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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

The next day was Sunday Taylor was last up again but felt much better now. When she walked to the main part of the bus there was only Kayla and Lindsay there sat at the table in the dining area.
"Morning, how you feeling?" Kayla asked Taylor as she sat down with them.
"Much better now I guess all the medication I took yesterday actually helped." Taylor smiled.
"Yeah and the sleeping through a whole day." Lindsay laughed. Taylor and Kayla laughed too.
"What you doing?" Taylor asked Kayla.
"Making plans for mine and Joel's anniversary next Thursday." Kayla said.
"Oh yeah it's two years, isn't it." Taylor smiled.
"Yeah, I'm planning something really special but it's got to be a surprise but the thing is I need help." Kayla said. Looking at Lindsay and Taylor.
"Sure what do you want us to do?" Lindsay asked.
"Well mainly cover for me; you know make sure Joel or anyone else for that matter doesn't figure out what I'm planning." Kayla said.
"No problem. What are you planning?" Taylor asked.
"I'm not sure yet but I want it to be special." Kayla said.
The next few days Kayla was really busy sneaking around trying getting everything ready for her anniversary surprise for Joel with out making him suspect anything. Taylor and Lindsay kept their promise by covering for her if any of the guys got a little suspicious.

It was Wednesday night and they guys had just came off the stage. Joel, Benji, Paul and Billy returned to the bus where Taylor and Lindsay where. Kayla was out sorting her final plans for tomorrow. Benji and Lindsay went over and gave their girlfriends a kiss.
"Tay where's Kay?" Joel asked.
"Erm she had to nip out she'll be back soon." Taylor said just then Kayla walked through the door.
"Hey." She said going over to Joel giving him a kiss.
"Hey, where've you been" Joel asked.
"Oh now where." Kayla shrugged. "So how was the show?" She asked desperately trying to change the subject.
"Ok." Joel said still suspicious about where she had been but didn't carry on with the subject.
"Ok we ready?" Billy asked Lindsay, coming back through to them showered and changed. Billy and Lindsay where going out to dinner.
"Yeah see ya'll later." Lindsay said as she and Billy walked out of the bus hand in hand. Kayla's phone rang she looked at the caller ID then walked to the back to answer it.
"What's up with that?" Joel asked.
"With what?" Benji said.
"Kay since when does she run off to answer her phone?" Joel said. Taylor looked the other way not saying anything hoping Joel would drop the subject.
"I don't know dude." Benji said. Taylor could feel Joel looking at her waiting for an answer.
"Taylor?" Joel said. She looked at him.
"What's going on?"
"I don't know maybe it's her sister calling she's been having some problems lately." Taylor said hoping he would buy it. Joel still didn't look convinced but once again dropped the subject. Kayla came back.
"I have to just nip out I'll be back soon." Kayla said quickly then running off the bus to avoid questions.
"Kay where..." Joel started but she had already gone.
"Ok I'm going to see what's happening on the Mest bus I said I'd call by later." Paul said sensing the tension in the bus and leaving.
"Ok I'm going to have to go too baby, Jackie said she wanted to talk to me about something or other. I'll see you later." Taylor said getting up and giving Benji a kiss before she left. She was glad to get out of Joel's way to avoid any more questions about what Kayla was up to.
"Ok see you later." Benji smiled then turned to Joel.
"You ok?" Benji asked Joel when Taylor left.
"I don't know Kayla's been acting really weird lately."
"What do you mean?"
"Like she's been really secretive and running of places at really weird times and not telling me where she's going. I think she might me cheating on me." Joel said confused.
"I really don't think..."
"No Benj the more I think about it more I think she is cheating on me."
"Joel I'm sure..."
"Benj I know her and she's not herself. She tells me everything and lately she's barely spoken to me, she's been avoiding me and disappearing of to places on her own." Joel said.
"Joel will you let me finish a sentence please." Benji said getting a little frustrated at Joel's ramblings.
"Oh yeah sorry." Joel said quietly.
"Joel you and Kayla have been together for ages and you're really close. I'm sure she wouldn't cheat on you. There's got be some other explanation for it." Benji reasoned.
"Benji where you the one to point out the other day that she seemed to be getting really close to that Trevor guy the other day?" Joel said.
"Well yes but..."
"See now do you believe me?" Joel said sounding even more convinced.
"Joel if she was cheating on do you really think she'd cheat on you with Trevor." Benji laughed. Joel didn't find it funny.
"Benji it's not funny I don't go around laughing at you when you have problems with Taylor."
"Mainly because I don't come up with silly things like Taylor's cheating on me with Trevor." Benji laughed. Joel glared at him. "I'm sorry it's just Joel I really think you need to rethink the who Kayla cheating on you thing." Benji said.
"Benji if Taylor was avoiding you, keeping secrets from you, hanging round with another guy seeming close to them and disappearing of to unknown place at weird times wouldn't you think she could be cheating?"
"Well when you say it like that..."
"As I was saying yeah when you say it like that there's a possibility but there could be other reasons. Joel you need to talk to her." Benji said.
"Yeah I suppose but it's not like she's going to come straight out and say 'yeah Joel I'm cheating on you' is she?"
"Stop asking me all this and ask Kayla." Benji said.

