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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

The next day the guys had off. They spent the day just hanging around the site relaxing or sleeping. Benji and Taylor had just returned to the Good Charlotte bus. They had been for a walk so that they could spend sometime together alone. When they got on the bus Billy, Lindsey, Paul, Joel, Kayla, David, Chuck and Tony where all hanging out talking or playing video games. Taylor went to the kitchen area to get a drink while Benji joined the others on the front of the bus.
"Hey Benj that Erica chick came over before looking for you. She said to tell you to go see her alone when you got back." Tony said.
"I hope you told to fuck off." Benji said a little annoyed.
"What Erica chick?" Taylor said joining them looking a little pissed off.
"No one." Benji said quietly.
"So you just tell your friends to tell any one to fuck off?" Taylor said unconvinced. Benji just sat there in silence not looking at her. She could tell something was wrong with the way Benji and everyone else were acting.
"Ok you all have five seconds to start telling me who this Erica chick is and what the deal is with her, or there's going to be some serious trouble." Taylor warned getting a little more pissed off. Everyone looked at Benji who was still avoiding eye contact with everyone. "Five... (Nothing) Four..." Everyone was looking from Taylor to Benji. "Three..." Taylor was getting more and more pissed off. "Ok don't make me get to one." Taylor said. They all wanted to tell Taylor but it was Benji's place to. "TWO..." Taylor sighed. She waited for a little longer looking at each of them. They all looked nervous. Benji was still looking at the floor pretending not to hear. "One. Right if that's how you want it, Bye." Taylor said storming off into the back.
"Wait Taylor where are you going?" Kayla said running after her.
"Home." Taylor said bluntly.
"You can't."
"Just watch me."
"Tay please don't go." Joel said joining the two of them in the back.
"I'm sorry but I'm not staying here when people are keeping secrets from me, especially Benji." Taylor said fuming and packing her bags.
"Tay please don't go. We'll miss you, I'll miss you." Tony said Pouting and grabbing hold of her legs so that she couldn't move. This made Taylor laugh for a second.
"Tony let go of me." Taylor said sternly and Tony let go of her and stood up. "Don't be thinking that I'm not pissed off at all of you too because I am. Ya'll know what's going on as well but aren't saying anything so you're just as bad as him in a way." Taylor said grabbing her bags and walking towards the door. "One last chance Benj. Tell me now or I leave." Benji ignored her still looking at the floor. "Fine." Taylor said and turned to walk out the door. When she got out the door she literally bumped into Seb.
"Sorry." Taylor said then carried on going. Seb grabbed her arm and pulled her back to him.
"Wait what's wrong?" Seb said concerned.
"Nothing see ya."
"No there's something wrong. Where are you going with you bags?"
"Home? I thought you where staying for the rest of the tour?"
"I was but I changed my mind."
"What happened with Benji?" Seb asked. Taylor didn't say anything. "Ok come on." He said pulling her into the Simple Plan tour bus.

Mean while back on the Good Charlotte bus Kayla was fuming at Benji.
"What the hell is going on with you? You know she deserves to know." Kayla shouted at Benji. Benji still didn't look up.
"Kay calm down ok." Joel said softly.
"No. Why didn't you tell her Benj?"
"I can't tell her." Benji said finally looking at Kayla. He seemed really upset.
"Why?" Kayla said softening a little.
"Because what Benj?" Joel asked.
"Because what if I tell her and she doesn't believe me that I haven't done anything. What if Erica does what she sad she'd do? What if she leaves me?" Benji said getting more and more upset.
"Benj Taylor trusts you she knows that you'd never do anything like that and we all know what Erica has been doing to you so we'd tell Tay as well. You should have just told her she'd understand." Kayla reasoned.
"But what if she didn't and... what if..." Benji sighed tears forming in his eyes. He got up and ran into the back.
"I'll go talk to him." Joel said following his brother.
"Yeah I'll go see if I can find Taylor." Kayla said.

On the Simple Plan tour bus:
"Ok talk to me." Seb said when they got onto the empty Simple Plan tour bus.
"It's nothing, well actually I don't know what it is." Taylor sighed confused.
"I don't know what you mean." Seb said.
"Do you know a girl called Erica?" Taylor asked. Seb suddenly realised what was going on.
"So he told you then?"
"No that's the problem. He won't tell me what the problem is and it's really pissing me off. He just ignored me and wouldn't answer me."
"Oh Tay. I'd really love to tell you but Benj should be the one to tell you."
"See that's the problem everyone wants to tell but can't and the person who can tell me won't." Taylor said getting worked up.
"Ok I'm going to tell you because I believe that you should know and if Benj won't tell you then I will." Seb said.
"Seb you don't have to, I don't want you getting into trouble with Benj."
"I don't care about that, I care about you. You looked after me enough through school so now it's time for me to help you." He smiled. "Erica is one of the technicians for the tour and she's become a little, how do I put it, attached to Benji."
"Attached in what way?" Taylor asked worried.
"In a stalkerish fuck me or I make your life a living hell way."
"Don't worry Benj hasn't done anything with her. He wouldn't do that to you. At first she was just being really friendly, and then it turned into flirty. As time went on the flirtyness got more and more full on. Up till then Benj just tried to avoid her and not do anything to give her the idea that he was interested in her. After that it got to the point where she was cornering him against walls, grabbing his hands and...and Tay do I have to tell you this?"
"Yes go on?" Taylor said containing her anger.
"She'd grab his hands and try to make him touch her..."
"Why couldn't he just push her off him?"
"He tried that once but she threatened him saying that she'd say that he'd hit her, then it got into she'd call rape and all sorts of shit like that. He's tried everything he's avoided her, talked to her, shouted at her, wrote her notes, anything to get her to stop but she just wont."
"I'll make her stop." Taylor said getting up and storming out of the door. But as she opened it she literary ran into Kayla.
"Oh good you've not left. I've been looking everywhere for you." Kayla said.
"Kay get out of my way."
"No you're not leaving I need to talk to you."
"I'm not leaving I'm going kicking some whore's ass then I'm gonna go kick Benj's ass for being so stupid." Taylor said.
"What? Wait how do you know? Who told you?" Kayla said them noticed Seb. "Right you can go kick who evers ass you want in a second but I really need to talk to you." Kayla said physically pushing Taylor back onto the bus.
"Ok go on I'm listening." Taylor sighed.
"Well I'm guessing Seb has told you everything..."
"Yeah he seems to be the only one who respects me enough to fill me in on things like that." Taylor said. Kayla sensed Taylor raging anger. Taylor had always been a bit of a hot head. Hit ask questions later.
"Yeah I'm sorry about that i really did want to tell you. So now you know how do you feel?"
"Kay now's not the time for a heart to heart."
"Well I kind of think it is because Benji's over there shitting his pants thinking that you're going to leave him because if you found out what has been going on you'd think that he'd cheated on you."
"Cheated on me? Seb said he did everything he could to try and stop her."
"He did."
"Well what's he so worried about?"
"I don't know I tried to tell him that you trusted him but I didn't really get through to him. You really need to have a word with him."
"I will do just let me go have a little 'chat' with this Erica girl."
"No you need to see Benj first." Kayla said. Kayla and Seb grabbed an arm of Taylor each and made her go to the Good Charlotte bus.
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