jackie and Jen where here too."
"Yeah they are but there not as fun as you and they tend to hang out together."
"Oh ok. I've never really had chance to get to know them that well and I've never met Jackie before but from what I have seen of them they do seem a bit stuck in there little group. But never mind because the bitches are back together." Taylor laughed.
"That we are." Kayla agreed laughing.
"So what have I missed?"
"Nothing much, it's been rather uneventful. Jen and Matt had a huge fight but they seem ok now and Tony's had about four girls and been 'serious' about all of them that is until the next morning." Kayla explained they both laughed. "Nothing else really apart from Benj being in a right grumpy mood lately. It's a good job you're here now because I think left another week he may just kill someone." They laughed. "It's cute really apart from when he starts ranting to you then we're like ok chill Benj maybe you'd like to call Tay. We can defiantly tell when he's missing you."
"Aw poor Benj. So how are you and Joel?"
"We're ok. Well we where until last night."
"Why what happened?" Taylor said concerned.
"Oh it's nothing really. He was in a moaning mood yesterday, he was complaining at anything and everything. Mainly to me and it was pissing me off but I managed to keep clam but then last night when I got back to the bus he started moaning because I put something he was looking for in the 'wrong place', which I hadn't even seen and he couldn't find it. So I just got pissed off at him and spent the night on the Mest bus." Kayla sighed.
"Aw Kay you'll be ok. You just need some time to cool off."
"Yeah we're usually ok after we've slept on it." Kayla laughed.
"Yeah you see that's what's different about you and Joel and me and Benji. If Benj starts pissing me off I can't stay clam and ignore him I just end up hitting him. So I think he's learned now not to start moaning at me cause he just gets a smack." They laughed.

They hung out for a little longer then decided to go back. The guys where still in sound check so they decide to go over and wait for them. It wasn't long before Benji, Joel, Tony, Matt, Pierre and Seb came walking over to them. Joel went straight over to Kayla and put his arms around her and kissed her temple. Taylor heard him whisper 'I'm sorry' to her Taylor smiled.
"Hey, you have a good time?" Benji asked walking up to Taylor putting an arm around her.
"Yeah I did actually."
"Ok seen as these are being rude I'll introduce myself. I'm Pierre, you must be Taylor." Pierre said holding out a hand for Taylor to shake. Taylor smiled and said hi. And this is..."
"Seb." Taylor finished of his sentence. "Ya'll right kid." Taylor smiled giving Seb a hug. Seb smiled and hugged her back.
"Hey. I'm fine you?"
"Great." She smiled. The others all looked confused at how they already knew each other.
"Ok how do you two know each other?" Matt asked the question everyone was thinking.
"I went to school with his sister." Taylor explained.
"Yeah they used to bully me." Seb laughed. Everyone else laughed and Taylor smiled.
"Aw would we do something like that." Taylor said evilly.
"yeah." They all said bluntly.
"Ok I'll see you guys later I'm going finding Jackie." Pierre said.
"Oh I'll come with you and see Jen." Matt said running after him.

Benji, Taylor, Joel, Kayla and Tony went back to the Good Charlotte bus to hang out. When they got on the bus Taylor went to the back to up pack.
"Where ya going?" Benji asked.
"Unpacking I didn't get chance to before." Taylor said.
"I'll help." Benji said finding any excuse to be alone with her.
"Yeah sure you will." Tony smirked.
Taylor was sat sorting her stuff out Benji came and sat next to her putting his arms around her and staring to kiss her neck.
"I'm being serious Benj I'm unpacking first before I do anything else so you can forget what ever you have going though your head and what ever else." Taylor laughed. Benji sighed then sat opposite her.
"So did you have fun in Miami?" Benji asked her.
"It was alright. A bit boring on my own." Taylor said.
"On your own I thought you where there training with the team?" Benji asked.
"Yeah I was but I don't really hang out with them. Their great girls and everything but I just find them boring outside of Volleyball stuff." Taylor said. Taylor was on the woman's international USA Beach Volleyball team.
"What are you like?" Benji laughed.
"So what have you been up to while I was away?" Taylor said continuing their pointless conversation because they already knew what each other had done seen as they talked almost everyday on the phone.
"Nothing much... ok I'm bored of this silly conversation. Kiss me." Benji pouted. Taylor laughed.
"If you'd help me then I will kiss you but only when all this shit is unpacked." Benji suddenly jumped up and started putting things away anywhere. Taylor laughed.
"Right everything's away now you have to kiss me." Benji said proudly. Taylor gave up and jumped on him kissing him. He was lay on his bunk with her straddling him.
"I missed you." Benji said between hurried kisses.
"Shut up and fuck me." Taylor said. Benji smirked and flipped her over.
"I love it when you talk dirty." Benji said removing their clothes in double quick time. Taylor laughed.

Forty minutes later Benji and Taylor walked back to the front of the bus. Kayla, Joel, Paul, Tony, Pierre and Jackie where sat talking.
"Wow Tay how much stuff did you bring because it took you two long enough to unpack it." Kayla smirked, sat on Joel's lap. Taylor smiled sarcastically and flipped her off. Everyone laughed.
"Taylor this is Jackie, Jackie Taylor." Pierre introduced them.
"Hi." Jackie smiled.
"Hey nice to meet you." Taylor smiled back. They all hung out for the rest of the night chatting and messing around. Later on David and Chuck joined them and introduced them selves to Taylor.
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