Meanwhile on her way to the Simple Plan bus Taylor ran into Kayla.
"Hey how's everything going?" Taylor asked her.
"Everything sorted, the technician Trevor has a boat not far from her and he's agreed to let me borrow it for a few hours tomorrow. I plan on suggesting we go for a walk where I'll lead him to the boat, we'll have a nice romantic boat ride down the river and them at the end of the river I'm going to have a tent set up with a romantic meal inside. It's going to be prefect Tay I can't wait." Kayla said excitedly.
"Ok sounds great but I need to warn you I think Joel's onto something he's been asking a lot of questions lately."
"Oh right where is he?" Kayla asked.
"In the GC bus with Benj."
"OK see you later."
"Yeah good luck. Bye." Taylor said then carried on to the Simple Plan bus. When see walked in there was only Chuck, David and Seb there.
"Hey guys where Jackie?" Taylor asked.
"She went out with Pierre." Chuck said from his spot on the sofa.
"Oh well that's just great isn't it." Taylor sighed.
"Why what's wrong?" Chuck asked.
"She said she wanted me to come over here and do something or other I wasn't really listening but she defiantly wanted me to meet her here tonight." Taylor said a little annoyed.
"Aw well that's just terrible that you had to walk all the way over here for nothing them isn't it." David said sarcastically from his spot on the sofa opposite Chuck, making chuck laugh.
"Yeah it bloody is it's a long way to walk past three buses you know." Taylor laughed. "And I was looking forward to getting out of the GC bus because I have a feeling it's all about to kick off over there." Taylor said.
"Why what's going on?" Chuck asked.
"Well I was supposed to keep it a secret but I don't think it matters now. It's Kayla and Joel anniversary tomorrow and she planned this huge surprise for him but she wanted to keep it a secret and Joel's..."
"Wait Joel thinks she's cheating on him." David said.
"Yeah he's been saying it for a couple of days now. He's been asking us all what we think but we all told him don't be silly but he dead set on thinking she's cheating." David said.
"Well it's all about to blow up over there now so I'm staying here for a while." Taylor said sitting down next to Seb in the dining area. "What you up to?" Taylor said nudging him.
"Reading." Seb said simply.
"What you reading?" Taylor smiled
"Magazine." Seb smiled playing with her.
"Seb!" Taylor said shoving him in the arm gently.
"What?" Seb laughed. "I'm reading about your game you played really well." Seb said showing her the article.
"Yeah Benji was looking at the same one only his comment was that I looked really sexy nothing about the way I played though." Taylor laughed.
"Well I think you played well but yeah you do look good to." Seb smiled.

Back at the Good Charlotte bus when Kayla entered Joel glared at her.
"Ok I'm going to go see what Taylor's up too. See you guys later." Benji said sensing the tension. They both mumbled a bye to him then when he left Kayla walked over to Joel. Joel got up walking to the back of the bus.
"Joel wait." Kayla said grabbing his arm and stopping him.
"What?" he said plainly.
"We need to talk."
"What about? You cheating on me?"
"Joel I'm not cheating on you."
"Where have you been tonight?"
"I can't tell you." Kayla said guiltily.
"And where you've been disappearing off to all week and having secret conversations with?"
"I can't tell you." Kayla said. Joel just gave her another dirty look then went to walk off.
"Joel I promise you I'm not cheating on you."
"Yeah I thought you'd say that."
"Joel I'm not cheating on you. Do you not trust me?"
"I thought I did."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"I mean I don't trust you no more you've been lying to me avoiding me and keeping secrets from me all week. People have seen you with other guys Kayla. Just admit it." Joel shouted.
"Joel I'm not cheating on you." Kayla said quietly.
"I don't believe you."
"Joel..." Kayla said quietly.
"If you don't want to be with me no more why don't you just end it instead of fucking some one else behind my back." Joel spat. Kayla had heard enough she ran out of the bus in tears.
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