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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

The next morning it was lunch time before Taylor got up. When she did eventually get up she felt really ill. She put on her jeans and a t-shirt but felt really cold so she threw on one of Benji's hoodies. She walked through the bus. Kayla and Lindsay where sat in the dining area while Jackie and Jen where sat at the front of the bus.
"Morning." Kayla smiled.
"What time is it?" Taylor asked groggily.
"Twelve thirty." Kayla said looking at her watch.
"Wow I can't believe I slept that long. I fell like shit." Taylor said sitting down resting her head on the table.
"You don't look good either." Kayla said feeling her head. "Shit Taylor you're burning."
"Am I feel cold." Taylor said.
"Tay do you want to go to a doctor or something?" Kayla asked.
"No I'm fine it's just a cold. Don't worry I don't get man flu." Taylor smiled. Making Kayla and Lindsay laugh.
"Are you sure we could take you to a doctor if you want?" Lindsay said.
"No I'm fine really. I'll be ok once I have a paracetomol and have some rest. I think it was falling in the sea yesterday."
"You stay here I'll go get you some paracetamol, do you want anything to eat?" Kayla asked. The very thought of food made Taylor want to throw up.
"No thanks the paracetomol would be just fine." Taylor said. Kayla went and got the paracetomol and gave it to Taylor. The three of them sat and talked at the table for a little longer.
"How long have the guys been gone for?" Taylor asked.
"They left and hour ago. I'm surprised you managed to sleep through all the noise. People have been getting up and in and out since ten. It's been really noisy on here."
"Really I didn't hear a thing I was out cold." Taylor laughed. "So what where you two talking about before I interrupted you?" Taylor asked.
"Nothing really we where just bitching about Jen and Jackie." Kayla explained.
"What? Why? What's going on with Jen and Jackie?" Taylor said looking from Kayla to Lindsay.
"Nothing really I just decided to come hang out with you two instead for a while because those two are boring me with their make up and fashion talks." Lindsay said.
"Oh I see, joining us bitches are you." Taylor laughed but ended up having a coughing fit. "They do seem a little dull." Taylor said when she had recovered.
"a little dull is an understatement." Lindsay said.
"Kay I think we're rubbing off on her." Taylor laughed which again turned into a couching fit. "I'm going to stop laughing now." Taylor said.
"Yeah I think that would be a good idea." Kayla said just then Taylor did a huge sneeze. Kayla handed Taylor the box of tissues and she took one.
"Thanks." She said.
"No I think you should have to box, you know just in case." Kayla said. Taylor took the box off her. Jen and Jackie announced that they where going getting their nails done.
"I really don't know how Matt and Pierre put up with them two. I hardly spend anytime with them and they do my nut in." Taylor said.
"I know you should try being with them twenty four seven." Lindsay laughed.
"See stick with me and Tay you'll have a laugh." Kayla said.
Taylor got up and got a blanket from the bunks then went and cuddled up on the sofa. Kayla and Lindsay joined her sat on the other side of the bus.
"What's the matter afraid you'll catch something?" Taylor laughed.
"Yeah." Kayla and Lindsay said together plainly. The three of them hung out chatting until the guys got back. Taylor had fallen to sleep. Benji, Joel, Billy, Paul, Tony, Matt and Pierre returned to the bus. They came in being really loud and saying their 'hello's'. Kayla and Lindsay shh'ed them so that they didn't wake Taylor up and explained that she wasn't well but it was too late they'd already woke her up. She turned round to look what all the noise was. Benji sat on the side of the sofa next to her.
"What's up babe?" Benji said brushing the hair out of her face.
"Feel like shit, I think I've got a cold." Taylor sniffled her voice very croaky.
"Aw baby." Benji said about to kiss her but she stopped him.
"I don't want you getting sick too." She said pushing him away. "Ya'll should stay away from me especially you three." Taylor said pointing at Joel, Tony and Pierre.
"Why us?" Tony asked.
"Because if you get sick and can't sing your shows are screwed." Taylor said. "I'm going to bed." She said getting up wrapping her blanket around her and walking to the bunks. Seconds after she had got into the spare bunk Benji came and sat on the side of the bunk.
"Are you ok?" Benji asked quietly brushing the hair out of her face.
"Yeah I'll be fine it's just a cold don't worry about me." Taylor smiled.
"Ok if you need anything just call me." Benji said giving her a kiss on her forehead.

Taylor slept for the rest of the day, that night and all the next day and night. The next morning when she got up she was feeling a little better. She still had a headache, a sore throat and felt cold but didn't feel sick anymore. She decided to go see what everyone was up too. She wrapped her duvet around her and shuffled through to the main section of the bus; Benji was sat in the dining area reading a magazine and Billy, Lindsay, Joel and Kayla where sat in front of the bus on the sofas. She slumped down at the table opposite Benji. Benji looked up and laughed a little at what Taylor looked like.
"What's so funny?" She said quietly her voice very raspy.
"You have you seen what you look like." Benji smiled.
"I don't know and I don't care." Taylor pouted.
"Aw, how you feeling?" Benji asked. Feeling her head. She batted his hand away she hated a fuss when she was ill she'd rather be left a lone until she got better.
"Better but still like shit. What time is it?" Taylor asked.
"Eleven o'clock Wednesday morning." Benji said emphasising the Wednesday part.
"Wednesday? What happened to Tuesday?" Taylor asked shocked.
"You slept through it." Benji laughed.
"Yeah we thought you where dead but realised that if we disturbed you then we would probably be the dead ones." Joel said walking to the kitchen area to get a drink.
"Yeah you probably would be." Taylor laughed a little.
"How come ya'll are here?" Taylor asked.
"We've got the day off." Benji said.
"Hey Tay guess who I ran into this morning?" Kayla shouted from the sofa.
"Who?" Taylor said not really interested.
"Erica." Kayla said sounding happy.
"Why are you happy about that?" Taylor asked.
"Because you should have seen the black eye she had it was great." Kayla laughed. Taylor laughed too.
"So what have I missed while I've been in my sleeping coma?" Taylor asked Benji.
"Nothing." Benji said.
"Well you're just a bundle of laughs today aren't you?" Taylor teased.
"You must be feeling better if you're taking the piss out of me again." Benji smiled. "You want anything to eat or drink?" Benji asked.
"Glass of water and a paracetomol would be nice." Taylor said and Benji got up to get them for her.
"What you reading?" Taylor asked turning his magazine round to see.
"It's an article about your volleyball game." Benji smiled.
"Oh any good?" Taylor asked looking at the picture of her scoring the winning point.
"Yeah, sexy pictures of you." Benji grinned. Taylor laughed at him then took a drink of the water he had handed her and took her paracetomol.
They hung out lazing around for the rest of the day. Taylor taking various medicines to help her cold.
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