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Chapter 5

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the guys go on a day out to the beach. please review

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Chapter 5

The next day it was the guy's day off they all went to the beach to hang out. Billy, Lindsay, Pierre, Jackie, David and Chuck had gone to the other end of the beach to an ice cream parlour. Leaving Taylor, Benji, Kayla, Joel, Paul, Tony, Matt, Jen and Seb to make their own fun. They where all lay sunbathing, talking and watching what was going on around them. Matt and Jen where in there own little world, sat to the side of the group.
"Come on Paul." Tony said.
"Come on where?" Paul asked confused.
"There's some hot chicks over there lets go talk to them." Tony grinned. Paul got up and followed him.
"I can't believe I'm taking dating advice for you Lovato." Paul muttered so that everyone apart from Tony could hear him. They all laughed.
"Have a good time." Taylor laughed.
"I'm bored." Joel whined.
"Well go do something." Kayla said lay sunbathing not even bothering to move or look at him.
"Like what?" Joel said.
"I don't know build a sand castle or something."
"But Kay..." he carried on whining.
"Joel." Kay whined back making everyone laugh.
"He's got a point I'm quiet bored too." Taylor said.
"Shut up." Kayla hissed at her. Kayla loved her sunbathing.
"Oh Kay you can sunbathe all you want later. Lets go do something now." Taylor said nudging her.
"Fine." Kayla said getting up reluctantly. "What are we going to do?"
"I don't know what do ya'll wanna do?" Taylor asked Benji, Joel and Seb.
"Oh I know Volleyball." Joel said jumping up and down.
"Joel this is supposed to my time off to do you really think I want to spend it doing what I always do." Taylor said.
"Aw come on Tay volleyball sounds good." Benji said.
"What about you Seb do you want to do Volleyball too?" Taylor sighed looking at Seb eyeing him to try and make him side with her.
"Volleyball sounds good." Seb smirked.
"Fine Volleyball it is then." Taylor sighed. They went on to a court and got a ball. Taylor went over the rule briefly and Seb decided to be the scorer/referee, making it Benji and Taylor verses Joel and Kayla.
"Do I really have to be Kay's partner, she's so not interested." Joel whined.
"Hey be glad that I'm actually here." Kayla said playfully hitting him.
"Yes you do have to be her partner." Taylor laughed then served before he had chance to answer back. They had a really good game between them they ended up with Benji and Taylor winning 30 to 18.
"That's not fair." Joel whined.
"Why's it not fair." Seb laughed.
"Because Taylor's a professional and Kayla wasn't exactly playing."
"I was." Kayla argued back.
"Fine she was playing a little bit."
"Well have another game and Joel you can be my partner." Taylor said.
"Ok but I'm not playing again Seb you can be Benji's partner and I'll be referee." Kayla said sitting down in the sun. They had another game which was a little more competitive. When ever Kayla sided against Joel and Taylor Joel would whine that she was doing it on purpose when she was right really. Benji, Seb and Taylor just laughed at the twos lovers banter. In the end Taylor and Joel won by just five points. After that game they made their way back to the spot on the beach that they where on before. When they got there Billy, Lindsay, David and Paul where there.
"Hey where've you all been?" Paul asked.
"Volleyball." Joel said.
"Oh cool."
"How was dating advice with Tony?" Taylor smiled at Paul.
"Don't ask. He wanted every girl for himself. Every time I went to talk to one of them he'd come over and shoo me away." Paul said. They all laughed.
"And how was the ice cream parlour?" Benji asked Billy, Lindsay and David.
"Good they had types of ice cream you haven't even heard of." David said.
"Oh wow I might just have to have a trip there sometime." Taylor said impressed.
"Where's the others?" Kayla asked.
"Tony's still with 'his chicks'." Paul said. They laughed.
"Matt and Jen, Pierre and Jackie went out for dinner together and I'm not sure where chuck is." David explained. Benji, Joel, Kayla, Taylor, Seb, David, Paul, Billy and Lindsay hung out on the beach for a little while longer. Benji and Taylor where sat together talking.
"It's been fun today." Benji smiled.
"Yeah it has." Taylor smiled. They sat together for a little longer before Taylor decided she wanted to go for a walk down the edge of the sea. She stood up.
"Where are you going?" Benji asked.
"Walking in the sea, wanna come?" she said.
"No you're alright." Benji said.
"Kay?" Taylor asked. Kayla just gave her the 'don't even bother asking look'.
"Anyone else?" Taylor offered, Seb and Lindsay decided to join her.
"So you and Billy seem to be getting on really well. You really sweet together." Taylor said to Lindsay as they where walking.
"Yeah we are thanks." Lindsay smiled. Taylor found Lindsay the easiest to get along with out Jackie, Jen and Lindsay. "You and Benji are really good together to may I just add." Lindsay smiled.
"Thank you." Taylor smiled back. "And that just leave or singleton Seb here." Taylor said putting her arm around him.
"Hey I'm single and proud of it." Seb laughed.
"Aw yeah course you are." Lindsay said putting her arm around him on the opposite side that Taylor was on. The three of them walked and talked for a little longer. As they got back to where they had left the others they seen Benji and Joel chuck a kicking and screaming Kayla into the water. Billy, Paul and David where sat watching and laughing. Taylor, Lindsay and Seb stopped by the edge of the sea laughing.
"Going for a swim Kay!" Taylor called to her. Kayla just sat in the water where she had landed flipping them all off which made them laugh more. Benji came running up to Taylor while Joel tried to reason with Kayla.
"Don't think your getting away with it." Benji said leaning forward to pick Taylor up but she dodged out of the way.
"I'd like to see you try." Taylor laughed. The two of them ran round in the water fighting each other, both of them trying to throw the other in the water but ended up both of them falling into the water anyway, both of them in stitches laughing. Taylor swam over to Kayla.
"Hey." Taylor smiled.
"Hey." Kayla pouted.
"Tay will you please tell her to just let me help her out of the water." Joel said. Taylor just looked at him and smiled then whispered her plan to Kayla. Kayla laughed and agreed. The next time Joel offered her his hand she took it but instead of allowing him to help her out of the water she pulled him in head first then got up and walked out of the water linking arms with Taylor. Benji swam over to Joel. Everyone but Joel laughing.
"Kay." Joel said not very impressed.
"Just getting you back." Kayla grinned.
After they had all safely made it out of that water absolutely soaked wet through they decided to go back to the buses. When they got onto the Good Charlotte bus Tony, Matt, Jen, Pierre, Jackie and Chuck where all on the bus waiting for them.
"What happened to you four?" Tony laughed when he seen Benji, Joel, Taylor and Kayla.
"Don't ask." Taylor said walking past him going to get changed. Benji, Joel and Kayla also went to get changed.
"So did you guys have a good time at the beach?" Matt asked. When Benji, Joel, Taylor and Kayla joined them finally dried off.
"Yeah it was really fun." Joel said. "Well it was until Kay pulled me in the sea."
"You started it." Kayla smiled.
"So how did you two get wet then?" Pierre asked Benji and Taylor.
"Benj tried to chuck her in but Tay wasn't having any of it and fought back but they both ended up falling in anyway. It was so fucking funny to watch." Paul said laughing.
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