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Chapter 4

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What will happen with Taylor, Benji and more importantly Erica? please review :-)

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Chapter 4

When they got onto the Good Charlotte bus Benji. Joel, Billy, Lindsay and Tony where all sat in the front of the bus. Taylor shuck Kayla and Seb off her as she got to the door and walked on by her self with the two of them following her. Everyone looked at her a little surprised that she was there when she got on the bus.
"Why didn't you tell me?" Taylor asked in disbelief to Benji.
"You think that I would believe some slut over you?" Taylor continued her rhetorical questions.
"Why hide it from me, we talked almost every night on the phone, why keep it bottled up, you should have just told me?" Taylor said getting angry again.
"Tay." Kayla warned. Taylor let out a breath and relaxed a little now that she had got her little out burst out.
"Tay I'm so sorry I..." Benji said getting and standing in front of her.
"Shut up." Taylor smiled at him and gave him a hug and a kiss. "I'm not mad at you." she said. Benji looked at her unsure. "OK maybe a little bit mad but mainly just disappointed."
"I'm sorry." He said again.
"Where is she?" Taylor asked plainly, remembering why she was mad.
"Erica where is she?"
"I need to have a little 'Chat' with her." Taylor said.
"Yeah Taylor you go sort her out." Tony said laughing. Taylor smiled at him then looked back at Benji.
"So are you going to tell me where she is or do I have to go find her myself?"
"Tay don't go doing anything stupid." Benji said looking into her eyes. He knew what Taylor was capable of when she was this mad.
"Never mind I'll find her sooner or later." Taylor said walking off the bus in search of Erica.
"Taylor!" Benji shouted but she was already gone and Kayla had ran after her. "Taylor!" Benji shouted about to go after her.
"Leave it Benj, Kay's with her. She'll make sure she's ok." Joel said holding Benji back knowing that if Benji went too thing might get a little more out of hand. Benji still tried to go.
"Joel's right mate. They'll be ok. Come on." Tony said helping Joel keep Benji inside the bus. Benji finally gave up and let them take him back inside.

Mean while Kayla was catching up to Taylor.
"Tay wait up." Kayla said breathlessly running up to Taylor's side.
"Don't try to stop me, remember you said if I talked to Benji I could go kick who evers ass I wanted." Taylor said Kayla laughed.
"Yeah I'm not going to stop you from kicking her ass. She needs a good ass kicking. I just came to make sure you don't kill her. I don't want you going to jail." Kayla joked. Taylor laughed a little.
"So where will she be?"
"Probably by the stage area." Kayla guessed. They marched to the stage area. When they got there Kayla pointed Erica out to Taylor.
"You sure that's her?"
"Yep defiantly." Kayla said. They followed Erica down a corridor. When they caught up to her Taylor grabbed hold of her shoulder and dragged her round so that she was facing her.
"What the?" Erica said as Taylor slammed her against the wall.
"Hey bitch. Now listen and listen good if you so much as breath the same air as Benji I swear to god I'll make sure you never walk again" Taylor said threateningly. She let go of her and was about to walk away when she heard Erica laugh sarcastically.
"He wanted it, he loved it, he was begging for it." Erica snarled. That was it. Taylor swung round and punched Erica so hard that she flew backwards and landed in a heap on the floor. Taylor stood over her holding her by the scruff of her neck. Erica was very dazed.
"You picked the wrong person to mess with. Come near Benji or me again and this will be nothing compared to what you get." Taylor said slapping her then letting her fall to the floor. Taylor grabbed Kayla's arm and walked off back to the Good Charlotte bus. Kayla was in a mixture of amazement and happiness.
"Fucking hell Tay, I don't think we'll be hearing anything else from her." Kayla said laughing.
"Good that was my intention." Taylor smiled.

When they got to the Good Charlotte bus Benji, Joel, Tony, Matt, Jen, Billy and Lindsay where all sat waiting for them. Most of them mainly Benji looked nervous but Tony couldn't wait to here how much Taylor kicked Erica's ass. Taylor walked in normally and Kayla walked in behind her with a huge grin on her face. When they walked on to the bus everyone looked at them.
"Well?" Tony asked barely able to contain his excitement.
"I don't think we'll be hearing from her again." Taylor said smugly then winking at Tony. She sat down next to Benji and Joel.
"Kay you where meant to make sure she didn't kill her!" Joel said.
"Oh don't worry she didn't kill anyone but you should have seen it." Kayla smiled sitting down next to Taylor.
"Was it good? I can't believe I missed it. Tell me." Tony said excitedly to Kayla. Kayla explained everything, over exaggerating certain parts and pausing for dramatic effects and everything.
"Now, now Tay you know violence doesn't make any situation better." Matt laughed.
"Yeah but it made me feel better." Taylor smiled making everyone laugh. Even Benji laughed a little.
"Yeah and trust me violence defiantly solved this situation." Kayla said.
"Come on." Taylor said to Benji getting up and pulling him up with her. "We'll see you guys in a bit." Taylor said leading Benji off the bus.

When they got off the bus Benji and Taylor walked in silence to the beach and sat on the wall over looking the deserted sea.
"Are you ok?" Taylor asked him nudging him gently.
"Yeah why wouldn't I be?" Benji said quietly.
"Benj." Taylor warned letting him know that she had known him long enough to know when there was something wrong.
"It's nothing, it's just I don't want you fighting my battles for me." Benji said focusing on the sea.
"Benj from what I've heard you tried everything to stop her but nothing worked so maybe you do need me to fight some battles for you. I'm sorry if you didn't want me to get involved but when some one's fucking around with our relationship then it is partly my problem too."
"Yeah I suppose your right. I'm sorry."
"It's ok; I kind of liked fighting for you." Taylor laughed putting an arm around him and he put his arm around her too.
"Thank you and I love you." Benji smiled then kissed her.
"It was my pleasure and I love you too." Taylor said and kissed him again. They sat on the wall together watching the sun set.
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